Society on Rent: A Real Estate Platform Offering Holistic Services For Rented Accommodation

Prashant Kumar Bharti,CEOThe increasing demand for rented houses with a huge number of people shifting to metropolitan cities for work and education has led to the formation of rented property providers on a larger scale. Since the competition in this aspect is higher, trust is a significant factor to be considered before accepting services from a property dealer. Therefore, delivering comfortable and liveable accommodation with proficient services is essential here to build a strong relationship with clients along with carving a niche in the real estate industry.

Society on Rent, a real estate platform, providing different types of rental accommodations focuses majorly on customer satisfaction, trust, and real-time delivery through their services. Recognized as a major player in Start-up India, the flagship program of the Indian government, Society on Rent runs its services on a subscription model.

With multiple membership plans to choose from, the company ensures that its subscribers get the best as per their requirements. It provides property management, rental agreement, free brokerage services in residential renting, and high-quality services with seamless movement to rented flats. With fifteen years of experience in Product Development and Marketing in IT services, Prashant Kumar Bharti founded the company along with Manish Kumar, Rahul Kumar Bharti, and Nilesh Kumar. Where Rahul Bharti has ten years of experience in Digital Marketing, Manish Kumar and Nilesh Kumar have ten years of experience in Real Estate as Developer and Marketing.

Catering As A Master In The Real Estate Market
Since the real estate market is pierced with tricks, faith is paramount considering the number of people seeking accommodation and the constant practice of irregularities. Society on Rent capitalizes upon futuristic technology to leverage its business. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for the subscribers' real-time experience of their flats, apartment, and campus. Post offering the virtual and real-time experience, the organization enters into a contract through its subscription model with its customers to provide them with required services.

The company also offers logistics and legal formality support to its customers to ensure seamless and hassle-free shifting to the rented flats with legal support like rental agreements, deeds, and others. Designed with sound vendor-based models of delivery services, the company also caters movers and packers facilities to its subscribers.

While providing its incredible services in the real estate space, the Society on Rent many times finds its customers having a varied
choice of accommodation as they come from small towns or villages to big cities. By using virtual and augmented reality, the organization offers a real-time experience to its customers to view their accommodation online from their native before shifting to their relevant rented properties. It also manages the marketing and promotion of property management services helping subscribers to comfortably settle down in their rented flats by subscribing at a reasonable cost.

Sincere maintenance is carried out on all of its properties after scrutinizing every detail to avoid any wrongdoing or chances of any irregularities. Keeping a personal touch with officials also avoids malpractices. The data management team of the company uses Blockchain technology to ensure 100 percent data security. Blockchain technology keeps data immutable and perfectly secured from hacking threats. Therefore, data theft is almost impossible to carry out. Also, by capitalizing on Information Technology including Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning, the organization meets all the immediate needs of its clients.

Manish Kumar, Co- Founder

Growth Plans
Society on Rent is all set to kick-start a new business model based on consolidation and collaboration to help in achieving economies of scale thereby reducing the cost of services. It has heavily invested in data management to keep the track records of both the tenants and landlords for contingency management. It wants to positively bring more improvement in the housing industry and the real estate industry. With a roadmap to make India the most attractive county in the rental business within the next few years, Society on Rent would also help in scaling up its business in property management.

The company has a plan to add a hundred more service providers each month in its kitty. With its proven ability to plan, organize, lead, and control and the idea, skill, experience, intelligence, education, and integrity Society on Rent can help the nation achieve prosperity in the real estate domain. The company will soon implement residential property transactions. With its dedicated logistics team working diligently during the COVID-19 crisis, Society on Rent stands out to be the most sought-after services providers in the real estate business.

The company uses IoT (internet of things) in all its properties to ensure that almost everything in the rented flat is fully automated to enjoy a luxurious living

The growth of the real estate industry during the past two decades has witnessed the usage of several high-end technologies like Big Data, AI, Blockchain, and others. According to Erik Guertler, the founder and CEO of Edge AI, a firm using big data and artificial intelligence to unlock proprietary strategies for direct and indirect investments across real estate markets, AI will remain the most significant technology to help the real-estate business to function for years to come. Implementing AI-based technology for its subscribers, Society on Rent thus serve as a frontrunner in the real estate business and continues to be the same in the long run.

Prashant Kumar Bharti, CEO
Holding nearly 15 years of experience, as a real estate developer, Prashant has worked for few prominent IT companies.

Manish Kumar, Co- Founder
He has an experience of 15 years in real estate development.

Location: New Delhi
Description: Offers real-time experience and other services for rented accommodation to its tenants through its platform