Solareos Renewable: Powering Tomorrow by Providing Renewable's Sustainable Solar Solutions

  Kaushal Jha,  Founder & Director

Kaushal Jha

Founder & Director

The Global Renewable Energy Market is projected to reach a value of $1912.12 Billion by 2030. A number of variables, including strong government support, falling prices, and rising demand for cleaner energy sources, are responsible for this upsurge. In many geographical regions, solar and wind power generation have shown to be the most economically effective options for producing new electricity. In addition to this expansion, the industry faces significant difficulties. Founded in 2017, Solareos Renewable capitalized on the chance to delve into feasible projects tailored to industrial and commercial sectors. Focusing on installations ranging from 50 kW to 700 kW, a niche that had been relatively untouched by both large and small enterprises, the firm has successfully carved its niche in the industry over the past five to six years. Solareos Renewable core values center around meeting the energy needs of industries, commercial entities, schools, and institutions, aligning its efforts with a sustainable and forward-thinking approach.

Established during a period when major Indian companies primarily focused on utility power scale projects, leaving smaller players to address residential needs, Solareos Renewable noticed a significant gap. Recognizing this niche, the company seized the opportunity to engage in projects viable for both the industry and commercial sectors. Rooftop installations stood out for their trifecta of advantages: elevated landing rates in the commercial segment, significant power consumption within industries, and the potential to alleviate the burden on fossil
fuels. “Our firm is structured around three fundamental service categories. The Commercial Capex Model involves end consumers funding power plant installations, encompassing ongoing AMC services. Leveraging net metering, a return on investment is typically achieved in approximately 3.2 years”, speaks Kaushal Jha, Founder & Director.

On the other hand, the OPEX Model sees third-party investors funding power plant setups, offering generated units at a discounted rate of 25-30 percent. Moreover, the company also facilitates loans between financial institutions and various sectors, guaranteeing competitive interest rates for solar installations. The firm comprehensive services encompass AMC support, elevating overall satisfaction and augmenting power generation by 10 percent through regular services. “We also extend our services to licensing and electricity audits, benefiting from the expertise of our Chartered Engineer, ultimately adding value to institutions and companies”, says Kaushal.

In embracing its mission to democratize clean energy, Solareos Renewable envisions the power of the sun in an affordable & sustainable manner

Solareos Renewable boasts a dedicated team of 37 individuals, encompassing both field executives and personnel engaged in office and other activities. Within this dynamic workforce, specialized teams contribute to its operational efficiency. The Lightning Tape Team, comprising three to four individuals, manages activities related to lightning. The company’s Execution Team, under the leadership of Engineer Harish Jha, meticulously handles project activities. “Our QA and QC Team ensures rigorous quality checks at regular intervals. Operating at the heart of our operations is the Operation Network Center, overseeing real-time power generation in each plant and addressing any operational issues promptly. Overseeing these endeavours Ajinkya, a former NTPC professional, supported by Jyoti Jha, our Finance Director, ensures seamless financial management and decision making”, adds Kaushal.

Solareos Renewable strategic plan involves extending its OPEX model to facilitate the entire power plant set up for consumers who lack the necessary funds, thus ensuring their benefit from substantial savings of 25 to 30 percent without any initial investment. The firm aims to spearhead solar power installations for these underserved small consumers, drastically reducing their electricity expenses and simultaneously promoting sustainable practices. Currently headquartered in Mumbai, with additional offices in Varanasi and West Bengal, the firm is committed to bridging this gap and propelling the solar revolution forward, targeting an untapped segment within the industry.