Sonia Gupta: An Entrepreneur Engendering Home Bakers

Sonia Gupta, Founder & Trainer

Sonia Gupta

Founder & Trainer

Watching kids running around the aisles, trying to fill the shopping-cart with chocolates and their favorite-snacks is one of the best sights amidst our mundane monthly shopping. But the tiny writings over those aesthetic wraps of cookies and cakes don’t really paint a pleasing picture. For starters, most of them contain preservatives like Mono-Glycerides & Di-Glycerides, which are unhealthy fats. At an advanced level, it’s only been a few years since FSSAI banned the usage of Potassium Bromate a potentially cancer causing oxidizing agent, which was used to make the bread fluffy, soft and give it an attractive finish. The solution bakeries found was to continue using them without announcing it in their ingredient list!

Among those who were alarmed by the shocking menace was Sonia Gupta a young mother & a teacher became corporate professional (Founder & Trainer, Anybody CanBake). Coincidentally, it was around the same time (the year 2014) Sonia left her job in Gurgaon and moved to Pune with her husband Amit Gupta, pertaining to his job-transfer. In truth, the aspiration to spend more time with her child and not being completely happy about her tedious corporate life made the decision to take a break from her career a lot easier. But back then, she hardly knew that 14 years of her successful corporate career was just a prologue to her entrepreneurial anecdote with AnybodyCanBake one of the most favorite culinary platforms on the internet. It helps mothers bake without chemicals, preservatives, Egg, & Maida, and children to have their favorite bakeries.

From Home Maker to Home Baker
The ample ‘me-time’ often changes our lives in a million different ways. With a lot of void time in her routines, Sonia was swiftly driven to dusting-off one of her favorite hobbies cooking. Indeed, this time she had one more good reason to indulge in it confining her child, Garv, from having packaged bakeries. But needless to say, children never fall for Spinach Salads! Garv was no different, being really fond of Pizzas, Burgers, Cakes, and Muffins. The thought of giving him all these happiness in the world without trading his health is intrinsically what probed Sonia to the world of baking. The rest of the story is an inspiring history for every home maker in the world.

Garv, and successively her whole family being the first admirers of her 100 percent whole-wheat baked food items, Sonia swiftly gained in confidence. She commenced sharing recipes with her friends, while also experimenting with new healthy ingredients. The appreciation from a lot of mothers in her acquaintance made it inevitable to take the initiative to the next level, and in 2015, she started the blog AnybodyCanBake. The more she wrote, the larger the number of audience started connecting with her. They kept motivating her to push her limits. In January 2017, Sonia conducted her first workshop under the banner of AnybodyCanBake. With the kind of overwhelming response her workshop gathered, it was just a matter of time for the platform to grow as a full fledged organization. Sonia being one of the only few
baking instructors in the world to teach with 100 percent whole wheat and owing to her expertise in Eggless baking, the concept of healthy baking became an instant hit.

Creating Motherpreneurs
“Something that started from a desire swiftly grew into a fulltime profession and entrepreneurship. It makes me feel extremely happy when I get feedback from mothers about how happy they are to see their children eating home made healthy Pizza and Burger, which they used to forbid until they attended my workshop. Many of them have made businesses out of baking too,” asserts Sonia. Today, that’s in fact what AnybodyCanBake is all about turning Home Makers into healthy Home Bakers! While providing each attendee (of workshops) with hands on experience on whole wheat baking, AnybodyCanBake also helps them understand how they could really build a profitable home baking business out of it. It encrusts over anything from online content creation to handling the social media and much more.

We don’t simply provide them with recipes, but teach them a skill healthy baking, so that they can bake anything

“We don’t simply provide them with recipes, but teach them a skill healthy baking, so that they can bake anything,” adjoins Sonia. Today, besides rendering online baking courses through the platform, Sonia conducts workshops across the subcontinent, including in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, and Jaipur. Interestingly, even graduates with culinary degrees attend her workshop today often to find out how baking is possible with 100 percent whole wheat, when they were taught it’s not possible!

Living a Dream Together
To fully indulge in the aesthetics of the dream Sonia lives today, you need to know about the challenges en route. If you have ever watched the movie English Vinglish(2012), you would probably recall Shashi(played by Sridevi), and her passion towards making Laddu and the way she manages to make a small business out of it. Imagine what would have happened if Shashi had gotten unconditional support from her husband. We might have had another Sonia! Yes, Sonia’s story is also the story of her husband Amit. Sonia says, “He left his job just to establish me in this industry. So, support is not just the word. My husband is my better half and he takes care of everything from Marketing to Branding, and Accounting”. From helping with learning the basics of creating the blog content to establishing a brand amidst thousands of experienced culinary experts in business, Amit became her backbone in every possible way.

“I am really happy & proud to say this. She invests more than 12 hours a day into this venture. She doesn’t have a Food craft diploma or a legacy of baking. She simply knows what will work and what will not,” asserts Amit. For online influencers, photography plays a major role in their pursuit. In the culinary world, people eat with their eyes, before tasting with their tongue. With her organization getting ready to grow, instead of hiring a photographer, Sonia learned the art of photography herself and started taking pictures. Cut to the present, she is also one of the busiest culinary photographers!

Giving the Success Back to the Society
Today, Sonia and Amit are busy devising more interactive models to engage with the aspirant home bakers. AnybodyCanBake’s new initiative, the 30 Days Online Baking Challenge that starts on first of September 2019 is India's first and biggest online baking challenge. The company targets to have 1000 home bakers learning the baking skills, while 300 of them have already joined this baking marathon. Going forward, it’s also appreciable the way Sonia strives to give the success back to the community. Of late, AnybodyCanBake has started a program through which it includes a transgender (who can’t afford paying) in each workshop and makes them learn the art completely free of cost. Hence, while Sonia expands her workshop to more cities, her vision divulges more and more colors.

Key Management:
Sonia Gupta, Founder & Trainer
A go-getter, Sonia started her professional career as a teacher, before moving to the corporate world. Through AnybodyCanBake, she helps hundreds of mothers to learn the art of healthy baking and create a line of business out of it.

Office: Pune

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