SonicWall: Delivering Simple and lower TCO in Cybersecurity solutions

Debasish Mukherjee,    Vice President & Regional Sales- APJ, SonicWall

Debasish Mukherjee

Vice President & Regional Sales- APJ, SonicWall

Today more and more customers are witnessing newer and more sophisticated threat vectors. The alarming rise in security breaches in the past few years has obligated organizations to keep sensitive data safe from cybercriminals. Despite acknowledging the benefits of innovative security technologies, organizations are still hesitant to adopt them. The reason: lack of standard tools and in-house expertise that pose as a hurdle for successful implementation. The need of the hour is a robust, agile, and elastic cyber security solution that can help organizations effectively monitor, manage, and safeguard their entire resources.

This is precisely where SonicWall comes into the picture with its wide range of security products that assure organizations across sectors a safer and worry-free environment. SonicWall continues to be on top of the game providing integrated cyber security solutions to customers to make their businesses continue safely and seamlessly. Since its inception in 1991, the company has been very successful in bridging cybersecurity gaps for enterprises, governments, and SMBs worldwide by providing real-time visibility and enabling break through economics.

With over three decades of experience in the cybersecurity space, SonicWall is specialized in delivering reliable and flexible security solutions. From network security to access security, endpoint monitoring, and advanced threat protection, SonicWall has it all covered.

The key differentiating aspect of SonicWall is that they offer numerous state-of-the-art, niche products at lower TCO that are best suited to the ever-changing global threat landscape. “SonicWall’s Double-digit growth across all customer segments, from SMBs to enterprise and government customers with over 90% client retention recorded in the recent times is a testament to our commitment,” states Bill Conners, President, and CEO of SonicWall.

An Integrated Approach to Security Management
SonicWall’s Boundless CyberSecurity solutions are most sought by clients mainly in sectors such as healthcare, retail, and banking. The company sells a range of Internet appliances primarily directed at content control and network security. These include devices providing services for network firewalls, unified threat management, virtual private networks, and anti-spam for email.

At SonicWall, the team innovates cloud and virtual solutions that help organizations secure complex blends of networks, including virtual, hybrid, cloud, and onpremises deployment.

With the influx of work-from-home access, companies require a simple and secure way of connecting their workforce to resources they need wherever they’re located. SonicWall’s cloud innovation is driven by
the need to solve complex security and connectivity challenges by delivering power, flexibility, and choice to customers and partners. SonicWall has collaborated with organizations worldwide to build some of the most secure and robust hybrid networks.The company also embraces zero-trust security as a tenet of cybersecurity in a perimeter-less, cloud-first reality. They help organizations easily and quickly connect remote users to on-premises resources, cloud-hosted applications, branch offices and public cloud.

We continue to innovate and bring out cutting edge cloud and virtual solutions to enable organizations secure complex blends of networks, including virtual, hybrid, cloud, and on-premises deployments, which make us a leader in the field of cybersecurity

SonicWall products, services, and innovative technology help secure thousands of organizations globally and are consistently recognized by industry leaders for ease of use and security efficacy.Another unique feature that sets SonicWall apart is the fact that they ensure organizations are able to set their own deployment paths and cloud migration timelines not forcing them into a rigid vendor-first approach. By providing cloud-based (e.g., virtual firewall and VPN), as-a-service (e.g., ZTNA, FWaaS), and on-premises (e.g., firewalls, VPN) options, SonicWall empowers customers to deploy what works for their architecture and adopt cloud transformation at their pace.

These real world hybrid environments are secured using a cohesive mix of virtual, cloud, and onpremises offerings, including SonicWall NSv virtual firewalls, Cloud Edge Secure Access zero trust security, appliance-free SMA virtual private networks (VPN), and Cloud App Security to protect SaaS applications. Research and Analysis (R&D) is a very integral part of SonicWall’s business. SonicWall’s Capture Security Center 3.0, Unified Insights, brings analytics from across SonicWall products, including physical and virtual firewalls, wireless access points, switches, and endpoint security products into a single, customizable dashboard.

This provides a central, easy-to-use location for monitoring environments and troubleshooting incidents, eliminating the need to multitask across different consoles. SonicWall’s Analytics, Capture Security Center 3.0 can transform large volumes of data (spanning tens of thousands of firewall nodes) into actionable insights and defensive actions against hidden risks across networks, applications, and users all with visibility, precision, speed, and scale of the cloud. What’s more, SonicWall has recently introduced three new highperformance firewall models NSa 5700, NSsp 10700 and NSsp 11700 in 2021 that are designed to protect the largest and most complex enterprises, government agencies and MSSPs from advanced cyberattacks, including ransomware and never before seen malware, without sacrificing network performance. SonicWall also launched the Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service, which includes patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) technology to catch the most advanced and unknown malware faster. With this launch, the company earned its fifth consecutive perfect score in independent ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) certification testing across the last five quarters. No other vendor currently participating has ever achieved two consecutive perfect scores.

Reaching New Heights
Having carved a niche in the cyber security industry, SonicWall is poised for a bright future. The company’s focus would be to continue developing and enhancing its solutions for the future. They believe in investing in advanced technologies like IoT, as it would be very relevant, especially with the latest 5G connectivity. “Based on our experience and research insights, we continue to innovate and bring out cutting edge cloud and virtual solutions to enable organizations secure complex blends of networks, including virtual, hybrid, cloud and on-premises deployments, which make us a leader in the field of cybersecurity,” concludes Conner.