Zyro: A New-Age Business Banking Platform For SMEs & Startups

Vikas Kumar,   Founder

Vikas Kumar


The Fintech Industry in India has witnessed remarkable growth and innovation in recent years, reshaping the country’s financial landscape. These digital-first banks, unburdened by traditional brick-and-mortar structures, have swiftly captured the imagination of tech-savvy consumers. The industry, focused on seamless user experiences, offers a wide range of services beyond traditional banking, leveraging data analytics and AI to personalize financial solutions, making them more relevant and accessible to customers. Moreover, partnerships with fintech startups and established financial institutions have become increasingly common, expanding their product portfolios.

However, the Fintech Sector faces significant challenges, including regulatory compliance, customer trust, and profitability. Striking a balance between innovation and regulatory adherence remains a tightrope walk, and building trust in digital banking solutions is an ongoing task. Additionally, the competition is fierce, with numerous players vying for a slice of the market. Taking the driving seat in this sector is Zyro - the first and finest Business Banking Platform and business banking solutions provider dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that empowers SMEs to enhance their operational efficiency while seamlessly integrating them into the digital payment landscape.

Zyro's Mission & Vision
Zyro’s bundle of offerings and portfolio of products aligns to synchronize with its mission which is to revolutionize payment methods through digitalization, with a vision to extend its reach across every corner of the nation. “Our primary objective is to empower small enterprises and optimize the Business Banking Experience as we embark on this journey. Our goal is to encompass a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from startups and SMEs to even small-scale cab drivers. Our mission is to ensure that the benefits of digital payment solutions extend to even the most remote and underserved populations, fostering financial inclusion and convenience for all. We are firmly committed to conducting our operations with a strong sense of economic, social, and environmental responsibility. Through the delivery of innovative, reliable, and secure payment solutions, we aim to forge enduring partnerships. We are on a mission to deliver a truly seamless business banking experience and make managing finances a breeze”, shares Vikas Kumar, Founder.

With the dedication to exceeding the expectations of both valued customers and partners, Zyro envisions becoming the preferred partner with a reputation for groundbreaking innovation within the sector. Delivering outstanding solutions in the market, Zyro focuses extensively on securing the movement of digital money, connecting urban centers, and bridging the gap across cities.

Range of Solutions
Zyro offers a comprehensive suite of banking solutions, encompassing an array of essential tools including features such as digital billing management, centralized inventory tracking, sales order management, CMS E-commerce site, buyer and supplier
networks, access to Partner Networks like ONDC and Khata management, all of which are designed to promote digital transactions within the payment ecosystem. One notable feature is the Connected Banking facility, which streamlines bank account integration, simplifying digital banking for business owners. The platform also encourages the adoption of digital payments through services like bulk payment systems and invoice-based tracking modules, enticing merchants to transition to digital payment methods.

Zyro’s efforts extend beyond financial services as well, as the firm is actively building a network that connects SMEs and Tier 2, 3, and 4 merchants, enabling them to engage in seamless digital transactions for buying and selling goods and services. The firm’s approach to product and service development is deeply rooted in user centricity with a dedicated R&D team actively engaging with end-users in the field, conducting surveys to gain invaluable insights into the challenges and requirements of the customers.

In a market where various players offer standalone solutions for payment-related products & services, Zyro stands out as a comprehensive one stop solution

Enforcing transparent and customer-centric policies, the Zyro team boasts a diverse and accomplished lineup, with seasoned banking professionals in its advisory panel and founders and co-founders bringing their individual areas of expertise to the table. Complementing these industry veterans are tech-savvy individuals on the core team focusing on conceiving and developing innovative solutions. The team further benefits from the presence of strategic alliance experts, partner sales specialists, and operation experts. This blend of experience and expertise within the core team plays a pivotal role in shouldering individual responsibilities toward achieving the company’s overarching objectives.

What Sets Zyro Apart
A unique practice that sets Zyro apart is unlike many competitors, Zyro does not impose its own ideas on users but instead prioritizes under standing their preferences and pricing expectations firsthand. In a market where various players offer standalone solutions for payment-related products and services, Zyro stands out as a comprehensive one-stop solution. This approach eliminates the need for businesses to invest in multiple services from different providers. Zyro’s desire to streamline and simplify business banking and operational needs resonates with its user-driven philosophy, ultimately providing businesses with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Zyro further places a strong emphasis on data security, adhering rigorously to established guidelines and standards. The company proudly holds compliance certifications for both PCI DSS and ISO 27001, ensuring the highest levels of security in its operations. All transactions are meticulously encrypted, following the strict banking norms and directives set forth by the RBI. Zyro is resolute in its promise to provide a safe and secure transaction environment for its customers, recognizing their trust as a valuable asset and a responsibility that the company takes seriously.

Charting the Future Path
Zyro's journey thus far has been marked by a wealth of positive experiences and cherished memories. Zyro began with a single product, the Prepaid card (Zyro smart card), and has since evolved into a diverse range of products and services.

“It is immensely rewarding to see the collective efforts of our team manifest into tangible results. We have achieved a significant milestone by seamlessly integrating Connected Banking with multiple major banks, distinguishing ourselves. Notably, we have taken a pioneering step on a global scale by developing inhouse SoftPos technology, complemented by the Pin on Glass feature. This innovative approach solidifies our position as a trailblazer in the industry. As it moves forward, we are set to become India’s first platform to offer a comprehensive array of operational tools and business banking services within a unified dashboard, establishing connections with virtually all major banks in the nation”, further shares Vikas.

As part of its future roadmap, Zyro has an exciting surprise project in the pipeline, poised to transform the sales and business operations landscape in small towns. The team is diligently working towards its launch, with the goal of introducing it to the market by the end of this financial year. As a major component of Zyro’s expansion strategy, the team is actively establishing Service Touch Points in various towns and cities. By the conclusion of this financial year, the company aims to have 50 Service Points operational across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand, further enhancing its reach and accessibility to better serve the customers. As Zyro spearheads the industry with innovative solutions and approaches to deliver the best, it is poised to achieve its goal of becoming the preferred partner.