Sprinklr: Helping Enterprises Connect with Customers

Ragy Thomas,Founder and CEO

Ragy Thomas

Founder and CEO

Every social 'touch' impacts an individual's overall relationship with a brand, and if those moments are uncoordinated, intrusive, and not in service of the customer, an organization risks losing trust. This means it is critical for every customer-facing department within an organization to get a handle on how it engages with customers through social media. Many internal departments still work in silos, and with that kind of structure, it can be a nightmare to gain a unified view of each customer. To combat this, enterprise brands need one single, integrated platform that every customer-facing employee can access. The alternative? Companies risk wasting a considerable amount of time cobbling together numerous point solutions that are not designed to work together or scale.

Sprinklr provides the data and insights to understand the voice of the customer, and the resources to immediately take action on those insights and build real, human relationships. "The larger the organization is, the more likely it needs a unified and powerful technological infrastructure that can connect disparate teams and help them communicate as one with the outside world," says Ragy. That's why his platform provides a complete, integrated, and collaborative set of capabilities for managing social media, brand websites, content, paid advertising, and listening, whilst also integrating with and extending existing IT investments.

Many companies still use multiple software solutions and dated technologies that don't talk to one another and, therefore, miss the larger opportunity. That's where Sprinklr - which differentiates itself with a sophisticated and complete software platform that's purpose - built for large enterprises to manage customer experience across social channels and branded websites - shines. "From the beginning, we set out to build a powerful, end-to-end social operating system that integrates with an organization's existing infrastructure and allows employees across the front office to collaborate more effectively with unified data and workflows," adds Ragy. With Sprinklr, brands can spend less time stitching disparate tools together and more time focusing on what matters most: providing valuable and personal customer experiences.

What Makes Sprinklr Special
2015 has been a particularly special year for Sprinklr. Since
January, the company has doubled its headcount and now boasts more than 1,000 Sprinklrites (as Ragy prefers to call his employees) in 11 offices across the globe. While it has grown rapidly, Ragy does n't view Sprinklr as a large company. "I don't define 'big' as the number of employees a company has, but rather how it operates and how those employees work together. Big is a mindset," cites Ragy. "No matter how quickly we grow, we are intensely focused on working collaboratively, staying nimble, and moving fast to exceed the needs of our customers. It's in our DNA."

Beyond its elite technology, sprinklr’s midas touch lies in the company ‘s strong management team which is made up of enterprise technology veterans experts in digital and social business and pioneers of the social technology space

Sprinklr runs on five core values: it's ok; sprinkle, don't shout; fix it, don't complain; never, ever give up; and passionately and genuinely care. "The passion, work ethic, and excitement of our employees drive the culture of Sprinklr, and these values come directly from them," Ragy explainns.

Within a short span of six years, Sprinklr has acquired seven companies and raised over $123.5 million from esteemed investors including Battery Ventures, Intel Capital, and Iconiq Capital. The most recent funding valued the company conservatively at $1.17 billion. Going forward, Sprinklr says it will focus on serving the needs of its current customers, furthering its expansion in Europe, South America and Asia, and working to deliver the best product possible to every enterprise brand in the world.

It's not very often that a company finds the next big opportunity in enterprise software but Sprinklr looks to have discovered exactly that.

Case Study:
U-Haul, the company that has led the moving equipment and storage industry for almost 70 years, needed to quickly identify and address relevant conversations across social channels. By implementing Sprinklr's platform, the company was able to resolve 70% of all issues in half an hour or lesswith almost half (49%) addressed in less than 15 minutes. The U-Haul team now has access to all social analytics in one dashboard and is able to accurately link web traffic referrals and conversion metrics on social posts to prove impact.

"Sprinklr has been a great platform for both our marketing and social care teams, allowing us to really collaborate on improving our customers" experiences. The ability to customize, tag, and automate with Sprinklr has improved our reporting capabilities and understanding of our customers' needs, which ultimately delivers a better customer experience," says Toni Jones, Social Media Director, U-Haul International.

Key Management:
Ragy Thomas, Founder and CEO
A techvisionary, entrepreneur, and investor who has played an instrumental role in the evolution of two business-critical channels for the enterprise: social media and email. Ragy, in his current role, is empowering companies to re-imagine their customer-facing operations to manage consumer experiences across every touch point. Prior to founding Sprinklr, Ragy was the President of Epsilon's Interactive Services and the CTO of Bigfoot Interactive.

Carlos Dominguez, President and COO
Equipped with more than three decades of enterprise technology experience and an unparalleled passion for innovation, Carlosis currently engaged in guiding strategic direction for Sprinklr and leads the marketing, sales, services, and partnerships teams. Prior to joining Sprinklr, Carlos spent 22 years at Cisco Systems as a senior executive.

Chris Lynch, CFO
Murali Swaminathan, EVP, Client Success and Engineering
Tom Butta, CMO
Pavitar Singh, VP of Product Development
Offices: New York (Headquarters); Tokyo, Bangalore and Delhi in Asia; Hamburg, London and Paris in Europe; Austin, San Francisco and Washington D.C. in the U.S.; Sao Paulo in South America

Awards and Recognitions:
. Deemed the most powerful technology on the market by Forrester
. Winner of Frost & Sullivan's 2014 North American . Big Data & Analytics New Product Innovation Leadership Award
. More than 1,000 enterprise clients worldwide including 34% of the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies like McDonald's, Verizon, Samsung, Intel, and Nike
. Powers more than four billion social connections across 77 countries and three municipalities


. Listening and trend discovery
. Content planning and publishing
. Engagement and moderation
. Paid and targeted amplification
. Audiences and onsite conversion
. Reporting and analytics