Sunjray Infosystems: A Structured Approach to Kick-Start the IoT Journey

Jay Rath,CTO
Jay Rath, CTO

Technology today touches every aspect of our lives and born out of the convergence of various cutting-edge technologies is IoT (Internet of Things), a vision to connect and make communication possible between every digital device/object. Born out of the amalgamation of cloud computing, telemetry, data analysis and information modeling among others, IoT holds the capability to bring a paradigm shift in the way technology affects our lives. Helping companies define the right IoT landscape to kick-start their IoT journey is Sunjray Infosystems, a provider of nextgen digital and technology solutions. Founded in 2003, the IoT expert also specializes in rendering business intelligence, application development and telemetry services in order to solve business issues across diverse sectors such as airlines, health, education, and banking.

Effective Hydrological Data Monitoring
Leveraging telemetry, IoT possesses the potential to revolutionize the environmental domain in various ways. Capturing heterogeneous data from different sources using Sunjray’s customized gateway enables clients in the environmental and water domain to leverage IoT and capture live data from remote locations. “IoT plays a vital role for the collection of hydrological, meteorological and water quality data and for water resources management. The main advantage of IoT is that data is available from remote stations on real-time base which enables clients to make effective and efficient decisions,” explains Jay Rath, CTO, Sunjray Infosystems. The firm effectively manages the hydrological monitoring network, promotes uniformity of data carrying, streamlines and formalizes the access to the information used for flood forecast preparation, digital presentation of current hydrological conditions and forecasts.

Similarly using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology and IoT, Sunjray has developed the drought management application that can forecast the drought in future months accurately. The technology empowers Government departments to undertake precautionary measures to avoid drought in a certain location of the state.

Proliferation of Y Cable
Sunjray has also pioneered the
a proliferation of Y Cable which helps companies in terms of real-time data transmission from any device. Making use of Y-Cable to get Real Time Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) and Stack Emission Data Transmission through Y Cable Mode Over GPRS Link has been one of Sunjray’s most effective projects. The MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest) has made it mandatory for all the industries in Odisha and Assam to install the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to monitor the pollutant coming out of stacks, Effluent Quality Monitoring System (EQMS) to monitor the wastewater quality and AAQMS (Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System) to monitor the ambient air quality. Earlier, the data received through the local systems had to be physically printed and couriered to the Pollution Control Board (PCB) in order to receive the ‘consent to operate’ certificate. However, the system was susceptible to data manipulation leading to malpractices. In order to counter this challenge, Sunjray implemented the use of Y Cable for SPCB, Odisha and PCB, Assam.

Additionally, utilizing its IoT expertise, Sunjray has developed and implemented ‘Remote Calibration’, a niche technology used for understanding the performance of each online analyser installed in Stacks for the CPCB. The firm uses GPRS technology to capture the request from the user and transmit it to the destination analyser to execute the zero-calibration procedure. Having created a niche for itself in the environmental and water domain, the tech specialist organization has amassed a respected clientele including names such as SAIL - Rourkela, NALCO, OPGC, NTPC, TATA and Vedanta among others.

"Sunjray has developed and implemented ‘Remote Calibration’, a niche technology used for understanding the performance of each online analyser installed in Stacks for the CPCB"

Turnkey IoT Solutions
A relatively new concept, adopting IoT solutions is often riddled with ambiguities and concerns pertaining to implementation success rate. To counter these challenges, Sunjray believes in providing clients with turnkey solutions that are easy to implement. The Bhubaneswar headquartered organization adopts a structured approach to understand business needs and thus proffers quick ramp-up to discover clients’ IoT needs & solutions, accelerating time to market with low risk and zero lock-ins.

Making use of technologies that enable efficiency, cost rationalization and promote growth, Sunjray develops IoT solutions that control costs, extend
internal capabilities and address
scalability. Armed with expertise in delivering customized IoT solutions for a host of clients, the firm believes in minimizing implementation costs. Apart from manufacturing its own devices with minimum investment, the Sunjray team after a detailed requirement analysis, plans for the sensors, devices and the approach through which the solution can be delivered swiftly and with less investment.

Ensuring Secure & Accurate Solutions
Software and sensors or analyzers, the key components of IoT solutions can be controlled remotely through the Internet, making the application vulnerable to threats. Therefore, IoT solutions must be designed with strict security norms and policies in mind and incorporate various security controls. To ensure tamper-proof solutions, Sunjray adopts a strict secured system and also puts solutions in place to ensure the accuracy of the product. “We have developed a unique solution for the water resources department by providing remote calibration of their tipping buckets, a contraption used to measure the rainfall in a certain area,” explains Jay. Sunjray provides a mechanism to calibrate their tipping bucket remotely by pouring a specific amount of water into the bucket automatically and compare the output from the tipping bucket. This gives Sunjray the status of each tipping bucket installed in remote areas.

An early mover in the IoT segment, Sunjray has developed deep expertise in the said domain and has so far experienced 30 percent YoY growth since its inception. The judicious firm is now working towards building on the burgeoning IoT market in the years to come. With almost every industry working towards adopting IoT, the revenue is expected to grow exponentially to $9 billion in India by 2020. The technology is also gaining momentum owing to the Government’s smart city program. Sunjray is ramping up towards making India self-sufficient in terms of manufacturing the various components required to implement IoT.

Key Management:
Jay Rath, CTO
With an accumulated experience of 25 years in the IT sector, Jay is known in the industry for his sound expertise in IT operations, support, strategy, financial services business practice and management.

Offices: Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Guwahati; Australia, & China

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