Sunjray Infosystems: Deploying State-of-the-art Measurement Technology in GPRS-based Environmental RT-DAS

Jay Rath,CTODissecting the Greenpeace India report illustrates the death of 1.2 million Indians every year merely due to the proliferating pollution levels from diversified sources. Besides, the critical data gathered from SPCB reveal the blatant fact that virtually no place in India complies with the NAAQ standards, thereby denoting the need for deployment of top-notch Online Monitoring Systems (OMS) at requisite places. Despite the guidelines for continuous emission monitoring systems published by CPCB in 2017 that includes the point that all OMS should have data validation facility with features to transmit raw and validated data to central server, most of the plants highly tend to reduce the actual air emission figures to match the norms (100 mg/m3) of MoEF eventually to obtain the 'Consent to Operate' certificate from SPCB.

To eliminate these scenarios of air emission data manipulation, Sunjray Infosystems with its stark research on RT-DAS from past six years and under the expertise of mastermind Jay Rath (CTO), has developed Y-Cable, an innovative measurement technology under environmental domain that aids in capturing genuine data directly from analyzer without any delay and transmitting it over GPRS link on a real-time basis to the local plant’s PC/PLC.“Upholding a customer-centric avenue, we ensure to extract a higher ROI from our client’s existing information assets using the available top-notch tools coupled with our knowledge of the client's vertical domain,” elucidates Jay.

SPCB, Odisha outshines as the first one among its contemporaries to have implemented Real-time Data Acquisition Systems(RT-DAS) using GPRS links in all its plants for environmental data monitoring. In fact, a plethora of RT-DAS were deployed under SPCB/CPCB, Odisha to capture real-time data from disparate analyzers installed in the industries of Odisha and Assam and many others in water resources department to capture data related to rain fall. Moreover, these systems are also capable of capturing remote data like temperature, humidity, wind speed/velocity, direction & pressure and solar exposure parameters useful for flood forecasting.
Being awarded the implementation of RT-DAS project by SPCB, Odisha, Jay has published technical papers on its Y-Cable concept’s first version in ICBEE, 2012 and its second version in IJESD, 2014 which bagged the ‘Excellent Paper Award’ thereby denoting Y-Cable’s benefits like low cost, wide coverage area, fast data reception, genuine data, less delay, remote monitoring & configuration of OMS and a lot more. Furthermore, for effectively utilizing Writa, a highly specialized software tool designed to reduce programming time and cost, it has been bestowed with the 'Innovation & Technology'award from ATS.

Analyzing the proliferating smart solutions that can be devised from IoT or M2M technologies, Sunjray has developed the first version of Y-Cable that adds an intermediate cable between the analyzer-local PC line and GPRS device

Unique Measurement Technology
Analyzing the proliferating smart solutions that can be devised from IoT or M2M technologies, Sunjray has developed the first version of Y-Cable that adds an intermediate cable between the analyzer-local PC line and GPRS device thereby transmitting transparent data directly from the analyzer. But, connecting a dedicated Y-Cable and GPRS device for each analyzer is highly expensive when multiple analyzers are present. Hence to resolve this issue, Sunjray has modified the Y-Cable’s first version to capture all the output data from multiple analyzers and transmit them to the destination server via a single GPRS device. To channelize the one-directional data transfer between those multiple analyzers and the local PC, this second version of Y-Cable includes Terminal Box, GPRS device, MOXA converter and a couple of RS232 cables and DB9 ports.

Advanced Version
Despite the deployment of Y-Cable in 900 stations, many industries partnering with the analyzer suppliers were accessible to modify its configuration settings. Espying the gravity of this scenario, Sunjray developed the third version of Y-Cable that entailed two-way asynchronous communication between SPCB server and analyzers via GPRS device. The distinguishing attribute of this framework is that the server is capable of generating requests to extract analyzer’s configuration settings, which are crosschecked with the
default ones to eventually deliver accurate emission values. Yet to retain the same mechanism of data transfer between analyzer and local PC as that of the second version, a new gateway board has been incorporated into its framework (supports RESTful web service over HTTP protocol and also transmission of data for sockets over TCP protocol).

Established in 2003 and registered under the Company Law of India, Sunjray is also specialized in software development and IT consulting services both focusing on IoT, M2M, Java development, SAP, Business Intelligence, web application delivery, ERP integration, EAI and mobile application technology.

Client-centric Support Services
Pre-eminent as a client-centric organization, Sunjray handholds the clients throughout their working processes, train their employees on adapting to any additional changes and gradually wean off. Having dedicated resources to train not only the client’s employees but their suppliers too, it delivers training sessions on technology tools and products like e-Commerce, web applications and customized softwares. Furthermore, it ensures to provide user-friendly solutions, assistance until the client becomes comfortable with the application and abundant round the clock customer support services like implementation, technical, training and enhancement support. Depicting these characteristics of Sunjray is its prestigious Indian client base that includes RBI, PPL, JSPL, TSIL, Hindalco, OCL, SAIL, NALCO, JSL, NTPC, TTPC, IOCL and DCI and global client base that includes Brio, Amway, Argyle Diamonds, Centrelink, DFAT, Unilever, Vodafone, Australian Stock Exchange, Sichuan Airlines and many more.

Key Management:
Jay Rath, CTO
With Post Graduation Diploma in Manufacturing Technology from UniSA and Post Graduation Research in B-ISDN from University of Adelaide, Jay is currently the CTO of Sunjray Pty Ltd, Australia and also appointed as the CEO and CSA for Sunjray Infosystems Pvt Ltd, India to deal with RT-DAS projects.

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