TAGG: Redefining Customer Centricity in Consumer Electronics Industry

Rohit Dhingra, Amitesh Bharadwaj & Saurav Prakash,  FoundersIndia being one of the largest growing electronics markets in the world, the $15 billion worth consumer electronics industry is expected to continue to ride high, swelling this figure to $20 billion by 2025. Sure the vast market opportunity is being counter balanced by a steep rise in competition. But with the right gears customer centric approach innovative marketing initiatives & more importantly the right products, anyone can climb to the industry’s peak. This holds true for the story of TAGG a Delhi-based technology driven life style brand.

TAGG was bootstrapped in 2016 with just Rs. 4 lakh by three friends who met at college Rohit Dhingra, Amitesh Bharadwaj & Saurav Prakash (Founders), when they noticed that the Indian consumers were forced to choose between a cheap poor quality product or an international brand at exorbitant cost. The trio filled this void by building highquality products at affordable rates by keeping the designs efficient.

How? Instead of overloading the products with useless features, TAGG installs a carefully considered combination of high calibre electronics components after a meticulous market research in order to provide a rich set of features that consumers truly need. Furthermore the manufacturing process is outsourced to Shenzhen (China), whereas the entire designing process is performed in India. “There is a reason (consumer painpoint) behind every product we launch. When a brand takes the route of building a solution to solve its customer’s pain points keeping the affordability factor is not that difficult,” explains Saurav.

Upgrading Customers’Lifestyle
Standing true to its name(stands for Technologically Advanced Goods & Gears) has empowered the company to churn out three best sellers from its catalogue. Despite being marketed as a niche sports product, its TAGG Inferno a wireless headphone, has managed to reach a large audience with its stylish look. TAGG Sonic Angle 1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is yet another innovation of TAGG that became a huge hit. Being the first product in India to integrate a small bass radiator into a portable speaker it received an overwhelming response from the Indian consumers who are known for their love towards more bass centric output from their speakers.

Justifying its tagline 'keeps you ahead' TAGG facilitates its customers to keep their heads up through its technologically advanced
gadgets that suit their lifestyle(if not upgrade it to the next level) thereby giving them a momentum to keep their lifestyle ahead of their peers. “Through our products we try and achieve the aspiration our customers have in their minds for such a product in the market,” remarks Amitesh.

Revolving Around the Customer
Its quality is worthy to be compared to the calibre of international brands, but there lies one vital difference the keen emphasis TAGG lays on customer centricity. “We identified that the consumers were struggling to reach the customer care centre of the international brands. Determined to give our best to make our brand a class apart from the rest we decided to change the mindset of Indian technology consumer market by altering the formulaic way of making customers visit the service centres & wait for two weeks. Instead, we go to them,” explains Rohit.

TAGG installs a carefully considered combination of high calibre electronics components after a meticulous market research in order to provide a rich set of features that consumers truly need

When a customer facing any concern with its product reaches out to TAGG’s customer support team (via its website, email or phone)the company arranges a pickup from the customer’s address investigates the product at its service centre (to decide whether it can be fixed or should be replaced) and sends the overhauled product or a better replacement back to the customer’s address. Vesting importance on being easily reachable, the company packages all of its contact information along with the user manual within the box, and its 12-month warrantee offer is accompanied by a turnaround time of 24 hours to close a ticket.

Innovative Marketing Strategy
Rather than merely marketing itself TAGG prefers to transfer its knowledge to its customers by educating them regarding its processes & its culture whether it’s through digital content product videos, social media engagement activities or print media. To demonstrate the company clarifies that it charges them a certain amount for a particular product, since it contains industry leading chipset(QCC3020) and Bio Mic Microphone (not available in the Bluetooth mics of any other brands). Innovation being its hallmark, TAGG recently launched an exciting campaign for its Totally Wireless High performance Earphones, centred around zero gravity experience based on the product’s name TAGG ZERO-G, which stands for zero gravity.

Successfully amassed a turnover of Rs.2 crore in its very first financial year(2016-17), TAGG clocked a whopping Rs.15 crore in FY2018-19 and estimates reaching Rs.25 crore in the FY2019-20 bracket. Interestingly, the company is also actively involved in e-Waste management, wherein it has been overachieving its e-Waste management quota every year since its inception. Growing further, TAGG intends to expand its offerings as well as its distribution network to ascertain that the ample benefits of its offerings reach a wider set of consumers.

Rohit Dhingra, Founder
An active member of Entrepreneurial community, Rohit orchestrates marketing, HR and development & institutionalization of the brand assets at TAGG.

Amitesh Bharadwaj, Founder
Amitesh takes care of the complete financial and cash flow management of the company.

Saurav Prakash, Founder
Renowned for his passion for efficiency, talent for resourceful business solutions and a capacity for motivational leadership, Saurav spearheads the product development at TAGG.

Headquarter: Delhi
Products: Sports Earphones, Mobile Mounts, Car chargers, Earphones Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, True Wireless Earbuds, Wall Chargers and Power Banks