Taiyo Group: A Pioneer In Manufacturing And Exporting Animal Food

R.S. PRABAKAR,CEO"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." - Oscar Wilde

The power to dream and see the dawn before the rest of the world is a blessing possessed by rare minds. Such a power can only make a difference when confidence, efficiency, and hard work play together in making a dream come true. Strengthened with all these three specialties, R.S. Prabakar Started a small aquarium retail shop in 1994. His interest in maintaining ornamental fish encouraged him to establish the retail business which further motivated him to trade fish feed in India.

While running this venture he decided to start an independent manufacturing unit for animal feed in India instead of importing fish feed. This helped in reducing the import cost and bargaining for better quality products at the same price. He traded machinery from Overseas and founded Taiyo Group to manufacture animal feed in 2002 in Chennai. It is an ISO certified indigenous pet food manufacturer across India. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the organization has carved a niche in the pet animal feeding industry through innovating and improving the science and resources of manufacturing healthy and balanced nutrition for pets.

Explaining the name Taiyo, Prabakar said, "Taiyo means `Rising Sun' in Japanese. When we started manufacturing fish food, people preferred imported products over Indian made. That is the reason why we chose the name Taiyo, which is an Indian company producing animal food in India with the quality equivalent to international standards."

Exporter Of Quality Animal Feed
Taiyo is an exporter of animal feed with several accolades and industrial recognition. It has successfully managed to maintain steady growth by creating outstanding product-lines. It currently produces fish feed, bird feed, small animal feed, and dogs & cat feed. Striding to manufacture more than 250 products with product range varying from economic to super-premium food, the company never compromises in delivering
the best quality of its products and focuses on providing the best food to the pets.

"We can proudly say that the quality of our products is the key factor that made us the leading pet animal feeding company in India today. We are the biggest manufacturer in the country to produce aquarium fish feed, bird feed, and all small animal feed and also export to over 20 countries," affirms Prabakar. He also adds that customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of the company as it understands the relationship between the pets and their owners.

Overcoming Challenges With Proper Quality Check
Taiyo has a variety of products to offer out of which its customers choose the best for their pets. Therefore, if a family owns more than one or different pets, then they can buy different pet animal food from Taiyo instead of searching for a new brand. However, as a leading brand, the company faces a lot of challenges as brand duplication prevails as many other companies sell animal food by imitating its brand name or logo. "Our products come in a box coloured in Red and we ask the customers to visit the website and check the brands under Taiyo Group to avoid confusion," adds Prabakar.

A proficient team at Taiyo maintains a proper quality check of each product before those are sent to the warehouse from the factory. Pre-production inspections on raw materials are also carried out on a regular basis before those are sent for manufacturing the end-product. Supervision is also carried out in food packing before its release from the factory. To maintain the quality and Goodwill of the brand, Taiyo holds meetings with its distributors once a year to discuss and understand the issues faced by the distributors along with obtaining feedback on its products and services.

We envision expanding in all international markets making Taiyo the most trusted and sought-after brand for pet food and products

Achievements And Future Plans
Presently, Taiyo is expanding to produce more Aquatic and Bird accessories in-house. It is also working on a new premium food brand for dog and cat food. With a constant approach to create products that are not manufactured locally, Taiyo is the first manufacturer in India that has produced hand-feeding for baby birds, which comes under the Brand Petslife. The company's mission is to make a positive difference in all pets' lives so that they can be at their best, by creating premium nutrition that helps the animals, birds, and fishes to do so.

Taiyo's incredible contribution as a provider of quality pet food has helped it to bag the World Branding Award at Hofburg Palace Vienna for 2019-2020. "Our vision is to become the global leader in manufacturing high-quality pet food. We envision expanding in all international markets making Taiyo the most trusted and sought-after brand for pet food and products," explains Prabakar. With recent revenue growth of 50 crores, Taiyo is aiming to reach five hundred crore during the next ten years. Prabhakar is hopeful about the target aimed and wants people to have more faith in Indian products and buy more products that are Made in India.

An experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry, Prabakar is highly skilled in strategic planning, marketing strategy, management, and business strategy.
Office: Chennai
Offering: Pet Foods