Talkcharge Technologies: Leveraging Affiliate Marketing To Pay Customers For Online Shopping

Shivani Maheshwari,CEOThe growing penetration of the internet and mobile is driving the growth of the digital coupon market in India. It is noticed on large scales that Indian customers always tend to search for online coupons and deals before making any purchase. To meet such expectations, online coupon websites are not only offering great discounted deals but are also operating in a cashback-based model.

TalkCharge Technologies is one such leading coupons and deals offering website in India that has partnered with 1000 plus merchants of all sizes and is offering ground-breaking deals and cashback to more than 2 million customers in the country. TalkCharge's cashback service is not the same like others competitors in the market.

Users at TalkCharge get the privilege to use the cashback amount without any restriction on the value and validity time. The company is offering a plethora of options for its customers to use the money from its wallet for paying utility bills, recharging mobile phones, to pay DTH bills and buy different gift cards from top brands in India. The USP is you can also transfer this Cashback to your Bank Accounts!

Thriving ON Unique Model Structure
Currently, TalkCharge is operating on three unique models- service-based model, affiliate marketing model and e-giftcard and voucher model. Through its service-based model, TalkCharge is helping customers to pay different utility bills like gas, electricity and water bills.

It is also helping them recharge their phones. With its Giftcard segment they provide customers with variety of brand vouchers like
BigBazar, MakeMyTrip on real time delivery basis. The most interesting and economising model is its affiliate marketing or commission-based model.

Based on this affiliate or better spoken as promotional marketing model, the company is providing its customer a win-win situation to get paid for all their online shopping/transactions.This model by TalkCharge ensures it customer to make any online transactions via them from available 1000+ brands be it shopping clothes, ordering medicines, groceries or even making travel booking, and get paid for all their purchases in form of cash back which is transferrable to customer's bank account.

Words By The Founding Team
`We our continuously working towards strong SEO, enhancing our cashback tracking system for real time validation, technical advancement for smoother transactions and better user experience and so on to add more and more value to the services we offer. We are happy to receive our highest impression count in February, 2022 which was close to 20 Million (via Google search),'says Shivani Maheshwari, COO, TalkCharge Technologies.

A Journey To Success
Back in 2014, the company was established by the duo Shivani Maheshwari and Ankush Katiyar (Founder &CEO), as just a recharge and utility bill website. Later in 2015, they updated the website into a dynamic coupons and deals offering website that operates on an affiliate marketing model. It was from 2015, the duo hired a team and gradually integrated different services related to coupons and deals to increase the overall profitability of the business.

Despite the immense competition in the market, we keep no stone unturned to create unique and seamless user experiences for our customers through our dynamic website

Thereafter, through the help of its unique affiliate marketing model, the firm placed itself at an unbeatable position in the market with more than one million trusted users. Ankush takes care of all capitalization &technical domains such as integrations, coding, and website development whereas Shivani, a marketing professional takes care of growth strategies, user interference experience and overall management of the firm.

"At TalkCharge, our customers are always in a win-win situation. Despite the immense competition in the market, we keep no stone unturned to create unique and seamless user experiences for our customers through our dynamic website",adds Shivani. Etching the future roadmap, as a short term goal the company is expecting to get a turnover of 50 crores by the end of 2022 and in the long run is planning to collaborate with 1500 plus brands and increase its overall user base to make the company stand as the number one in this industry.