Tanaaz M Bhatia: From a Wall Street Banker to Bollywood Business woman

Tanaaz M Bhatia ,Founder & MD

Tanaaz M Bhatia

Founder & MD

Kids today sell lemonade and do other petty chores during summer to earn some pocket money. This is probably their first experience as an entrepreneur, which they tend to mostly forget when they grow. Tanaaz M Bhatia (Founder & MD, Bottomline Media Pvt. Ltd.) was one among those kid preneurs who was into lending her comics and story books collection from her small library to earn money to buy her next book. As a seventh standard girl, she had her first brush with entrepreneurship but like many others, she moved on and became a banker working at Wall Street. Tanaaz’s life turned page when she had to quit her prestigious job as a VP in Citi Bank to look after her mom after her father’s demise. And when she disclosed her intention of being an entrepreneur in the space of media, but not knowing exactly what the company will do, her family became skeptic of her decision and thought she might wear the banker cloak soon after pursuing her dream for a while. But nothing could stop Tanaaz as her determination was stronger than what people perceived. Today Tanaaz is a known name in marketing world with a wide roaster of clients in luxury, Bollywood and consumer brands, who masters the art of strategy and brand building.

The Big Break through
Grew up in Bandra, Mumbai, Tanaaz was fortunate enough to have a gamut of friends from the film fraternity,but she knew that it takes an extremely hard epoch to rise up as a marketing company. She started off from a coffee shop in Bandra and established Bottomline in early 2010 as a 360° media marketing company. Abridging her self from tea to hot water, she saved every penny to invest in the company. “I owe thanks in big time to late Bobby Chawla who gave me an opportunity to work with a small-budget movie by Red Chillies Entertainment. Unfortunately, he is no more, but I believe that he is
still our guardian angel,”adds Tanaaz. While others couldn’t
guarantee a certain number of brands in the project – considering the compact budget, Tanaaz grabbed the opportunity and brought in 10 brands into the film out of no where by working round the clock with a never say never attitude, which she inherited from her father.

Though many Indian brands turned their face from this young woman entrepreneur who had no marketing or film industry background, Tanaaz leveraged her global contacts to introduce some of the international brands who trusted in her confidence,rather than the pedigree

Her innovative thought process, discipline, work ethics and timing were paid off with an opportunity to work with Red Chillies’ next film –Ra.One, which became a blockbuster in Bollywood. Though many Indian brands turned their face from this young woman entrepreneur who had no marketing or film industry background, Tanaaz leveraged her global contacts to introduce some of the international brands who trusted in her confidence, rather than the pedigree. The banker in her who always finds a way around it and never takes ‘no’ for an answer knew what the international brands were looking for, and in turn, she convinced them easily. Eventually, Ra.One had more than 12 brands in it, and for Bottomline, there has been no turning back since then. Today, even the brands which turned their faces in virtue of her inexperience have partnered with Bottomline.

Over the years, Bottomline has been a part of many Bollywood blockbusters, luxury brand launches and digital campaigns, from Burberry to Cola Cola, Air BNB, MichealKors, Tods in brand space and films such as Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Don 2, Vicky Donor, English Vinglish, Chennai Express and Happy New Year. Mean while, Tanaaz, who started from the coffee table, has built her organization into one of the most demanded marketing companies in India, which ensures 100 percent women workforce.“I never discriminate between a fresher and an experienced
marketing professional,” asserts Tanaaz. Having a defined process in place, she her self indulges in training & grooming her workforce, right from sending an email to attending phone calls & meetings. Setting the next level of targets, Tanaaz has also established ‘Bottomline Media Motion Pictures’, a sister concern of Bottomline which produces Television Commercials & Digital Campaigns.“I believe in the aesthetic saying, ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’,”adjoins Tanaaz. She has a similar advice for budding Entrepreneurs, “Entrepreneurship is never easy as it sounds. But if you have a game plan for every step you put forward, dipped in honesty, hardworking mindset and integrity, you will definitely hit your target”.

In Pursuit of Happiness
Tanaaz is youngest among her sisters, and in turn, has always received tremendous support from them in taking her own decisions. “Even though a reputed banker turning towards film industry was beyond their concepts, my family eventually supported me in all the possible ways,”adds Tanaaz.
“If you love what you do you will never be a day working” is Tanaaz’s belief,who loves work more than anything, she never finds hassle chasing all her passions other than the work. Tanaaz is a pianist who dilutes her stress in music, travel freak who loves London & New York the most, and a foodie who loves Japanese, Indian & Lebanese cuisines. An extreme book lover as well, she suggests her favorite books like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ & ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to budding entrepreneurs. Furthermore, donned mostly in blue jeans and white shirt, Tanaaz is crazy about shoes and her collectiongoes beyond 300 in numbers.

The Art of Giving Back
Success is never complete without giving it back to the society. Tanaaz is always sensitive and caring when it comes to treating old people and educating children. She transfers her success into them by taking initiatives in working with old age homes and helping raise funds through awareness with help her celebrity friends and offering a helping hand.“We recently helped out one old age home in Mumbai and will keep doing it with a new one every year,”she asserts. Extremely loyal to her friends and family, she cares for each and every human being around her, especially in terms of education – be it a maid or driver.