TECHVED Consulting: A Professionally Managed 'User Experience Design And Development' Consultancy

Mohar V,Co-Founder

Mohar V


Owing to the rapid intervention of the Internet and increasing awareness among the people to avail the benefits of digitization, the current landscape of Digital Transformation in India is booming significantly. As businesses in India are starting to understand the never-ending benefits of the digital renovation of their business, traditional businesses that had the digital lag are now eager to give their business the desired digital push. Grabbing this opportunity to serve numerous brands across the globe with end-to-end contemporary digital solutions, TECHVED Consulting was established in 2007 as a professionally managed `User Experience Design and Development' consultancy based in India.

By embracing research and design which ensure innovative notions for ideation and creation of usable interactions, TECHVED Consulting delivers Innovative yet out-of-the-box strategies and solutions for a broad spectrum of interfaces like websites, communication devices, intranets, web applications, mobile phones, product interface and more in various countries including India, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, UAE, UK, and the US.

Retaining The Essence Of Digital Transformation
The brands in India are now taking steps to digitally transform their businesses and reap the benefits from it. Especially after COVID-19, a lot of traditional businesses that were previously reluctant about taking the digital transformation journey, are now becoming open to the idea. Envisaging this gap where most of the businesses struggle with digital transformation by often starting on the wrong foot, TECHVED Consulting retains the essence of digital transformation by commencing the journey with rock-solid foundation.

"A majority of our clients want to give their customers the best user experience, along with a seamless journey, simplified navigation and usability. e-Commerce businesses often come to us to simplify their payment journey, the entire check-out process and so on. Often considered as the end goal by our clients, Digital Transformation is an entire journey of giving users an amazing experience when they interact with the digital assets of the company. This is a never-ending process because there is always something new
evolving in the digital world. We dig deep and conduct user researches to understand user perception. We believe that it is very important to first identify the pain-points and then build solutions around them. Solutions that not only meet but also exceed your user expectations define a good digital transformation," says Mohar V, Co-Founder, TECHVED Consulting.

Building User-Centric Designs And Solutions
A leading UX/UI Design & Development powerhouse serving brands across the globe with innovative and modern digital solutions, TECHVED Consulting offers impeccable digital services including UX/UI Designs, AI-Chatbot, Voicebot, Videobot, Mobile App Development, Website/m-site Development, Content Strategy, Remote Usability Testing, User Testing, UX Audits, Conversion Rate Optimization, Usability Testing, Accessibility Compliance, Competitive Landscape Analysis, Data Visualization, and more.

"We have a dedicated and highly experienced team of experts that manage clients and take into consideration not only the brand guidelines but also user needs and expectations. We start with conducting thorough user research to get a deep understanding of what the target audience actually wants. We conduct workshops with our clients and keep them in the loop with every step to avoid iterations at a later stage. Our systematic approach and out-of-the-box thinking enable us to keep up with market trends and help our clients stay ahead in the league always. Our main USP is that we build user-centric designs and solutions based on the pain-points of the target audience, as we believe that if you give your audience what they want they will keep coming back for more," states Mohar.

Digitally Transforming Businesses Around The World
Acknowledged as the pioneers of digital transformation, TECHVED Consulting hosts digitally transformed businesses across the globe with its Fortune 50 clientele comprising of many elite brands including Amazon, ICICI Bank, Asian Paints, Vodafone, Disney, Kotak 811, PayPal, eBay, Viacom18, Snapdeal, Reliance,, Amway, Lenskart, Flipkart, Marriot and more. "With a great team of experts who have years of experience in digitally transforming businesses around the world, strategical approach and design thinking approach we are sure ahead of our competitors and help our clients stay of their competitors too.

Solutions that not only meet but also exceed your user expectations define a good digital transformation

We have workshops at regular intervals to keep our team updated with the upcoming trends and technology. Apart from encouraging them to attend seminars and webinars to brush up on skills for the better, we also have a forum for our employees to brainstorm and ideate for new ways to make great breakthroughs in the digital world. TECHVED ensures that each employee is given equal opportunity to explore new verticals of growth and innovation. We understand that giving our team the leverage of building creative solutions is very important for the business as well as for individual growth. No stone is left unturned when it comes to giving our team the best resources and opportunities to explore for new and fresh ideas," concludes Mohar.

Mohar V, Co-Founder
An experienced business evangelist, digital strategist and a UX design thinker, Mohar has nearly two decades of experience in various aspects of enterprise video digital strategy, UI/UX design, technology innovation, IT Management and more.

Office: Mumbai
Offering: Product Innovation, User Interface Design for Mobile, Wearables, Websites, & Software Applications and Product Usability and more