TECHVIGOR: Incorporating 360 Degree FMS Ensuring Quick Response & Innovative Business Aesthetics

C.R.Varadharajan,Managing Director


Managing Director

The 'word of mouth' undoubtedly is a powerful tool in the marketing biz. In the era of velocious internet, negative word of mouth spreads like wild fire. According to a research, 92 percent of consumers read online reviews with 40 percent of consumers forming an opinion by reading just one to three reviews. So, with customer satisfaction being a pivotal aspect for a brand and their feedbacks being extremely crucial in the whole new big league ball game, a single bad review can bring adverse implications to your company’s financial status. What displeases more the customers is the long waiting for their queries and complains to be corresponded, which comes out as an outrage on the social media platforms, there by demining the brand image implying to lesser gross revenue.

Fastest Response Time with TECHVIGOR
Hearkening on quick alert via SMS or EMAIL to customers’ complain, Chennai-based TECHVIGOR Software Solutions is a premier feedback management portal which responds to customers complain in no time. This feature enables the management team to respond to customers before they leave the online/offline premise by engaging them to vent out all the displeasure and resentment at the PROs, thereby avoiding his/her outrage blast on the social media which becomes an irretrievable damage to the brand. "This series of action from Customer Complain, SMS & EMAIL Alert to Immediate Response from PROs, makes the customers feel good and avoid blasting in the social media platforms, which is irreparable and makes most of the damage to the brands’ image blowing the business and the revenue," asserts C.R.Varadharajan, Managing Director, TECHVIGOR.

Despite several implied deliberations about customer satisfaction, still many companies give very low priority and are unaware of the impact of ignoring the customer feedbacks. While few companies still get the feedback over papers trying to save cost on it, the reality is no employee submit a bad customer feedback
to their management. In a domain with deficient feedback management software(FMS) incompetent to assist a company's management to take smart decisions, TECHVIGOR succours its clients not only by amassing feedbacks, but also enables delivering valuable information to the management. Thus, it bolsters the marketing and branding department of the organization via Smart Business Intelligent data for management by elevating revenue by augmenting customer retention through its cogent FMS in addition to the quick response time which makes the customer appreciate the system’s competence. Moreover, with vast knowledge, experience and innovative approach to achieve the highest satisfaction on quality, cost and performance, TECHVIGOR addresses customers’ issues along with the prowess to combat the expenditure incurred on this demand.

In a domain with deficient FMS incompetent to assist a company’s management to take smart decisions, TECHVIGOR succours its clients not only by amassing feedbacks, but also enables delivering valuable information to the management

360 Degree FMS
Incepted in 2005 in California as REMOTEITEXPERTS INC, the team later in the same year on its offshore expansion in Chennai launched TECHVIGOR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS implying 'Team of Technical Force'. With the vision to expand its multi-disciplinary team in order to become clients’ preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) choice through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of the project life cycle, TECHVIGOR offers both on-premise & cloud FMS for vivid business verticals. Be it Hospitals, Clinics & Labs, Hotels& Restaurants, Sales & Services or Retail shops, customers are enabled with smooth & easy hardware panels to give feedback through touch screens, voice input and mobile app platforms.

While TECHVIGOR’s HIS is the best EHR & HMS (Hospital Management System) for ASIAN business and most preferred by hospitals, clinics & physicians, its award winning specialized CRM for hospitals drastically increases IP & OP setting Smart targets and connecting Marketing Executives with referral doctors & patients. Along side the dedicated Asset Management Software for Biomedical &
Maintenance including ticketing system, TECHVIGOR incorporates Automated Feedback Management Software with NABH & NABL standards through VOYC (Voice Of Your Customer). Further more, delivering the National award winning CRM & ERP solutions for Indian business model for Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers, it drives the clients’ sales, service and marketing performance with a real-time dashboard by assembling a holistic 3600 view of all customer data and interactions streamlining order management processes integrated across sales & finance.

Wings of Innovation
The company has three development forces including in-house development for own products, offshore development and clients project in India. Devising a first of its kind Hospital Management Software since 12 months that will hit the market in another six months, TECHVIGOR mostly deploys the latest Microsoft technologies like C#, MVC framework with MS-SQL Server as backend to develop its state-of-the-art CRM & FMS products. Depending upon the technical requisites, the entire team put themselves in a self-training period to travel abreast with novel technologies.

Sublime Progress
Envisioning planning for expansion in South India and other major cities, the company expects its revenue to take an upswing by 60-70 percent in the subsequent year. As the awareness and importance of customer feedback is surging in the Indian &global markets, with a mission to offer excellent service in each of its professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, TECHVIGOR’s superlative FMS platform will continue to help clients reduce negative noise online, and provide the best customer service that's unmatched.

Key Management:
C.R.Varadharajan, Managing Director
Born in Chennai. Studied MBA in Los Angeles, USA & Engineering in Karnatak University. Completed PMP, ITIL & Six Sigma in US.

Offices: Chennai & California (HQ)

Awards & Recognitions:
• TOP 50 Best CIO in INDIA 2017 by DELL EMC & CAI
• Winner of the prestigious Express Healthcare IT Award at Healthcare Senate (IT) 2016
• Top 20 Best CRM Solution Provider in India by CIO REVIEW
• Best CRM in India by CIO REVIEW