Tessolve: Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture where People Love Working

Srini Chinamilli,CEOWe spend a large percent of our everyday lives at work. Why not create a work environment that is a great place to learn, excel and interact with colleagues who are very capable and passionate at what they do? Not surprisingly, this philosophy has become a guiding light for Tessolve a Hero Electronix venture that always trusts and respects employees and helps them strive for excellence. The company also believes that its people make all the difference and it is an essential ingredient for success. Therefore, Tessolve a 17+ years old engineering solutions company has always pushed its comfort boundaries to build an employee first relationship culture within the organization. The company focuses on VLSI Design, Test & Product Engineering, PCB Engineering, and Embedded Systems Design, with 2200+ people worldwide, operating pan India, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, UK and the US. It leverages inhouse infrastructure, quality excellence practices, and cost-effective approaches to deliver value driven solutions and services, enabling smooth chip design and productization.

Tessolve is India's first company to establish world class test, characterization and reliability qualification labs that have empowered several customers to productize their chips out of India. The company is among a few in India with capabilities for full chip design (RTL to GDSII) and productization under one roof. "Our vision was to establish a world class engineering solutions company in India. When we first started in Bangalore, we realized that there was no ecosystem for
semi conductor productization. We couldn't hire experienced engineers in this industry, nor was there a lab infrastruc ture to use. In addition, there were no local customers who needed these services. We started by hiring fresh grads and taking them through our customized training programs. To date, Tessolve has trained over 2000 college grads," proudly proclaims Srini Chinamilli, Co-Founder & CEO, Tessolve.

Creating & Sustaining a Winning Culture
Dignity and respect for each employee, and extensive exposure to latest technolo gy, are the cornerstones of Tessolve's healthy work environ ment, which contribute to its people's success with silicon engineering work across a continuum of industries and globally diverse customers, and also on cut ting edge CoE projects. They present technical papers in the inter nal TIP sessions and at other leading external forums globally. Tessolve's fair and employee friendly work policies & guidelines offer impeccable experience for people to work in an open culture, with very good freedom of communication. Employees go above and beyond in every situation they work for the customer's success, and hence earn special recognitions, while also getting a wide range of perks and benefits. The secure and equitable environment where the employees and the leaders are highly motivated to perform in their professions, takes each individual and function to the next level and towards excellence.

With excellent customer service and many award winning history, the 'Best in Service and Responsiveness Emerging Supplier Award' (Analog Devices Supplier Day Awards 2020, 2nd edition) and the IESA Technovation Award for Innovation and Excellence in Electronics (Semiconductor Ecosystem Indian Enterprise 2011) are samples of Tessolve's sound achievements. During Covid times, Tessolve stepped up work from home initiatives with quick turn IT enablement, and also provided special hardship recognition to support people working from office. Tessolve also facilitated One-to-One Help Employee Assistance Program partner for periodic webinars, apart from special employee connect and manager connect meetings, surveys, and more.

Great Roadmap
Tessolve has traveled a long way since its inception in 2004, and has earned excellent credibility in the semiconductor engineering space. The company is on track to be the world’s No.1 semiconductor solutions company in the next five years. “We plan to make series of investments both organically and through acquisitions to bolster our VLSI and embedded design capabilities, and improve our lab infrastructure worldwide. In addition, we will be enabling more employee development programs, leadership development initiatives, hybrid working models, and so on. Overall, we have a stronger growth environment that will enhance all our people’s work experience further, while they continue to build their strength and enable our customer’s success,” concludes Srini.