The Hear Lab: Transcending the Ordinaries of Hearing Care in India

Communication constitutes the very essence of humans! With that said, any Hearing or Speech disorders usually disrupt our ability to communicate, preventing or impeding our participation in family and community, school achievements, and eventual employment. With time, we may withdraw socially in response to the effects of their disorder and even report higher levels of anxiety. The disorders also negatively impact their social skills, and academic & work outcomes. If your child or you are suffering from such a disorder, it is time to seek help. Speaking of help, Mumbai-based The Hear Lab is a goto partner for comprehensive care for all hearing needs and speech & language development.

"We work as a team to bring the best outcome to our patients"

The founder of The Hear Lab, Dr. Abhineet Lall says, “I recall Helen Keller’s profound words, “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people", Honestly, hearing loss divides people and their connection with family and society. And this invisible disability is mostly not discussed and brought forward at an early stage. People should realize that we can cure almost every hearing problem with the kind of technologies available today. They should come forward, and we are here to help".
    Dr. Abhineet Lall ,      Founder
The Sooner, The Better
We all must have known the famous adage ‘Prevention is better than cure. But in such uncontrollable issues, early intervention is the only savior! It’s incredible to see how often people ignore warning signs of potential problems, just because the hearing disorders are invisible. What’s more surprising is the facts on hearing impairment across the country. As per WHO reports, approximately 63 million people suffer from Significant Auditory Impairment, most of whom are newborns or under the age of 14. While hearing impairment is common throughout the world, the organization says that 1 in 4 people is projected to have hearing problems by 2050.

The reality is that when you address issues proactively, we will have more options and see better outcomes. Discovering and treating health problems at an early stage is one of the most effective ways to cure, manage and eliminate them. With the advanced technology we have today, it is indeed possible to cure most of the impairments. It is high time that Indians adapt to global assistive technologies and hearing aids to mitigate the ‘invisible disability. Aiming the same, the founders
established The Hear Lab intending to bring high-quality technologies and innovations to transform the scenario of hearing care in India.

The founder says, “Over the past few decades, there have been significant advances in the technologies available for the hearing impaired, be it cochlear implants, hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing aids, and middle ear prosthesis and implants. Unfortunately, these technologies have not been leveraged and have not been made available in India to that extent. So, we endeavor to make these existing technologies available in India. We as a team are not only committed to bringing the latest technology to India, but more importantly, we believe in individualizing treatment for each patient based on his/her needs and expectation".

The team of The Hear Lab is committed to building mutual trust and helping patients (especially children) to communicate well and live a happy life

Why Choose The Hear Lab?
The benefits of choosing The Hear Lab are multifold! It is not a clinic with a single doctor. With a team of Audiologists, Audio verbal therapists, ENT Surgeons, Vertigo & Balance Specialists, and Teachers of the deaf, the center offers end-to-end solutions for adults and children. The Hear Lab wants to be a hub that brings all the stakeholders under one roof right from surgeons to audiologists, and speech & language therapists. “Nothing should be a barrier to the patients' treatment. It’s usually difficult for them to visit multiple centers (sometimes in different cities), to get each of the procedures done. We bring together all the stakeholders and all specialties in one place to provide the best and feasible solutions to both children and adults,” he informs, “While being a onestop destination for all the hearing problems, we take into consideration several factors to improve the patients' quality of life. Right from their age and other vital factors, we also take into account their profession, lifestyle and more; eventually to make them communicate well in society and family".

From diagnosis and management of hearing(auditory)to balance (vestibular) disorders, to rehabilitation and therapy, the center offers a full range of specialized hearing health solutions. Located at the heart of Mumbai – Andheri (West), the clinic is easily accessible from both international and local airports.