Thomson Digital: Reinvigorating the Publishing Industry's Outlook with a Technology-led Approach

Vinay Kumar Singh,  CEOPublishing organizations worldwide unanimously agree that technology is the passport to enhance their product portfolio and audience growth & engagement. Hence, publishing houses prefer to join hands with service providers possessing expertise in cutting-edge technologies(but are just learning the ropes in the publishing industry)rather than technologically inept traditional print suppliers who hold immense domain knowledge. Proffering the best of both worlds with a technology-led approach, Thomson Digital a comprehensive digital solutions provider serving the global publishing fraternity since 1967, surges ahead as the flagbearer of the publishing industry’s tech revolution.

“Being a part of the India Today Group, we have the strength & experience to lead in the market. We use automated tools in conjunction with human expertise to provide highquality content in shorter turn around time to help publishers gain a competitive edge in the market,” avers Vinay Kumar Singh, Executive Director & CEO, Thomson Digital. North America & Europe being its key markets, the company has been serving to some of the biggest names in the publishing industry worldwide for over five decades. Over the years, Thomson Digital has broadened its territories and earned a reputation as a leading provider of end-to-end solutions in prepublishing domain, immersive digital content development content processing, e-Learning solutions, software product engineering and rich media development. “We offer a host of rich & innovative solutions that are powerful & cost effective and our tools are customizable with ready-to-use architecture,” adjoins Vinay.

Surpassing the competition effortlessly, Thomson Digital offers a vast range of digital platforms (catering specifically to journals books, magazines & secondary content) combined with automated workflow management system which helps publishers accelerate their production workflow in the prepress landscape. “Our fourth generation publishing platform, UniTouch, built with AI & ML technology, drew much appreciation and applause at our product launch during Frankfurt Book Fair 2019,” shares Vinay.

It is this technology driven approach that enables Thomson Digital to optimize turnaround time, production & manpower substantially through reduced touch points & manual intervention. It also offers a gamut of comprehensive technology services including Web & Mobile Application Development, Cloud Native Development, Data Analytics IoT, AI & ML, Blockchain, Customized Product Engineering Services and so forth. “While delivering our product engineering services, we blend functionality and reliability with
adaptability, agility and practicability using the latest technologies, frameworks, and methodologies,” remarks Vinay.

Intelligent Platforms
A trailblazer in the truest sense, Thomson Digital has innovated UniTouch, which is unique in its concept, as it is the only Workflow Management System which can provide Publishers with an intuitive role based dashboard featuring realtime status of the work in progress together with analytics on Processing performance & Comparative Analysis of the workflows. Also, the ease of integration of Unitouch & the Application suite with third party systems offers greater flexibility in configuring with any client systems and platforms. Unitouch is integrated with a suite of applications to auto¬mate the tasks of Content structuring (UniTag), Editing (UniEdit), Graphic processing (UniArt), Pagination (UniPage), Author proofing and delivery (UniProof). The modules can also be used as a standalone application for the respective task. It empowers publishers to track their end-to-end publishing cycle starting from manuscript inception to the final multi channelled delivery and offers MIS reports for publishers & suppliers.

One of the biggest fortes of SVP InfoTech lies in maintaining utmost transparency with its clients all throughout the mobile app development process

UniTouch is also integrated with smart robotic QA engine with realtime quality KPI indicator that works on the inprocess quality verification. Thomson Digital intends to enhance Unitouch further with MultiLingual Support, Content Distribution to Various Channels, Content Authoring System, Rights & Permissions and e-Repository & Archival System.

UNIPRR a Manuscript Submission & Peer Review Platform, powered by ML & NLP is yet another flagship product which aims to provide a submission & peer review platform that makes it easy for the author editors & reviewers to submit and peer review the paper online. The platform has a set of unique features such as Smart Score Card for authors & reviewers. It assesses the submitted paper’s quality and gives a score card which gives Editors & Reviewers an initial analysis of the paper which further helps in their review process. Single, Double Triple Blinding Automatic Reviewer Selection for editors facilitation Notifications & Reports, Plagiarism Check Payment Gateway Integration Intuitive Dashboard and Admin Controlled Roles & Workflows are some of the features.

A master of all trades Thomson Digital makes education, training & learning fun for the end users with its Learning & Development vertical, which provides customized e-learning solutions to address training needs, content enhancement, gamification and learning app development. Recently, Thomson Digital has also ventured into providing BPO/KPO services which covers Back Office Support Data Capture, Data Base Management, Knowledge & Decision Based Support and Voice, E-mail & Chat Support.

Highly-Skilled Global Workforce
With an experienced, language proficient & talented team of 1500+ associates spread globally, the company offers a unique balance of onshore & offshore delivery with world class service that optimizes development time and ensures quality along with cultural portability. “Our customer centric approach commitment to quality, timely delivery, and our dedicated employees have made us the service provider of choice among the top publishers worldwide,”concludes Vinay.

Kickstarted his career with Thomson Press in 1991, Vinay climbed up the ladder to spearhead the digital part of business under Thomson Digital in 1999. With immense expertise in Printing Engineering & Graphic Communication Technology, he has adeptly served in various capacities as diversified as prepress, printing, sales and marketing as well.

Offices: Noida (headquarter and Books production), Chennai (Digitization & Conversion), Gangtok (Journal Production), Mauritius (French Publishing), Barcelona(Spanish Publishing), Paris(Sales) and New York(eLearning, Onshore Capabilities Sales)

Industries: Pre-publishing, L&D, Software