Trans Neuron Technologies: Risk-Free Entrepreneurs Working as a Family

Shivaam Sharma, Founder & CEO

Shivaam Sharma

Founder & CEO

Gender equality is not limited to inducting women in the corporate sphere, but also providing them the support system that a man savors from ages. Today, outdated convictions have headed south for good, and now women’s effort are well paid off with respect and tremendous back-lift. The Indian government has been instrumental in closing this gender gap by inducing women’s participation in various arenas and mitigating gender disparity. Few among the startups also participate in this social maneuver, such as Trans Neuron Technologies, which ensures not only gender equality, but also a lucid career path, extremely favorable environment to work, strict anti-harassment policies, and thus acting like their second family. The Global Gender Gap Report released in 2016 was a collective result of many such efforts, in which India ranked 87th abreast of 144 countries – a 21 ladder climb from the previous year.

The Entrepreneurial Work-Culture Has Clicked

Being a part of the new age social movement, Trans Neuron – a Learn to Launch (L2L) Company that aims to transform students & job seekers into industry-ready professionals by providing them with adequate backing to take that journey, has a different story to convey. Having immense faith in the power of the youth and women, it proposes an exciting work culture where every employee becomes a risk-free entrepreneur’. The employees can espouse their responsibilities, develop their own plans & teams, and work towards the target they set, while still receiving their salary, allowances, incentives and profit share. “Here, we don’t have to impose target and monitor them. We consider this as a collaborative firm
where 50 entrepreneurs work,” elucidates Shivaam Sharma, Founder & CEO, Trans Neuron. Owing to this innovative & exciting entrepreneurial work culture, the company reported a 350 percent growth in its first financial year.

Having immense faith in the power of the youth and women, it proposes an exciting work culture where every employee becomes a risk-free ‘entrepreneur


Well,the excitement is not over since the company is driving towards a 500+ percent growth this year as well. Besides its engagement with niche & futuristic technologies (including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Watson Analytics), and partnership with globally leading technology organizations like IBM & Microsoft to empower the new age of education, these growth trajectories have been crucial in attracting some exceptionally skilled fresher, and a fleet of senior talents. “We have career-oriented people joined us from organizations like TCS, Tesco, Thomson Reuters, and Flipkart,” adjoins Shivaam.

Trans Neuron’s well-known platforms (even leveraged by Andhra Pradesh government), iTrack– the industry-academia collaborative platform popularly known as ‘College-on-the-Cloud’, and ekaushal– the skills ecosystem platform, have not only attracted 1.5 lack students and more than 40 colleges into it, but also played a vital role in paving technology-skills foundation for a gamut of its fresher. “I love working here and find the days to be exciting and different. Trans Nuron fosters learning & personal growth. There are enormous opportunities to expand knowledge along with fun factor at work. So many things yet to write,” echoes Amitya Pathak, a young engineer of Trans Neuron.

The two platforms that bring about a plethora of talent help not only Trans Neuron to hire people, but also have been an elixir for its partner
organizations to induct talents. How ever, after five rounds of interview process, the candidates are welcomed by the matchless Trans Neuron work-culture! Well known for its Beer & Biryani parties, this startup is so much matured in terms of work culture &

A Meaningful Family

“Our innovative approach lucidly reflects in the path-breaking Skills Ecosystem and Learning Platform that we have built,” asserts Ruchi Sharma, HR Head, Trans Neuron. Starting from competitive payments to sponsoring certifications, matchless HR policies and ensuring that the resources work only in respective departments (though allows employees to shift roles if they desire), Trans Neuron has set a benchmark for the firms of its kind. Besides providing employees with Medi-Claims and Health Insurance, post completing a certain period of time, it also proffers them with stock options. In addition, the company makes it a real startup experience by offering them flexible work hours, work from home facility, paid leaves, and maternity leaves.

Commenced operation in 2015 with anangel round of funding, Trans Neuron today sets its wings on fire with Series A funding discussions on the go. Expecting to have more than one million users of its platform, the company will be expanding to three countries outside India by the end of this year.
“Within five years, we want to become a public listed niche company focused on education & skills market and having a workforce of around 250 people – a real MNC from India,” concludes Shivaam.

Key Management:
Shivaam Sharma, Founder & CEO

A true leader with strong comprehension of ecosystem play and technology, Shivaam is having 20 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, and today he creates out-of-the-box & innovative ideas to develop markets.

Office: Bangalore

Offerings: iTrack & ekaushal.