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Michael Martin,Director
Michael Martin, Director

Any organization is akin to a complex machinery which comprises of various smaller units that must function in complete harmony to make the entity run seamlessly. In today’s digital age, IT acts as the lubricant that enables various departments such as HR, finance, admin and others to function effectively. While making things simpler, running traditional IT setups can be labour and cost intensive. Of late, automation has emerged as the solution to business leaders’ requirement for managing growth while keeping cost down. Having identified the potential of IT automation long ago, Michael Martin, Director of Trio IT, an IT services expert has been working towards leveraging the technology to bring accelerated business benefits to clients.

“Although automation has become very common now, we started creating our own custom tools and products way back in 2012,” says Michael. The IT automation expert that renders the solution as Automation as a Service (AaaS) also specializes in Product as a Service (PaaS), MS Dynamics as a Service (mDaaS) and Managed IT 360. Founded in 2008, the tech-savvy firm has today become a global payer focused on delivering business results and assured RoI for its client’s technology investments.

Gauging Market Trends Ahead of Time
The early 90s saw IT emerging as a problem solver for companies across the globe and by early 2000s, India was home to various IT service providers specializing in traditional IT solutions. Similarly, Trio IT’s journey began with rendering support for software, hardware, desktop and network, among others. Gradually, business expectations grew and business dynamics changed, which propelled the organization to scale-up accordingly. It was Trio ITs perceptive outlook towards impending market requirements that aided the organization in staying relevant and pioneer next-gen IT solutions. “We had anticipated how to improve quality and drive value for our customers and with that in mind, we initiated a partnership with Microsoft & Red Hat while also developing IT automation tools,” narrates Michael.

With the mass adoption of public and private cloud, Trio IT has also
incorporated the technology in its service roster and delivers infrastructure & application solutions through AppsUp and cloud storage, backup & delivery. The company holds technical expertise in various platforms such as VMware, AWS, Azure and Rackspace.

"While most organizations believe in solving problems, Trio IT adopts a proactive approach to build an environment where problems would not arise"

Pioneering Automation Solutions
Trio IT started out building rudimentary tools; as customer expectations grew, so did the quality of their solutions. Today, clients can opt for UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Ansible or Custom Automation solutions. The firm has developed its specialization in terms of building BOTs to automate HR, finance and IT business processes for varied organizations. For an instance, an organization that had over 100-150 employees performing mundane IT tasks manually brought Trio IT on board. Utilizing its unique model of automation and service delivery, Trio IT engaged in supporting client network and infrastructure in a way that helped them scale down their manpower by more than 60 percent and consequently brought cost benefits.

Having replicated the success for various clients, the firm ensures financial benefits and impeccable implementation. Not only can clients avail an easy annual subscription-based model or pay per BOT per annum, Trio IT also renders 24x7 global support to clients.

Creating an Environment for No Failure Occurrence
While most organizations believe in solving problems, Trio IT adopts a proactive approach to build an environment where problems would not arise. A licenced reseller and services partner for all products from Microsoft, Red Hat, UI Path, Automation Anywhere and Trend Micro, the firm offers a wide variety of PaaS offerings. In order to keep cost down, clients need not pay any CAPEX and only require paying per user or device which provides cost savings of 20-55 percent as opposed to any perpetual license investments made. Trio IT not only helps clients migrate from any existing licensing programs but also render support services.

Known to be experts in MS Dynamics as a Service (mDaaS), the firm holds expertise in various Microsoft Dynamics products such as AX, NAV, 365, and CRM. Clients benefit through ERP Managed Services that ensure availability, performance and on-demand support on a monthly managed services model for their Dynamics

Applications and Infrastructure. Additionally, the tech wiz also renders 360 degree managed IT services to clients. Through its wide roster of innovative services, the firm enables clients to not only automate IT but also monitor, maintain, manage and secure their IT infrastructure and applications.

Additionally, the Trio IT team has gained technical capabilities in terms of Linux, Oracle, Open Stack, Full Stack, DevOps and can use communication tools from CISCO, Juniper, Avaya, NICE, Verint and Skype for Business. The firm also specializes in datacenters, monitoring tools and other platform such as Manage Engine, HP BSM and Salesforce.

Moving Ahead with Tech Trends
Gradually with time, the firm has amassed a dedicated clientele that came on board through word of mouth and referrals. Never having invested much time and energy in marketing efforts, Trio IT has organically grown its client base and today works with reputed organizations globally. Other than the quality of services provided, a deciding factor that has helped Trio IT strengthen its position in the industry is the team’s inclination towards listening to their clients and gauging what value are they looking for. Instead of suggesting cookie-cutter solutions, the firm indulges in an open dialogue, which helps the team understand a client’s business needs better.

Michael also emphasises on the criticality of a trustworthy and skilled team. “Over the years, we have hardly experienced attrition. Our employees constantly learn new skillsets to stay relevant in the market,” he explains. Looking to leverage its existing partnerships, Trio IT is looking to expand in the field of cloud and automation. The firm also intends to launch solutions designed around mobility to keep up with the market trends. Functioning with the objective to simplify and automate IT, Trio IT is heading on the path of accelerated growth.

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Michael Martin, Director
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