Tropicana Logistics: One-Stop Shop for Cold Chain Logistics

P. S. Menon,    Managing Director

P. S. Menon

Managing Director

The Indian cold chain industry is growing every day, with suppliers moving increasing quantities of commodities across the country. Besides pharmaceuticals dairy products, and frozen foods, suppliers have begun transporting various perishable items, including fresh, exotic fruits and vegetables, through the cold chain, thus increasing their shelf life. At the same time, the industry is also witnessing a paradigm shift customers are no longer simply looking to store their perishable and non-perishable commodities but are demanding end-to-end cold chain services. Tropicana, a Kochi based cold storage and logistics service provider, does exactly that by offering a one stop solution for all players in the cold chain network. Founded in August 2005 under the Dubai based parent company, Tropicana Trading DMCC, Tropicana Logistics Private Limited is now a PAN Kerala stockist for various leading brands in India. Tropicana serves retail, food service, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical customers with reliable, accurate, and fast order fulfilment.

Tropicana provides a range of services that meet the end-to-end logistics requirements of customers, from storage and transport along with last mile delivery to the distribution of products in a temperature controlled environment. “We provide farm to fork supply of perishable goods under strict temperature control to preserve freshness and quality,” adds P. S. Menon, Managing Director at Tropicana. The cold storage and logistics company also offers value-added services, like bulk breaking, packet in and packet out, Special Offer Packing, re-packing, labelling, client office space, and reefer vehicle plug ins.

Warehouse Management Software
Most players in this sector are either unable to track their inventory in real time or have no information about heir near expiry products. Tropicana’s warehouse management software(WMS) smartly tackles these issues. It generates customized reports that keep the clients posted on stock movements, inventory status, ageing analysis batchwise trace ability, and optimum space utilization. “These reports help clients pinpoint the exact position of inventory in realtime while also enabling them to take a timely call on reprocurement of additional stock,” explains Menon. Unless clients have a custom requirement, Tropicana’s WMS allocates stock based on First in, First out(FIFO) and
First Expired, First Out (FEFO). With a unique user name and password, customers can access their inventory status online 24/7.

Digitisation and Performance Analysis
To maximise the benefits of digitisation Tropicana has streamlined all its information intensive data from data loggers, realtime temperature transmitters, and so forth. This data helps create easy to understand performance reports, analysis etc that customers can access on their computers and smart phones to help in data driven decision making. The most significant advantages of digitisation include cost reduction and quicker turn around times.

“Replacing paper and manual processes with software also allows us to collect and analyse data automatically and, in turn, examine process performance, cost drivers, and causes of risk. We can leverage the real-time insights gained from this data to take corrective or preventive measures in case of a nomalies,and to make informed decisions” says Menon.

Tropicana provides a range of services that meet the end-to end logistics requirements of customers, from storage and transport along with last mile delivery to the distribution of products in a temperature-controlled environment

State-of-the-Art Facility with Expert Team
Tropicana houses a state-of-the-art facility in Kochi supported by innovative technologies, cost-effective processes, and customer friendly techniques. A dedicated team of experts with decades of experience controls the facility and its technical infrastructure. Tropicana’s highly professional and experienced floor employees can handle all kinds of temperature controlled shipments with utmost care and attention to detail. “Each member of our expert team is committed to delivering a delightful customer experience. Beyond the advanced facility provisions, I believe our customer centric team is what sets us apart from the rest,” highlights Menon. Such dedicated process driven operations result in good turn around time, precise inventory management, and preservation of products in their most ideal condition.

Tropicana’s facility has approvals from the Customs and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for imported consignments. Hence, customers can directly transport their stock to Tropicana’s cold store, thus saving the otherwise consequential financial cost of vessel demurrage and detention charges.

Super Distributors in Kerala and Beyond
The increasing demand for cold chain logistics has led to Tropicana expanding the transportation vertical, thus ensuring the smoother movement of customers’ as well as its own products. Today, Tropicana serves across Kerala and adjoining regions through regional long hauls, partor full truck load product movements, and local deliveries.“We aspire to be the finest in the third-party logistics(3PL) sector by demonstrating our cold chain logistics expertise. At the same time, we will continue to acquire new customers and retain the confidence of the existing ones through our top-notch performance,” concludes Menon.