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Saurabh Shekhar, Managing Director

Saurabh Shekhar

Managing Director

The recent years have seen a rise in demand for animal protein because of various factors like growing urban population, changing preferences and consumption patterns, awareness about the requirement of protein and a balanced diet. While this demand will continue to surge, the challenge we all face is of limited resources. This mismatch between demand and supply has created pressure on the planet to feed a growing population. In general, by 2050 we have the pressure of feeding 9 billion people. The rising demand for animal protein has also resulted in the growth of the Indian feed industry. Over the past few years, the Indian livestock feeding industry has seen a growth of 6-8% on average. Despite the huge opportunity that Indian market offers, raw material volatility (both in terms of availability and quality), feed efficiency, responsible usage of antibiotics, and health control remain some of the areas of improvement.

Trouw Nutrition recognizes the challenges that the industry faces and aims to become the integrated solution provider to best support the performance of animals, fish and shrimp through an innovative and sustainable nutritional solution. Our mission is ‘Feeding the Future’ and everything we do is derived from the noble mission of nurturing future generations. Set up in 1931 as a family business by Adolf Trouw and Johannes Siemons, Trouw Nutrition is a Nutreco company agribusiness division of the SHV Group, a Dutch conglomerate headquartered in Utrecht the Netherlands with sales of € 20 billion in 2019.

Based out of Hyderabad in India, Trouw Nutrition India has always had a customer first approach. As part of this approach, we believe in integrating our People Products and Services to address the problems of customers in the most effective way. Our products and services cover all three aspects of animal husbandry business feed, farm and health.

Realizing the need of animal nutrition industry, we have following key focus areas for innovation, Life start which includes products for young animal feed, young animal vitality and later performance, and specific hatchery and nursery nutrition Health & Welfare that involves products to promote reduction of antibiotic use support intestinal health, provide nutritional solutions for specific challenges and feed to food safety Precision Nutrition includes feed additives for production efficiency reduce emissions high performance feeds for maximum growth and feed efficiency potential.
Our services are also in sync with the above mentioned focus areas. Services like NutriOpt for accurate nutrient analysis helps in achieving precision nutrition goals of farmers and feed millers. Another innovative technology is Mycomaster which provides a quick analysis of mycotoxins supporting health and welfare.

Further in line with the current need of industry we have developed programs that combine products, services and technical know how to support customers overcome the challenges of production.

“At Trouw Nutrition India, we recognize that to create the best products and services for the clients we need to identify the pulse of the market and formulate custom solutions. To meet this requirement, we do a lot of customer interactions, seminars and workshops and field studies which help us find out what challenges the farmers face and then we come up with solutions that can be customized based on the requirement. Our research and development team plays a key role in helping us minimize the cost and maximize the value of our products”, says Dr.Saurabh Shekhar, Managing Director, Trouw Nutrition India.

Trouw Nutrition India is taking various innovative measures to make optimum and sustainable utilization of available resources in order to make sure that the future generations are safe and they are well fed.

Leading the Race of Innovation through Research and Development
Trouw Nutrition India has always been a front runner when it comes to research and innovations in the animal nutrition and livestock feeding industry. “Innovation is our core value and we constantly try to bring innovative measures in order to improve the quality of our products. We also give great importance to our research and development so as to make sure that the current and future generations are well fed. We have world-class researchers and research centers where we conduct our R&D operations which have gained global recognition in the industry. Currently, we have got 5 research centers spread across Canada, Spain, and Netherland. All these researches are validated in the local environment and conditions. The inhouse research is complemented with over 80 longterm research collaborations with scientific institutes across the globe. In India also we have connections with many Indian universities which help us to understand the efficiency of our products under local environmental conditions. At Trouw Nutrition India, we spend nearly 50 million Euros for our Innovation and R&D operations per year. The research is also supported by MasterLab, the largest network of professional laboratories in the animal nutrition industry”, speaks Saurabh.

Growing Together with Positive Changes
One of the challenges we had faced towards our commitment for 100% customer satisfaction had been the long transition time, however, with our state-of-the-art factory coming up in 2020 at Jadcherla, which is around 70kms from Hyderabad, we will soon be able to mitigate this challenge. The future requires sustainable production and development, at Trouw Nutrition we are proud to have an alliance with United Nations’ Sustainability Programme. By continuing on this path of constant development, Truow Nutrition is planning to develop and expand in the Indian market with more focus on the B2F segment.

General Manager for Nutreco in Trouw Nutrition India, Saurabh Shekhar is a renowned industry veteran with proven entrepreneurial skills and passion to build talent. He is recognized for his experience in general management, managing P&L, Business Strategy, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Talent Development R&D, Quality and Food Safety, People Leadership and more.

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•Offerings: Feed Additives, Animal health products, Calf milk replacer, Young animal feed, and Premixes