Truecopy Credentials: Taking a Step towards Digital India with Digital Signature Solutions

Sonia,Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

With the growing digitization of corporates & educational institutes, the necessity for document authentication has surged significantly in the recent past. Many businesses realized that the traditional method of signing paper documents is risky and time consuming, and can result in significant delays. Moreover, they bear the carrier cost of sending the document in the form of lost time, manual processing errors, re-keying of data, and printing, signing, scanning and emailing of signed documents. These conditions have been encouraging the organizations to deploy digital signature solutions in their work processes. Truecopy Credentials is at the forefront of providing automated digital signature solutions for documents that requires approvals, authentication and signatures. It is the only organization in India that delivers the authenticated electronic credentials of Indian students to overseas universities. “We have over 2500 overseas universities in our network that receive authenticated educational credentials from India,” avers Sonia, Founder & CEO, Truecopy Credentials.

A leader in providing digital signature solutions, Truecopy actively works with GST suvidha providers (GSP) & GST application providers (ASP) to automate their invoices signing and for signing GST returns with their DSC tokens and Aadhaar-based e-sign. Though there is a spurt in number of digital signature solution providers but customers still face issues such as long response time for their queries, poor technical support, down-time services and many more. Unlike others, Truecopy addresses these qualms by its strong technical support services, thus counter every query received over email within an hour. The
company hand holds the customer right from the time they sign-up with the company till the time they are into production. Customers readily vouch for this.

About the Solutions
Truecopy offers four types of solutions: OmniSigner (all-purpose digital signature system that enables companies to sign, send, track and archive several thousands of documents per hour), Form Signer (a generic application that enables companies and educational institutes to receive digitally signed application form online), ESigner (allows two-parties to sign contracts or agreements online using Aadhaar number) and DSC Signer that allows user to sign with their DSC tokens. The firm also provides a comprehensive suite of APIs and web services that can be integrated into ERP solutions; thereby providing them the flexibility of building the signature workflow of their own choice. Companies have integrated the signing APIs in their solutions in less than a day’s time.

Companies can sign up either for the cloud-based solutions or they can choose to go in for an on-premise installation of the signing solution. Either ways, Truecopy has put in place a strong security framework to ensure that every webservice call is authenticated, configuration information is encrypted and stored, detailed audit trails are maintained that capture IP address, time stamp among other things. Truecopy's cloud-based solutions are aimed to achieve paperless and environment-friendly India. The company intends to bring online and streamline the signatures workflow of clients. For instance, one of its Bangalore-based e-Commerce customers who had retailers in rural areas was finding it challenging to get contract and other documents signed from them even after appointing several dedicated resources for it. It was a time intensive and expensive process. Truecopy automated this workflow through its ESigner solution and currently the retailers sign the required documents online using Aadhaar eSign. The documents with Aadhaar e-Sign are pre-authenticated, which makes it so useful.
Dedicated Workforce
Truecopy was launched five years ago with a small angel investment. From day one, it was focused on customer centric development and sales, using available resources on the right things. In those days while digital signatures had been around for a long time, awareness about it was low. Truecopy faced the challenge of first educating and then convincing customers about the benefits of using digital signature solutions. Being a futuristic solution, clients, especially educational institutes, took time in granting appointments to Truecopy. But the strong determination of its team who had complete faith in their offering would sit outside the office of the decision makers till they could pitch the online transcripts delivery and verification solutions. Today, Truecopy has over 300 educational institutes in its client base who are elated with the company’s offerings.

Working towards the vision of paperless India, the company is currently working to make its solutions available to enable companies eliminate the use of paper to the extent possible. Foreseeing digital document security being the top concerns & needs of clients in the near future, Truecopy is working on futuristic solutions that will address such concerns. Having witnessed multi-fold revenue growth year-over-year, the company is all geared up to accelerate its revenue growth to four-fold. Seeing the incredible roadmap and solutions in the pipeline, this does not seem like a faroff dream!

Key Management:
Sonia, Founder & CEO
Passionate about her vision of a paperless world, Sonia believes that digital signatures are key enablers of it. She is responsible for the strategic direction and client acquisition at Truecopy. Under her aegis, the company has clocked multi-factor sales growths year-on-year.

Offices: Pune (headquarter)& Bangalore
Offerings: OmniSigner, Aadhaar Signer, ESigner, & Form Signer. Signing APIs