Turning Point Management Solutions: Simplifying Operations Management through Sustainable Supply Chains

Viswanadham Bendapudi, Founder & Principal Consultant

Viswanadham Bendapudi

Founder & Principal Consultant

Despite availability of comparable resources and technology businesses experience diverse outcomes. Competition in the marketplace is driving organizations to build competitive edge through mergers & acquisition, and globalization and/or outsourcing of operations. The objective of these practices being to build cost competitiveness through seamless integration of business processes. But are these benefits being accrued in all socio technical scenarios? Is the western and oriental ethos uniquely applicable to our native context?Turning Point customizes competencies to a rich blend that facilitates accomplishments for competitive edge.

With the vision to assist organizations in improvising their business process, Turning Point Management Solutions is one such firm which takes comprehensive approach to serve businesses of all sizes, geographies & cultures by offering sustainable solutions for challenges in operations management or streamlining operations. Shedding the spotlight on Integrated Operations Management Framework, this management service provider endeavors to fix mature & complex problems while assuring planned & healthy bottomlines. “Excellent management practices evolve from first principles. We begin our engagement with clients through these. This plummet our clients into the right trajectory in the competitive milieu,”professes Viswanadham Bendapudi, Founder & Principal Consultant, Turning Point Management Solutions.

Viswanadham, a seasoned industry professional with 32+ years of experience in manufacturing & service deliverables, established Turning Point in 2016. Before initiating his entrepreneurial journey, Viswanadham served in large auto and fertilizer sectors. His assessments of large & medium, public & private companies in steel, cement, hydrocarbon, power plants and other sectors plays a pivotal role in shaping the company. The person that considers consultancy role as key for his strong domain knowledge views every consulting project as a great learning opportunity that further boosts his experience. Apart from upholding multiple certifications from luminary
organizations(Indian Statistical Institute & others), Viswanadham is also an authorized associate instructor of APICS.

Integrated & Simple Approaches
What differentiates Turning Point from its competitors is its core competency that lies in integration of supply chain management with lean management whereas human resource, strategic, quality and project management builds assurance around the core competency. International standard Supply Chain Operations Reference(SCOR)Famework is deployed for mapping the supply chain and the strategies linking are established with in & out bound supply while lean management tools are used to identify and map processes, materials, information, energy and waste materials. “Manufacturing Operations deliver the best when the external and internal supply chains work in a robust manner. Aspects like productivity, maintainability, and employee engagement practices also form an integral part of our repertoire to deliver as consultants,” adds Viswanadham.

Turning Point inspires its clients through the Assess, Teach, Train and Improve approach while focusing on People Centric Management Systems

Everyone today focuses on personalization and cost effectiveness, which form the crucial part of operation management. To acquire these two contexts, the company inherits Assess, Teach, Train and Improve (AT&T-I) approach while focusing on People Centric Management Systems (PCMS). PCMS furnishes personalized methodologies for problem solving and implementation of solutions whereas AT&T-I brings-out a full perspective of the problem, the gaps in the knowledge and practice before opting for implementation of possible solution. Furthermore, data base approaches are used for situation analysis that not just deliver better value, but also enable clients to make better decisions. All these ideal solutions are rooted from Integrated Lean Management Systems and bring-in distinctive cutting edge competencies, which inturn facilitates ambitious global business strategy formulation.

Giving Back to Society
Motivated by an endeavor to enhance country’s Social Progress Index (SPI), Turning Point is currently working on project that identifies Bottom of the Pyramid opportunities translates them into well connected rural to urban supply chains and deployment of the same to invoke amelioration in SPI. Alongside, This initiative is inspired by the numerous CSR programmes assessed by Viswanadham across the country from the dry mountains of Rajasthan to the verdant South India.

Enriched with these features, Turning Point today has developed some of the most competitive and affordable commercial propositions. Focusing majorly on metal sector Turning Point will soon expand its footprint in sectors like auto logistics, retail pharma rubber textile and engineering, to name a few. “Turning Point is confident of accruals of substantive cost benefits through their contribution, and needless to say, this will automatically reflect in exponential growth in their top lines,” concludes Viswanadham.

An IIM-C alumnus, Viswanadham poses over three decades experience into auto manufacturing and Chemical Plant Engineering field.

Office: Visakhapatnam

Services: Supply Chain Management, Lean Management and Sustainability Management