Twin Win: Giving People the Gift of Personal Effectiveness with Quality Training Sessions

Mayank Garg, CFO, Vaibhav Pande, CEO,  Anshul Vashisht, COOIn today’s fast-paced world, there are a lot of people who are obsessed with getting better. One cannot deny that personalities are developed, they cannot be forged. This thought and the growing obsession amongst people to have better traits has led to a booming Personality and Life Skills Training industry. With a huge population that India has, the need for training individuals for employ ability and life skills is an ever increasing one. Though there is a real dearth of organizations working in both domains of life skills training and personality development training under one umbrella, such organizations will always thrive, given that they are creative. Headquartered in Delhi, Twin Win India is a Personality Transformation Organization that trains over 15000 individuals every year.

“The journey started when we were in college. During that time, the term Personality Development was not famous and the programs were limited to colleges. After participating in different debates and extempore competitions, we realized that a major number of students have confidence and creativity related issues. The reason behind this was the ignorance of soft skills training in the schooling years. That was the day we realized the urgent need for providing personality development training in schools. Our aim of ‘Catching them Young’ worked wonderfully well as we got great response in the first few schools. Children, if guided at the right age can turn into profound professionals. The remarkable need for life skills and soft skills in students was our biggest motivation for us”, speaks Vaibhav Pande, CEO, Twin Win India.

Bringing Transformation in the Lives of People
As the name suggests, Twin Win India works with the core belief that Personality Transformation can only be achieved when parameters of the ‘TWIN DOMAINS’ i.e when the Outer domain like Effective Communication Skills, Language Skills Articulation Mathematical & Reasoning Ability, Group Skills, General Awareness and the Inner domain like Management of Stress, Anger Time, Relationships, Technology, Emotions and likewise are equally emphasized upon. “In the early days it was difficult to explain the importance of Personality Development Programmes to people. Most of the institutions confused it with a spoken English program. We had to explain the concept to most of them. People thought that the program will hamper the studies and students will waste their time. But with our signature events and result
oriented programs, the company scaled new heights year-by-year”, mentions Anshul Vashisht, COO, TWIN WIN.

Twin Win India has the right blend of experience of age and exuberance of youth with which the firm is continuously working towards its inception objectives. With its diverse team of writers, media personalities, communication & life skills experts and more, the firm is delivering sessions that focus on both the aspect of the personality i.e. inner and outer. Twin Win is working in association with elite schools, esteemed colleges, reputed organizations, government projects, police department, IMA(Indian Medical Association) doctors and more, where the firm deals with issues like time management, stress management, exam phobias and also skills like interpersonal skills, public speaking, body language and more.

Mayank Garg, CFO, TWIN WIN shares, “Gadget addiction, behavioral and confidence related issues are some of the common reasons why people approach us. We, at Twin Win, have recently initiated a gadget de addiction drive in which we conduct signature campaigns across more than 25 schools within the country. Similarly other issues related to money management, anger management and more are addressed with interactive classroom sessions in which students are trained with interesting activities and games”.

Twin Win India organizes highly interactive sessions that are designed with games and Case Studies infused with a good sense of humor. Every participant at Twin Win is encouraged and given equal opportunity to speak and overcome his inhibitions. Audio visual aids are also offered wherever required. Twin Win also uses Psycho analytical techniques to create an impression on the participants at a deeper level. The participants at Twin Win are also given handouts at the end of each session to use as a ready reckoner. “The sessions at Twin Win are aimed at imparting our techniques of Personality Transformation and Life Management so that they would grow up as transformed human beings who are not only confident but also have a positive outlook and can excel in each and every sphere of life”, adds Anshul.

A Cut Above the Rest
Over the last few years, Twin Win has had the privilege of working with esteemed institutions like the G.D Goenka group of schools, various Delhi Public Schools, Delhi University, Indian Medical Association and Police Department of Uttarakhand. The growth of Twin Win has been in gigantic proportions. Vaibhav says, “The kind of escalation the firm has seen over the last three years is mind-boggling, although we don’t measure growth only in terms of numbers. We started as a company for training schools and college students. But today, we are training corporate, doctors, cricketers and more. There have been special mentions of Twin Win by both Indian as well as American Magazines which is a great achievement”. Twin Win India has also started its franchisee model this year and the firm has already got phenomenal response across India, especially amongst Ex-corporate leaders and Ex-Army Officers.

-Vaibhav Pande: He is the CEO of the organization. He is an Author, Poet, Engineer& Speaker. Bagged Award for being the Youngest English Author from Uttarakhand. He is a regular Columnist for ‘India Today’, ‘Education Times’ etc. He has three books to his credit. He has been awarded as the ‘Educationist of the Year-2019’.

-Anshul Vashisht: He is the COO of the organization. He is an Engineer, a Career Counsellor, an Author & a Public Speaker. He is a certified Global Career Counsellor from University of California and Los Angeles. He contributes articles to ‘The Times of India’.

-Mayank Garg: He is the CFO of the organization. He is an Engineer, Mathematician and an Academic Author. His book ‘The Magic of Vedic Mathematics’ was a national bestseller. He is also associated with GLG, New York as a consultant. He is also an Indian Book Record Holder.

Headquarter: New Delhi

Offerings: Personality Development, Career Counseling, Drama, Theatre, Corporate Training, Life Skills and Body Language Training