US Software Services Group: -where Employee Goodwill drives Business Growth

Kiran Kumar Naik,   Vice President- Sales & Digital Initiatives

Kiran Kumar Naik

Vice President- Sales & Digital Initiatives

Digitalization is the essence of modern business and IT and software services are its vital components. The success of technology companies largely depends on their contended workforce. Currently, retaining talented employees is a major challenge faced by every company. Good HR policies and concern for employees’ aspirations are some of the factors that help retain talent. US Software Services Group is one of the few companies that pay special attention to staff welfare.

Established in 2012, and headquartered in the US, US Software Services Group (USSG) has branches worldwide. A Kiran Kumar Naik, Vice President- Sales & Digital Initiatives, and J Mohan, CFO lead the teams from their Bengaluru office.

USSG is a leading provider of IT Consulting and Software Services to the global market. USSG helps its clients take on business and technology challenges by defining, designing, building, and maintaining customized applications. USSG combines consulting solutions, proven methodologies, asset-based services, and flexible engagement models to offer innovative solutions to its clients. USSG also assists clients in managing human resource requirements by providing flexible realtime models.

The main services of USSG comprise application engineering, business intelligence, data warehousing, cloud computing, business process reengineering, application maintenance and support, IT consulting, and Salesforce CRM consulting services. USSG caters to large and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing, IT, ITES, banking, and financial sectors.
USSG has allied with Salesforce. com, a leading CRM, to provide added services to its clientele. USSG under takes Salesforce CRM implementation, enhancements, integration, maintenance, and support functions. The company is also associated with Salesforce training and adoption.

Over the years USSG has continued providing superior staffing services and has exceeded client expectations through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, testing, and consultant management. USSG’s business model for staffing services is built on strategic partnerships with large clients and focus on becoming the top performing staffing supplier for each of these clients. USSG’s technical recruiters proactively engage with the top performers in their talent pool, interact with them on a personal level, and when the opportunity arises, they surf from this pool and identify the right fit candidates for each role and position them to their clients to ensure quick turnaround time and the resources are guaranteed to hit the ground running, with little or no onboarding required from the client end.

A Host of Employee-friendly Policies
USSG gives high priority to its human resources. The company’s team is reputed for dedication, efficiency, and teamwork. USSG provides a liberal working atmosphere to its employees, encouraging them to make independent decisions. Employees take responsibility for their assignments while managers provide need-based support.

USSG has made training an integral part of its HR policy. Employees are trained on the job and provided with a mentor buddy model. Portals, platforms, online training sessions, and lectures by specialists are utilized to keep them updated and motivated. Employees are assisted in obtaining skill certifications. During the pandemic, USSG used innovative marketing strategies to add new clientele, prevent attrition, and better employee relations. Furthermore, the company did not lay off any of its employees. Several motivated employees, despite shortcomings, have forged ahead to top their cadre.

Talent curators identify and train potential candidates for deputation and for managing critical positions.They ensure that deputed candidates adapt to their new roles effortlessly and contribute to their client projects success.

Utilizing modern technology USSG trains, builds career paths, and increases employee mobility, while its leadership applies technology for smooth communication with clients. A consultative approach, passion for innovation, domain knowledge, integrity, and flexibility form the basis for the growth of the company.

USSG plans to double its Professional Services business within the next one year. It plans to increase its bench resources to enable prompt placement of consultants. USSG is focused on Salesforce CRM, Power BI, Data warehousing, AI ML expertise, E Commerce, web-based applications, Mobility, and IoT solutions to create a niche for itself.