Vernon Skin Clinic: Personalised Dermatological & Cosmetic Treatments with Advanced Technology

Dr. R. Brahmananda Reddy,    Vernon Clinic Founder & Chief Operating Surgeon

Dr. R. Brahmananda Reddy

Vernon Clinic Founder & Chief Operating Surgeon

The global non-invasive aesthetic treatment market was valued at $53.8 billion in 2021 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15.2 percent from 2022 to 2030. The growing consciousness of the enhancement of physical appearance among grownup people has caused exponential growth in the cosmetic treatment segment. Primarily there used to be a commonly perceived idea that the privilege of skin treatments is exclusively limited to celebrities or the most affluent class in the social ladder. But the increasing penetration of beauty treatments in the urban lifestyle across developing economies has been encouraging more adults towards super-effective cosmetic makeovers. Thereby the adoption of upgraded technology in order to innovate more effective and longstanding cosmetic solutions has become very essential with the changing needs of time.

This is where Vernon Skin Clinic came into existence in 2014 to offer dermatological, cosmetic and hair transplant treatments with advanced diagnostic technology. Being an associate member of the International Society of Hair Restoration, the Founder of Vernon, Dr. Brahmananda Reddy focuses on innovation and quality treatments for hair transplantation. With years of experience and insights on the advanced dermatological

practices across the globe Vernon offers specialized treatments for all kinds of skin problems and anti-aging solutions such as botox, fillers and many more.

All their services are delivered in customized manner and examined by expert dermatologists and surgeons only.

Range of Services
Vernon's skin treatment is designed to enhance facial features along with the improvement of skin texture. The service also includes proper skincare regime and specific diet. In order to restore the youthful glow of skin with even tone Vernon uses Pico Sure laser. Vernon has enabled a comprehensive range of services for laser hair removal, weight loss and body toning and curing of scars and blemishes. The treatments that the clients undergo are run in three to four stages as Vernon ensures longterm quality results with their technological progression.

From diagnosis to surgery the expert dermatologists and the other doctors perform every step of cosmetic or dermatology treatment in a safe environment. Vernon's antiaging solutions come with botox, fillers and thread lift and RF cautery to get rid of extra mass growth. They have introduced 3D consultation that comprises 3D imaging of the patient to give them an exact idea about their future transformation. In this innovative procedure the patient's photographs are taken to create simulation through a software application in order to decide their transformed appearance and treatment process.

For the excellence and the contribution in hair transplant treatment, Dr. Reddy was awarded as 'The Most Promising (Dermatologist) Hair Transplant Surgeon' in Hyderabad by Merit Awards in 2017. He adds, "In Vernon, the entire process of a treatment is performed by doctors and co-founder doctors, not by technicians. We upgrade our hair transplantation facility in every six months by changing the instrumentation and adopting to the latest innovation to deliver the best outputs. We look out for best cosmetic practices in the world and try to incorporate them in our applications. Our focus layson replacing the conventional means of skin treatment by more new treatments in order to provide quality services to the clients".

Future Roadmap
Dr. Reddy further adds, "We are opening more branches in Andhra Pradesh in the days to come. We are also launching our own product line very soon. The trust that the customers bestow on us encourages us further to come up with more innovative technologies and qualitative treatments”.