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Rahul TR,   Director

Rahul TR


We all must have heard the buzzing phrase ‘Transform or Perish’. However, gone are the days when transformation alone was enough to sustain, in today’s world, we need a transformation that is faster and more flexible. With that said, ‘Transformation with speed’ is the new key to business success. Corporate entities across the world are finding it challenging to explore ways in which they can bring such agility to their transformation initiatives, and ‘Intelligent Automation’(IA) seems to be the best solution they are looking for. Combining the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, and more, IA has become a powerful lever that many enterprises use to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency in the workplace. In fact, today’s modern workplace is definitely a product of decades of creative innovation and the automation of processes and tasks that are saving customers and businesses time and money over the years. Now, the future of work will inevitably depend on IA solutions that are quick and easy to use. And here is Visualyze.AI creating software robots and software platforms for modeling human workflows into skills and authoring robot intelligence for operational superiority in the workplace.

Now if you ask, how can enable transformation with speed? We proudly say that the company offers product development solutions that require NO CODE. ‘A plug and play solution for all the automation needs,’ would be an apt statement to describe the products of The NO CODE solution simply means less burden on the tech teams, less time consumption, quick implementation, faster automation, and multiplied ROI. Unlike other solution providers which provide platforms of low code (which needs developer intervention for complex problems), Visualyze.AI offers products that are inherently intelligent and need no coding
expertise to build software robots or AI solutions. As it needs no code, it becomes a cakewalk for businesses to build automation. And for IT teams it becomes incredibly easy to understand how the platform works, ensuring compliance with overall IT governance. “Our products are best in class in terms of features, support, flexibility, and Total Value of Ownership in short, it can be understood and learned quickly. Therefore, the entire process speeds up”. Rahul.

While operating as a B2B platform at present, aspires to make a mark in the B2C segment as well

Revolutionary Purpose & Transformative Portfolio was established with the goal of completing tasks with ease and intelligence. The company models human employee skills into a strict domain of artificial general intelligence to deploy in work places. Visualyze. ai has created software robots and software platforms for modeling human workflows into skills and authoring robot intelligence for operational superiority in the workplace. “Our robots are skillfully engineered to be intelligent, fast, and precise and with self-diagnosis and adaptive error handling capabilities that make them fault resistant and reliable”, says Rahul, Director.

He adds, “We are committed to giving software robots meaningful cognitive functions so that one day they will think and learn from mistakes as humans do. While the robots execute the skilled workers’ duties, it promotes an error-free understanding of the process and data, helping with insights-driven decision-making. Built on the grounds of intelligence, Robots have the ability to behave dynamically on critical tasks for manufacturing companies and large enterprises”.

The Added Advantage
While on one hand, is a NO Code, easy touse platform, it offers a quicker automation solution on the other. There is much more to this tech wonder, where the end-to-end process automation creates and deploys bots that can run on different platforms without interrupting the existing solution and also offers global assistance. has currently launched a Cloud-based scalable Studio to automate operations, launch AI skills into the workflow, deploy robots on the Cloud, and access them from anywhere. Users can connect their laptops, PCs, or servers to the cloud and deploy the published automation.