VKC Pride: Deriving the Route to Offer the Best

VKC Abdul Razak,      MD It’s an undeniable fact that people who hold up to high standards prefer brands. The simple reason for grabbing branded products is trust, consistency, and importantly QUALITY. The premium standards should not just be confined to reaching the rich, because everyone deserves it. VKC Pride is one such brand that breathes high standards and premium quality while making it affordable for all. The household name has become a goto footwear brand for many Indians. The group crossed over 2000 Crores in revenue with manufacturing units across the country. Most importantly, the company is a safe haven for over 7000 hardworking employees and almost 4000 people who are indirectly associated with the Group.

The market leader believes that respect and opportunities alongside trust between employees and senior management play a crucial role in business success. Under the stewardship of V.K.C Mammed Koya, the company is deriving the route to offer the best for its customers at an impeccably economical price and create a conducive workplace for its people. His son VKC Abdul Razak is the Managing Director of the Group.

Founded by Sri. Mammed Koya in 1984, with 20 employees and initial production of 600 pairs per day, today, the company has grown into 30 units manufacturing 6Lakh pairs per day. The respectable industrialist and politician in Kerala launched VKC Pride with a vision to offer quality products at affordable prices. Within a short period after the launch, the product received immense acceptance in the market and the number of Rubber and RPVC units grew to more than 100 in the region.
In 1994, the group ventured the first unit in Kerala to manufacture footwear from virgin PVC. This resulted in a big change and the multinational brands felt competition from the local brands. "We initiated the first Micro Cellular PVC footwear in Kerala with imported plant and machinery. It was a big success and most of the manufacturers from other states and multinational brands had to face severe competition in the market. The slogan, “Quality at an Affordable Price” made the VKC products popular in the market day by day. The vision of the Company is to ensure that every human being on the planet is able to buy footwear with dignity out of their own money.

The attribute of the brand is it’s a hard working footwear, long lasting, honest pricing and cotemporary style. We also expanded its market to the other Southern States. After a couple of new ventures, two separate units were setup at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu to produce PU and EVA chappals. Meanwhile, another unit was commissioned at Mysore, Karnataka mainly for the production of PU chappals with increased capacity. Later for catering to the North Indian market, units were started at Vapi, Vijayawada, Assam & West Bengal. Currently, the Group has units in Srilanka, Sudan, and Dacca. VKC products are also very well accepted abroad, especially in Middle East GCC countries, Singapore and Malaysia. Recently we began exporting to European Countries,” says, MD VKC Abdul Razak.

Recently VKC entered into the manufacturing of Health protection products like Sanitizers, facemasks, and hand washes to meet the threat of Corona

Beyond Business
The CSR part of the Group, “VKC Charitable Foundation” is assisting in education health and other social welfare activities. The activities of various natures, which are directly reaching the needy & poor. While proving computers for schools and equipment for hospitals and handicapped people, the Group also established thirty Endowment scholarships in different Educational Institutions including Calicut University.