Vyoma Media: Data-Driven Digital OOH Company Helping You Reach the Right Set of Customers

Shriranga Sudhakara,Managing Director

Shriranga Sudhakara

Managing Director

Displaying advertisements and engaging content to over four million people across 2,200 plus screens daily, in over 380 stations, across 16 states, is what India’s largest integrated digital signage company, Vyoma Media, has accomplished in association with the Indian Railways to date. Analyzing the vast amounts of data of ticket booking trends where commuters actually have to go to ticket counters rather than booking online, Vyoma leveraged this lucrative opportunity by engaging with commuters through its interactive display platform – DDIS (Dual Display Infotainment System). To implement this, Vyoma developed a vital component of the ticketing software for the Indian Railways and integrated it with its display screens which shows real-time ticket status at the bottom 30 percent while the upper 70 percent of the screen is used to display brand adverts, call to action content and engage with customers who are standing in line.

But what does Vyoma do with the huge amount of data collected? While many companies in the market still stick to being screen oriented, Vyoma focuses its offering on being a data-driven company. With about four million tickets being booked daily, Vyoma filters these data touch points and analyzes the information to generate vital demographics that in-turn help their clients formulate engagement strategies and content. Statistics such as the average number of tickets sold, when is the peak booking time, profiles of travellers, the top five destinations where people from any station are travelling to and from and even the types of mobile phones being used is now at Vyoma’s fingertips. Thus, by utilizing these insights on customer trends it allows brands to make advertisements more contextual and engaging. “We put a lot of emphasis on the analysis of data so that our clients are able to contextually deliver the right content to the relevant audiences,” concurs Shriranga Sudhakara, Managing Director, Vyoma.
Engaging Audiences and Brands
Founded in 2007, Vyoma thrives as a leader in the industry with its unrivalled expertise in delivering ground-breaking campaigns and measurable reach for its clients to approximately 120 million people a month across the railway network. Vyoma has a number of clients across State and Central Government Ministries, State Tourism Departments, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, FMCG, Healthcare, e-Commerce and Automotive sectors to name a few.

By predicting business trends where digital OOH is set to play a vital role in the marketing mix over the next decade the company incorporates a digital first strategy of targeted advertisements that incorporates social media integration (whether city-specific or event-driven) to enhance top-of-mind brand engagement. With an industry-based approach to provide additional value to brands, Vyoma collaborates with their clients to create original content.

With an industry-based approach to provide additional value to brands, Vyoma collaborates with their clients to create original content

The Driving Force
This Bangalore-based digital signage venture drives itself on the hymns of three market determinants: the cost of the network, the connected attribute of its screens and the backdrop of pro railways Government policies.

The cost of the HD screens today compared to a decade ago has reduced drastically making it possible for Vyoma to assemble a far greater number of screens to their overall offering. Additionally, by riding the wave of greater internet penetration the company has fused 'intelligent' technology with its screens’ and uses IP addresses and APIs of external websites to enhance the levels of engagement.

Lastly, the reason for the company’s optimism stems from the ambitious plans of the Indian Railways to install about two lakh screens across 2,175 stations over the next few years. There is also a further investment expected of about $150 billion for the upgradation of all railway stations across

India in the next 5 years which would result in one million jobs being created.In recognition of the massive impact the company has made, Shriranga was also part of select group of entrepreneurs who were invited to meet the Hon’ble Prime Minister at NITI Aayog’s ‘Champions for Change’ Event that was held a few months ago.

Business Culture and Setting a Benchmark
Fostering a culture of constant innovation, Vyoma is currently in the final stages of developing a product that can be integrated with the APIs of e-Commerce companies and RSS feeds to cater to brand specifications. In addition, Vyoma is the only Indian member of the DPAA (Digital Place based Advertising Association), based in New York. Through this association, Vyoma aims to bring global best practices and standards to India. The core management team are constantly plugged in with the industry ecosystem from events to brand news. As a result, Vyoma’s in-house research and analysis wing ‘Vyoma Labs’ constantly experiments with new products and engagement campaigns to devise winning formulas for its clients.

A Vision Ahead
While other players in the DOOH market struggle to blend innovation with growth, Vyoma has showcased an aggressive unparalleled growth of 100 percent YOY and seeks to increase its number of screens from 2,200 screens to 50,000 screens in the next 3-4 years. This aspiration is aided by the Central Government’s continued investments in the Indian Railways and also the vision of the company to expand to other mass transportation locations in the very near future.

Key Management:
Shriranga K.Sudhakara, Managing Director
As a graduate with a Major in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Minor in Economics from the University of Tulsa, Shriranga spearheads the digital OOH advertising segment through Vyoma.

Offices: Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad

Offerings: Digital OOH Solutions

Select Clients include: Google, Maruti, GSK, ITC, Hindustan Lever, BSNL, Virgin Mobile, Apollo Hospitals, Amazon, Air Asia, Central Bank of India, Karnataka Tourism, Uber, Viacom 18, NACO, LIC