WeblineIndia: Building Robust Customer-focused Solutions with Next Generation Technologies

Atul Mehta,Founder & CEO

Atul Mehta

Founder & CEO

With technology becoming all pervasive, businesses are increasingly focused on optimizing their software development services and related operations to push growth and deliver unique customer experience, while ensuring quality and enhancing efficiency. From SMEs to large business conglomerates, all invariably look forward to deploy Next-Gen technology solutions. A Company that understands the customer needs and possess the right skills to address these needs is WeblineIndia. WeblineIndia is an Ahmedabad-based company that has built significant capabilities in next generation technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), BOTs Development, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, Business Intelligence Solutions and Wearable Apps. The highly-skilled developers of WeblineIndia are passionate about their work and put their wholehearted efforts to come-up with best solutions. “We design, develop, test and deploy an array of innovatory technology solutions that help businesses gain competitive advantage,” explains Atul Mehta, CEO & Founder, WeblineIndia.

An exceptional focus on user experience and revolutionary user interface across several technology fronts make Webline India’s solutions stand apart from its competitors. Being one of the early adopters of AI & ML technologies, it has built future-ready web &mobile solutions based on these technologies and created most sophisticated solutions for diverse enterprise applications. Further more, it designs engaging chat bots &interactive
interfaces for various web &mobile apps ensuring high-end security for digital transactions while allowing easy access one hand and ensuring tamper proof data through Blockchain on the other.

WeblineIndia is one of the most sought-after names among the Big Data solutions providers and upholds highly expertise-driven Big Data process equipped with state-of-the-art data processing tools and expert data scientists

Webline India is one of the most sought-after names among the Big Data solutions providers and upholds highly expertise-driven Big Data process equipped with state-of-the-art data processing tools and expert data scientists. It boasts of a sophisticated development process that guarantees optimum transparency and continuous communication to keep customers updated about every step. Besides, the company endeavors to deliver customized (to meet the varied needs of different business processes), highly affordable and reliable technology solutions within the deadline and ensures an easy customer experience across various niches. “We pride ourselves in ensuring fast delivery while maintaining finest quality even for complex solutions,” adds Atul.

WeblineIndia utilizes its trademark client engagement model ‘Relyshore’, which has proven track record of ensuring reliability while dealing with development projects offshore. With agile development methodology to deliver fast-paced development with concurrent testing, this model’s key benefits include streamlined experience spanning across multiple projects, hundreds of successful niche projects, and more than 10,000 hours of steady experience across various technological verticals. Alongside, the firm leverages all popular frameworks and
technologies (PHP, Magento, JAVA, Microsoft DotNet, iOS, Android, React Native, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and HTML5/CSS3) for developing cutting-edge solutions. With 18+ years of experience in software development for websites and mobiles, the company has managed to create and maintain a dedicated customer base.

The Recipe of Success
A sneak peek into the internal working of the Company reveals why WeblineIndia has been able to emerge as one of the most reliable and sought after technology service providers. All the employees, processes and systems of the company are driven by solidly integrated Vision, Mission and Values that defines not only the cultural identity of the company but also shapes each of its products and services.The company adheres to strict code of compliance & security regulations and complies with the respective regulations and guidelines of different enterprise niches. Its team of 150+ experts is fully dedicated towards offering the best digital solutions and for ‘Going Beyond’ for ensuring Client delight. All the employees are continuously updated on recent industry trends with regular training by in-house ‘Training Center’ and are given exposure to different business niches, challenges, hurdles and opportunities through various off and on-project training and workshops. “We strive to provide a WOW experience to both our Clients as well as our employees. When I see a delighted client and a happy team member, my day is made,” concludes Atul with a smile of satisfaction.

Key Management:
Atul Mehta, Founder & CEO
Atul is an outstanding leader and an initiator who cossets individual towards achieving goals and an effective mentor with his judicious logic. In his leisure, he prefers to spend time with family, indulge on honorary basis with certified bodies and share his knowledge.
Offices: Ahmedabad (India) & Carlsbad (U.S.)