White Falcon Publishing Solutions: Revolutionizing The Publishing Industry With Its Unique Platforms

Navsangeet Kaur,Founder & Director

Navsangeet Kaur

Founder & Director

The Publishing Industry consists of two subcategories, traditional print media and printing, a fragmented, established, cyclical market. The primary focus in conventional print media, more generally known as publishing, is on goods for the market. Book publishing has been affected by many recent developments, the evolving technology for e-readers has made these devices more affordable and accessible, contributing to increased sales of e-books. In particular, the e-book revolution is being driven by student demand for textbooks, instructional resources, and reference volumes.

A Chandigarh-based startup established in 2014, White Falcon Publishing is revolutionizing the publishing industry with its three unique platforms such as White Falcon Publishing has developed a Print-On-Demand Publishing Platform for book publishing that is one of its kind. As the name suggests, Print on Demand (POD) is about printing books in tiny collections, instead of keeping a large inventory. White Falcon Publishing offers a variety of resources to help writers publish their books online for global distribution. These services range from designing, typesetting, editing, proofreading, printing, distribution, marketing, and more. The startup has collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse Print-On-Demand providers and book distributors.

First Publishing Platform
In 2015, White Falcon Publishing introduced the first Free Academic Publishing Platform for India - ScholarGram. It is an open and accessible forum for the publication of academic works in print and eBooks, including theses, dissertations, research papers, project reports, conference proceedings, and journals. ScholarGram aims to bring to the forefront the research work done by scholars in India from the dusty shelves of the libraries of their institutes so that everyone and everyone who needs them can easily access the same.

Academic works can be kept as print and eBooks forever with ScholarGram. The first crowd- funding website for books in India is BooksFundr. Writers may build promotions for their books with BooksFundr and sell pre-orders. The books that meet pre-order targets are released for free by White Falcon Publishing. For all books sold above and beyond the pre-order targets, writers receive a 100 percent profit share. BooksFundr is a
creative platform where writers can collect funds from pre-orders to publish their books.

White Falcon Publishing has become one of the fastest-growing publishing companies in India. White Falcon Publishing has helped thousands of authors in publishing their books, many of which are now national bestsellers and award winners. With an estimated market of INR 10,000 crores, India ranks third after the US and UK in English language publishing. Self-publishing trend is rapidly growing in India as it addresses many of the challenges faced in traditional publishing, both from the perspective of the authors and the publishers.

Navsangeet Kaur, Founder and Director, White Falcon Publishing Solutions says, "We provide a wide range of services to authors to transform their raw manuscripts into published books including design services, editing services, marketing and distribution services. Our authors are based in various parts of the world. We have put in place sound IT and business processes which enable us to cater to a large audience distributed across the globe."

White falcon publishing is one of India's select book publishing companies to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 standard publishing services certification

Ensures Top-Quality Publication
White Falcon Publishing is one of India's select book publishing companies to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 standard publishing services certification. This qualification for consistently delivering professional services that meet customer satisfaction and relevant regulatory criteria has been obtained by White Falcon Publishing. By consistently offering quality publishing services, we aspire to be one of the best publishing companies in India. White Falcon Publishing is a technology-driven publishing company that publishes high-quality books with worldwide availability based on state-of-the-art technologies, sound IT processes and experienced staff.

India's First Blockchain Certification And Time Stamping Service For Books
White Falcon Publishing has been working continually to introduce new technologies to the publishing industry. A blockchain certification and time stamping service for books have been launched. With this service, on public blockchain networks such as Ethereum, writers and publishers will be able to certify and timestamp their books. As a permanent proof of life, White Falcon Publishing produces accredited and time-stamped records of all the books they publish and records them inside a smart certification agreement deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each White Falcon Publishing published book has a specific QR code on the cover that points to a web page where the certification record of the book can be checked by anyone. For digital attribution, proof of life, prior knowledge, credibility and authenticity, the certification record may be used. "The certification and time-stamping process is fully decentralized, as is the blockchain itself. Therefore no trusted third party or centralized authority is required for the user to prove the certification of the document in the future. Authors will be able to prove the certification and time stamping of their books by referring to the book's fingerprint (cryptographic hash) on a certification smart contract deployed the publicly available Ethereum blockchain," concludes Navsangeet.

Navsangeet Kaur, Founder & Director
She started her dream company post doing a detailed research on various self-publishing models and challenges faced by the authors.
Office: Chandigarh