White Global: An Army of Language Experts with Bi-Lingual & Domain Expertise Crafting Bespoke Services

Sheetal Ramkumar, Director
Sheetal Ramkumar, Director

During its nascent stage, the translation and localisation industry in India was a fragmented market catered by individuals and small scale companies. Due to paucity in employment opportunities across this sector, majority of the language experts then had to either take up a teaching or freelancing job with very irregular income and no guarantee of continued employment. In addition, there was also a huge dearth in an acceptable method of assessing the competency of language and cultural experts, advanced project management and benchmarking techniques as well as in the adoption of technologies. But these scenarios gradually went down due to the emergence of many experiential players in the market who were not just rendering effective translation and localisation services but escalating the industry’s overall growth.

One such acclaimed player is White Globe Pvt. Ltd. that plunged into this industry in 2016 with its offerings wielding the best of breed techniques in competency assessment, project management, automation and technology, besides deep engagement with a horde of language and cultural experts globally. While working across time zones, travelling to countries and attending many face-to-face & Skype meetings, White Globe also refined its processes, fine-tuned its services and benchmarked them with global offerings of leading companies in Europe and U.S. Within two months of its Pilot Launch, the firm bagged its first customers wherein it again fine-tuned its services for them in accordance with their feedback and also got paid by few corporates. Presently, White Globe has diverse capabilities in quality and project management and has translated more than 50 million words in the last two years with a record delivery of 10 million words in just one month, under the supervision of Sheetal Ramkumar, Amit Kumar & Vidya Ramadasan (Directors). Also, the firm is furnished with completely automated systems and workflows along with the knack to leverage latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The Pillars of White Globe
Post a meticulous and comprehensive assessment of bi-lingual and extensive domain expertise, White Globe selects its language and cultural experts, binds them by a confidentiality agreement and further nurtures
and manages them through an innovative, transparent, agile and vibrant engagement model. “Keeping in mind that industry domain specific skills are required over and above the language skills, we choose the best-fit language experts for specific roles through our proprietary Multi-dimensional Competency Assessment Model (MCAM),” elucidates Sheetal. Besides evaluating them via a transparent rating model entailing customer and project manager (PM) feedback, the firm provides them a clear path of progression in tune with their experience, expertise and other skills. In fact, some of them have gained contractual and full-time employment opportunities after working as just freelancers with White Globe.

"White Globe has proficiency in more than 300 languages and delivers professional translation services to enterprise customers across multiple domains"

Always aligning to the systems, technology and work ethics of White Globe, its group of 6000+ highly dedicated language experts and 1000+ Voice over Artists have earned boundless trust from clients today for accomplishing their multiple projects and assignments. The firm also has a highly skilled team of sales professionals, PMP certified PMs, HR & talent acquisition professionals, technologists with specializations in AI & ML, and also SMEs in advertising & communication, digital marketing, DTP, multi-media and other streams.

Core Services
Unveiling many new services, White Globe is currently catering to more than 300 corporates across 30 industry verticals through bespoke services. The firm has proficiency in more than 300 languages and delivers professional translation services to enterprise customers across multiple domains like technical, business, legal and many more. In case of classified documents, White Globe’s in-house translators deploy in-house tools for translation purpose and destroy the copies of translated file once approved by the client. Apart from this, the firm also offers on-site translation and proofreading to certain clients wherein the translator doesn’t carry back any copy post the assignment completion. White Globe has also launched many new services, for example, multi-lingual videos for corporates with emphasis on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), CSR activities and RUSH hour services for urgent translations needing 12-24 hours turn around time.

In the last six months, White Globe has been seamlessly providing RUSH hour services in content translation with strict deadlines of 12-24 hours to many large customers, and hence engraved its position as the most
dependable and trustable LSP in India even for high volume requests. On the other hand, the firm also localises the marketing content, collaterals and communication of clients across multiple languages in line with the local needs and culture.

Extended Services
Within a span of two years, White Globe has delivered more than 6000 hours of interpretation services in 25+ languages to enterprise customers and also website localisation services in 50+ languages. The firm extends its arm further to deal with multilingual multimedia projects encompassing corporate videos, corporate policy videos, POSH videos, animated content, sub-titling assignments, dubbing/voice over and many more in multiple languages. It also proffers pre-production, production and post-production services for digital, audio and video content, proofreading and quality assessment services for highly important content, and recruitment & staffing services to address sensitive or IP related concerns of clients. Moreover, it has enriched its expertise to even assist many MNCs in training their team members on a foreign language, serve the transcreation requirements of publication houses and create audio books. On the whole, White Globe plays a crucial role right from initiation, implementation till delivery stages of projects as per the client’s demands.

With accent on continuously improving the user and customer experience, White Globe is reviewing all its workflows and automation periodically. The firm is also working on its Translation Memory Tool using AI and ML to further boost up its productivity and creating its own Intranet for better collaborations. By Q1 of FY 2019-20, White Globe is targeting to cross 1000 enterprise customers, achieve a monthly billing of more than Rs.20 million. Moreover, it has other plans of expanding across 20 large towns of India as well as few countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa and America within a couple of years.

Key Management:
Sheetal Ramkumar, Amit Kumar & Vidya Ramadasan – Directors
Alumni from three eminent business schools of India, the trio joined together to establish White Globe as a one-stop for diverse translation and localisation services through language experts with multiple skills.

Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai & Hyderabad

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