Worisgo: Offering A Combination Of 360-Degree GRC Services To The Table

Arpit Rajain,Director

Arpit Rajain


There are several risks involved in any workplace related to Governance, Risk Management, Security, Safety, Assurance and Compliance. For businesses to protect the assets, have internal cohesion within the organization while at the same time follow all governmental regulations ­ having a Governance, Risk and Compliance Programme (GRC) becomes vitally important. Business enterprises can benefit a lot by taking assistance from GRC firms that help minimize threats and risks on a daily basis.

Established in the year 2016, Worisgo (previously named India Bound) is a global GRC consulting firm that offers a complete range of GRC solutions right from Legal, Compliance, Corporate Security, Investigation to Risk Management, and Information Security Protection. At its core, the firm is composed of three different Practice lines. The talent is drawn from diverse fields ­ there are armed forces people, scholars, lawyers, technology people, data scientists, GIS mapping staff, with degrees from Ph.D. to M.Tech and MBA. The Worisgo team has extensive prior experience working for leading global MNCs, bringing in their respective domain expertise, offering a window to businesses looking to set up their operations within their respective geographies to sort out the risks, and maintain appropriate governance.

Any business enterprise looking to set up a business in a particular geographical location also needs to get their logistic supply configured, manage people movements, transfer critical assets, understand regional regulations and mitigate a host of other security risk factors. This is where Worisgo team handholds clients by delivering a complete assessment right from picking up the appropriate geographical locations in terms of industry safety and suitability to taking care of legal matters, governance, asset protection and employee safety issues.

It is the unique combination of all the GRC services in one platter, which has enabled the firm to work across a diversified industrial segment ranging from Oil & Gas and Mining companies to the Aviation sector and ITES and Banking companies. Since its inception, Worisgo has mitigated risk and compliance for over 45 Fortune companies. On the risk assessment side of things, working with a very large oil company, the team at Worisgo worked on a Pan India level, where district-by-district analysis of top threats and risks for their supply chain was conducted-using cutting-edge GIS mapping tools to map out the risks across six different threats going
back five years. At the end of the assessment, more than a million data points were drawn out across India, covering a total of 760 plus districts.

On the Governance aspect, in the recent Pandemic times, any number of companies were facing force majure, contractual compliance, vendor, supply chain, healthy, safety and real-estate issues. The COVID-19 crisis generated a lot of demand on current regulations and issues pertaining to work-from-home. This is where Worisgo has been actively involved in reviewing off shoring contracts, talking on behalf of the company by averting any crisis that cropped up. Many companies especially those in ITES, Banking & Insurance had to shift to remote working all of a sudden. The team at Worisgo helped many companies in their business continuity requirements at an unmatchable delivery speed. "What really stood out for us during the pandemic period has been the speed of delivery, changes and new regulations are coming in every day. We brought this to our clients as a part of their technological roadmap," concludes Arpit Rajain, Partner & Practice Head Risk Management.

Handholding Businesses With Top-Notch, In-House Proprietary Tools
Getting abreast with the latest risk management trends and innovations is something that every organization strives for. Worisgo utilizes the latest GIS technology to identify and mitigate all the risks involved when it comes to helping companies set up operations across geographies. The team at Worisgo has come up with a unique proprietary tool ­ Threat Prism. The platform houses 65,000 plus risk and security incidents. The tool uses Machine Learning and Deep Analytics to give quick results and ongoing threats to its clients. The platform identifies the region which the risk occurred and categorizes the risks into classification ranging from low/medium/high/extreme threat.

What really stood out for us during the pandemic period has been the speed of delivery, changes and new regulations are coming in every day

Clients are able to login and view the previous threats and current issues with the help of Threat Prism. With a fast-changing risk and security landscape worldwide, several companies have been looking at the Threat Prism. The product available on AWS and holds the distinction of being one among such handful of platforms in the world with such a caliber. The team at Worisgo has also created a product called Grid 360 Risk, which uses a combination of technologies and rule-based algorithms that help companies identify risks in their governance mechanism.

Worisgo provides resolutions to a broad spectrum of Governance, risk assessment, compliance, and due diligence, working together with companies to enhance their regular Governance. The firm is bootstrapped to expand its presence in the international arena, offering many digital products to the clients, all the while making sure the processes are finely tuned, and services are robust.

En-Route Towards Global Expansion
With a successful track record of serving top global MNCs and Indian Startups on a pan-India basis, Worisgo as a GRC firm is looking forward to having a stronger foothold in Europe. Investments into technology are underway. When it comes to innovations, the team at Worisgo is working towards creating a bunch of software tools that simplify GRC issues. At present, the company is heavily involved in further developing the threat assessment tool ­ Threat Prism.

Arpit Rajain, Director
An M.A, MPhil, and a Management certification from the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley ­ Arpit has 25 years of prior experience in risk and security assessment before presiding over the current role at Worisgo (India Bound).He was previously Senior Director and Head Corporate Security Fidelity Investments with responsibilities across the APAC region.
Office: New Delhi, Bangalore, San Jose, & Paris
Offerings: Risk mapping, crisis management, riskcadence, benchmarking, and more