XIPHIAS Immigration: Merging Industry Experience and Technological Resources to Help Immigrants across the Globe

Varun Singh, MD
Varun Singh, MD

Without a role model or a defined system to refer to, starting a company and sustaining its position is always a roll of the dice. But in the case of XIPHIAS Immigration, they took this opportunity to initiate something totally new to the industry and grew up as one of its kind service provider in the immigration industry. Varun Singh, MD, XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt Ltd shares, “A decade ago, when we started XIPHIAS Immigration, the industry was disorganized by wrong selling and misguidance of many local players. There was no any established system or service provider in the market but the demand was huge. While we were dealing with major IT firms in India and abroad, we found that there are so many employees who want to work and settle abroad but did not make it due to the complex procedures and lack of proper guidance. Recognizing this wide gap in the immigration sector, we decided to establish an end-to-end immigration consultancy firm supported by top-notch technologies in 2008.”

A Complete Service Provider for Resettlement Needs
Even though the company had no system or methodology to make reference to, they moved forward with high-quality services that created a new benchmark of excellence in immigration industry. The company is dedicated to serving applicants interested in filing permanent resident visa applications under Express Entry, Skilled Worker, Self-employed, Business, Investor, Family Class, Student and State Sponsorship categories. Arranged in a pyramid style, XIPHIAS’ service portfolio falls into four main categories - first is Investment Immigration, second is Corporate Migration that includes B2B partnerships or contracts with national as well as international companies for intra
company employee transfer and other end-to-end solutions, third is skilled migration that covers pre qualification and assessment by ICCRC and MARA consultants to PR approval and post-landing facilities and the last category is overseas education service including free IELTS online training.

"XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the fastest growing immigration companies in Asia and has offices in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, UAE, and India"

On a Mission to Ensure Better Life for Clients
Carrying out a precise modus operandi that combines technology and decadeold domain knowledge, XIPHIAS Immigration boasts a wide spectrum of Immigration Consulting Services to resettle in all popular destinations like Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Being the company’s major line of business, XIPHIAS’ Investment Migration is regarded as the best inclass service in the industry. Talking about company’s unique Investment Migration, Varun says, “Our consultants are smart and efficient to guide businessmen and investors league to invest overseas. Being a successful organization and huge experience in business - investor class immigration, XIPHIAS understands each individual or entity motto to move beyond limits. We have a distinct vision for our clients, to settle, manage medical facilities, arrange children’s education, organize retirement plans or expand their opportunities abroad. Towards lubrication to achieve their milestones, XIPHIAS constantly explores partners who can avail and provide transparent and lucrative investment programs. Driven by a team of attorneys specializing in the field of employment, business laws, litigation, and diplomatic relations, XIPHIAS Immigration is a multi-specialty immigration service firm that brings an extremely distinctive perspective to our valued client relationships.”

Company’s value based services and the neat and clean process helped them to achieve the title of most reliable immigration company
in the industry within a short span of time. Varun describes, “XIPHIAS introduced a well defined and structured process for various immigration services. For the hassle- free and transparent service delivery, we also have rolled out a mobile application called XIPHIAS Immigration v2 and integrated the entire life cycle process involved in the immigration process in the application. XIPHIAS Immigration mobile app will help you track your immigration process and thus brings in a more organized way of the migration process.”

XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the fastest growing immigration companies in Asia and has offices in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, UAE, and India. The company has helped many clients from around the globe to obtain landed immigrant(permanent resident) status and temporary status. More than 3000 families have migrated to their favourite destinations and are now enjoying the better quality of life there. Recently, XIPHIAS Immigration has been awarded as Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award on the occasion of 7th International Summit-Bangkok, Thailand. Moreover, they are the only Company in India who are directly registered with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

“We are fully licensed, totally regulated and highly experienced consultants and today, we’re holding unparallel market reputation. Above all, there is no single immigration company, which offers the kind of technical assistance or in-house CRM application like us. Our transparent system, technological resources, and the passionate and dedicated in house team are the key factors behind our success. From management to the base level, everyone has the same vision and commitment towards the client service and company. Our motivation comes from our client’s success,”Varun summarised. In the long run, the company wishes to carry out continuous client and employee engagement and quality assessment activities for improved customer services, while focusing more on the expansion of Investment Immigration vertical.