Xoriant: Making a Mark with Technological Innovation, Employee Talent & Delivery Excellence

Girish Gaitonde,  Founder & CEO

Girish Gaitonde

Founder & CEO

A modern workplace that aims to elevate employee experience contributes to a rich customer experience”, precisely defines the significance of ensuring employee satisfaction. Every organization’s success relies largely on the way it engages, supports its employees and customers. That is the reason when Xoriant began its journey in the technology space in 1990, it had a clear mission to become an employee-focused and customer-centric organization, and eventually, a global business leader.

Since its inception, Xoriant has been focused on unlocking and harnessing its workforce potential to create competitive advantage for customers with engineering excellence, technology innovation and customer satisfaction. The company has made it possible with its consistent efforts to develop a state-of-the-art infrastructure that brings modern digital workspaces and satellite offices closer to employees and offer expert, timely service to global customers.

In the changing dynamics of work, workforce, and workplace, Xoriant demonstrates a nimble approach to provide the best possible working conditions for its remote teams. “At the core of Xoriant’s value is the approach to engage-enhanceenable and empower employees to bring continuous value to our customers. To ensure customer value, you must bring value to your employees. We support this with stateof-the-art infrastructure, modern upskilling programs for career development while incorporating effective employee assistance wellness programs promoting physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health”, said Girish Gaitonde, Founder & CEO at Xoriant.

With such dedication and commitment, Xoriant has fast-tracked business growth for leading software product companies, modern enterprises and BFSI customers globally including the Fortune 500. Blending human and technical capabilities, Xoriant has driven successful digital transformation for numerous customers, empowering them with robust cloud, fortifying infrastructures with leading security solutions, modernizing technology stack and making them future-ready. This has created a win-win situation for customers, transforming their business while getting access to Xoriant’s secret sauce the culture of innovation, brimmed with human ingenuity, modern tech, and a global intellectual property portfolio of patents.

In its three decades plus journey, Xoriant has earned a reputation for engineering and tech excellence. A successful track-record in delivering digital engineering as well as onsite and offshore services to businesses operating across financial, healthcare, pharma, industrial manufacturing, telecom, and automotive sectors. The company also prides itself on an impressive record of managing novel, cutting-edge projects, where it has built proof of concepts and solutions for clients leveraging new age technologies like Computer Vision, Augmented Reality,
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT. It is opportunities like these that attract both new and experienced engineering talent to Xoriant.

Creating Learning and Growth Opportunities for Employees
From offering learning before joining programs to new recruits imparting business, technology, and soft skills, to steering them in their technical roles with innovative programs like STEER and RoleX, the company does it all. Xoriant even goes beyond creating opportunities for skill enhancement by organizing master classes for its employees that aren’t limited to work. The company conducts upskilling programs that enable employees to experience conscientious and professional training in the most effective way and gain competitive skills to carve a better career path for themselves. Fresh graduates and young engineers can enrol in 200 skill development and training programs across new-age technologies, intensive cloud training and certifications, scenario-based learning, coursework, innovative reskilling programs.

Going beyond the conventional rewards, Xoriant acknowledges and recognizes achievers across business and technology fields at organization-level platforms such as quarterly and bi-annual town hall meets. Further, Xoriant has always been focused on creating ample opportunities for its employees to be aware of the disruptive technology trends. To ensure the same, the company organizes elite annual technology conclaves and coding festivals TechX and Hackathon respectively to help its employees keep up with new technologies and how their adoption can create business impact and build innovative solutions.

At the core of Xoriant’s value is the approach to engage enhance enable and empower employees to bring continuous value to our customers

Giving back to the community through continuous volunteering is the DNA of every Xoriant employee.Beyond work, Xoriant employees have contributed to the IT community through career guidance and mentoring sessions in reputed universities by imparting guest lectures, bridging the academic-corporate skill gap. The company also extended support to the community during the peak of COVID-19 through employee-driven CSR activities wherein the team donated plasma and PPE kits to COVID-19 centres and supported front line workers, migrant laborers, and affected families.

At the core of Xoriant’s commitment to employee empowerment is its focus on encouraging and supporting skills-based diversity, as highlighted by the several leadership roles held by women, “Women leaders at Xoriant are represented on multiple forums and platforms, sharing their experiences, wisdom and thoughts on the industry and promoting career advancement of women”, adds Gaitonde proudly.

A Forward-Looking Business with Innovation at its Core
Xoriant leadership team and vision has played a key role in shaping the culture of the organization and driving change in the technology space for over 30 years. Whether it is bringing consistent improvements in addressing clients’ needs or optimizing deliverables for performance in a digital world, the success lies within its collaborative and intellectual approach. To further sustain this forward-facing culture, Xoriant has developed Center of Excellence for software delivery and technology practices to address the rapidly transforming business and technology environment. Xoriant’s Innovation Lab brings the synergy of modern skills and new-age technologies with innovation experts who develop breakthrough solutions and accelerators.

These initiatives, coupled with the company’s longstanding partnerships with leading companies like Microsoft, AWS, Oracle and Google, position Xoriant as a trusted technology partner for both modern enterprises and ISV clients. The company continues to develop new ways to promote its mission of technical excellence, to keep pace with the latest technologies, build strong people practices, and bring lasting value to every engagement.