Xotik Frujus: A Proud Indigenous Brand Offering Kaleidoscope Of Beverages

Rajeev Sehgal,Founder And Managing Director

Rajeev Sehgal

Founder And Managing Director

There could hardly be any country as diverse as India, whether it's its people, culture, food or beverages. Among the many variant of local drinks, Jeera masala holds a long history in the books of India's most loved beverages. From the olden & golden times to the modern era, jeera drinks have retained its fair number of followers, and with a twist to its flavours, its gaining new consumers breaking all age bars. Wearing the crown of `Made in India', Xotik Frujus entered into the space in 2007 with its apple juice based jeera masala drink. Today it offers an exotic range of fruit drinks, starting from still fruit drinks, tantalizing sparkling fruit drinks, carbonated fruit based drinks and the crisp premium soda.

Its present in over 17 states and UTs in the country, and export to GCC countries along with countries like US and Australia and now UK shouts about the love consumers shower on Xotik. This has resulted in nearly 62 percent cumulative growth in the last three years. Xotik also has a Hospitality division ­ a café franchise model for `Xotik Café by Jeeru'. Its first café was operational in Malad East in Mumbai in 2019 and today has a growing PAN-India presence.

The Masala That Makes Xotik Exotic
So what makes Xotic a brand so loved? "Our beverages are engineered for India's taste buds. Understanding Indian values and using that to grow an ethnic drink (Jeera Masala). We have turned an otherwise lesser-known beverage in the organized sector into a whole new category. Our new packaging also reflects this vibrant colors, varied mindsets of the consumer, the coming-together of sweet/sour/salty elements ­ a kaleidoscope of thoughts to depict modernization of a product that was otherwise a `dadi maa ka nuskha'," says Rajeev Sehgal, Founder and Managing Director of Xotik Frujus, and the first-generation entrepreneur.
Today the company has a portfolio of drinks including still (non-carbonated) and carbonated beverages, besides its hero products ­ Jeeru and Diet Jeeru. Still beverages include Xotik Float Orange, Divian Mango, Divian Nimbu Fresh while carbonated beverages include Xotik cola, Xotik orange and Xotik lemon & clear lemon. Among all these, Jeeru occupies the highest market share and is considered a refreshing drink. "The uniqueness of the product lies in its taste and mouthfulness, achieved through the addition of spice extracts and apple juice concentrate," adds Rajeev. Its Xotik delight cups are uniquely packaged and are available at a lucrative price point of Rs.10 for 200 ml.

Proudly a Made in India brand, Xotik procures all ingredients locally, and every material purchased is tested and accepted only if it qualifies its quality standards, The company also uses its secret recipe, mix of spices and salts along with these raw materials like sugar and water. "We also use goodness of apple in our products like Jeeru and our Carbonated Fruit Drink range. When it comes to following food production practices and methodologies, Xotik fulfills all modern food quality requirements and follow all WHO & FSSAI guidelines for food and beverage safety. This ISO:9000 certified company also holds certifications from FDA, Halal and BIS. It sanitizes the whole premise multiple times a day including sanitization of all delivery vehicles and employees at the time of entry in the premise. It has made it compulsory for every employees to use gloves, mask and surgeon cap on the production floor.

The uniqueness of the product lies in its taste and Mouthfulness, achieved through the addition of spice extracts and apple juice concentrate

Further the whole production process is fully automated, hence requires minimum human intervention. To keep the freshness & purity of the products intact, Xotik ensures no human touch on the product until packed in its exterior packaging. Rajeev adds, "We use a variety of reports and a software to ensure quality and efficiency. We use premium quality raw materials, in fact, of the highest quality".

Currently the company is working on new products to ensure it meets the customers' ever-changing demand. Xotik invests a lot of time and resources in understanding the likes and dislikes of its customers, based on which it is working on the initial R&D of variety of carbonated beverages. The company is positive that these products will hit the Indian markets by the Summer of 2021.

Growing at 148 percent since the last three years, the company aspires to be one of the top beverage companies of the country. Xotik now intends to keep this momentum going, and with the new generation stepping into the business, it will also leverage the fresh mindset in the business.

Rajeev Sehgal, Founder And Managing Director
Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Mumbai
Offerings: Exotic Fruit Juices, Still Beverages, & Carbonated Beverages