Xplor Worldwide: Striving to Provide the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

 Anitha Srinath, FounderAs per an anonymous adage ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’. A time honored industry in itself today, travel and tourism are flourishing constantly, making a significant contribution to the GDP of the country being a stimulating factor for economic growth and employment generation. India’s expanding middle class and increasing disposable income have sustained to support the growth of domestic as well as outbound tourism, which has piloted the noteworthy demand of International tour operators. Accountable for more than 47 million outbound tourists, India is witnessing an augment of tour operators across the country competing to provide unique experiences to travelers both within the country and abroad. With a vision to provide end-to-end travel services for its clients in India and across the world, Xplor Worldwide was established by Anitha Srinath and T S Srinath in October 2010. A 360-degree travel management company headquartered in Bangalore Xplor Worldwide was setup with a prime motive to provide transparent end-to-end services in the travel domain, and the tour operating firm has come a long way in a short span of nine months, opening two offices across the state.

The Tour of the Tour Handler
Started with an investment of Rs.20,000 Xplor Worldwide has since grown into a company with a team of 15 members and a turnover of Rs.12 crores. While the initial challenges of the firm involved acquiring the trust of clientele and providing uninterrupted service to the customers due to geographical time difference, Xplor Worldwide was determined to do wonders in tourism with all the right policies concerning the robust and promising market of tourism in India. With a single minded focus on setting a niche for itself in this domain, Xplor Worldwide is vesting its focus on Service, Transparency, Innovative Products, and Honest Pricing which has largely contributed to the exponential growth of the firm along with timely delivery of efficient services, 24x7x365.

Highlighting some of the major services of the company, Anitha Srinath, Founder, Xplor
Worldwide says, “We serve right from making a passport to making end-to-end arrangements to any country across the world. The major demands are those with Destination Planning, Luxury Travel, Last Minute Visa Concerns and Air tickets Routing & Deals. We have trained our team which works round the clock, addressing the concerns with speed effectively and efficiently. The transparent costing, vibrant & well-trained team, nonstop & continuous service and expertise with destination and visa is what makes us standout amongst our competitors”.

Started with an investment of Rs.20,000, Xplor Worldwide has since grown to a company with a team of 15 members and a turnover of Rs.12 crores

Striving to be the Finest
An excellent service provider in domestic as well as international destinations, Xplor Worldwide has steadily built a strong network of over 300 agents who actively do business with the company by helping their clients in terms of price advantage as well as in service levels. Not only the vivacious beauty of Leh Ladakh, majestic Himalayan tranquillity, mesmerizing Manali and beautiful Andaman Islands, this inimitable travelling company arranges exotic tours to many wonderful places across the globe which includes, England, France, Australia, Indonesia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Russia, New Zealand and many more. In the quest to provide best-in-class service, the team continuously strives to add more products and destinations, giving its clients greater choice for selecting their dream vacation.

Xplor Worldwide is represented by an incredibly knowledgeable and energetic staff which comprises of certified specialists from over 40 global destinations and are intended to care about the travel requirements of the clients. Considering employees as the regular shareholders Xplore Worldwide often goes for candidates from service industry background but with no industry past as with an open mind they will be able to embrace the organizational working culture more effectively. Professionally trained and groomed, the employees are skilled to give the Best Tours with attention to the minute details like the type of food the client consumes in the flight and during the tour, the dimension of the accommodation, type and comfort of the vehicles used during the trip and more.

“We use the latest technology for Air Ticketing and Hotel Booking, and the rates are on par with online booking. We are also ahead of our competitors when it comes to pricing as we have a very strong sourcing team which makes our cost price less. As a result, we are able to sell the Packages/Visa/Hotels/Tickets at a very competitive price. We have three branches now and the fourth branch would be going on floors from November 2019. Each branch is a profit centre and by 2020, we aim to have six independent profit centers”, wraps-up Srinath.

Anitha holds a combined experience of approximately 22 years in Finance and Service industry, the major part of which had been spent in the Managerial Position with insurance behemoth, LIC Of India. ‘People Skills’ being her core skill, it is proving to be a key factor in the successful stint of Anitha as an entrepreneur. Having established Xplor Worldwide in June 2010, since inception of the firm, she has left no stone unturned to meet the requirements of its customers.

Offerings: Destination tours and travel management service both in India and Abroad

Offices: Bangalore and Chennai