YUJ Designs: Partners In Design

Prasadd Bartakke & Samir Chabukswar,   FoundersIn this digital age, User Experience(UX)of any product has become an essential ingredient of its success. The importance and demand of UX is growing across the world and in India. But this wasn’t the case always. Founded in 2009, YUJ Designs one of the top design studios, is a true pioneer in the field of UX design in India.

Headquartered in Pune, the company has offices in Sunnyvale California, and Bengaluru with operations across all major cities in India. YUJ Designs has crafted experiences for 2000+ software products, almost all of them have met with astounding business success. YUJ Designs firmly believes that UX design is domain agnostic, and has worked across 60+ domains.

Samir Chabukswar, CEO and Prasadd Bartakke, CXO are founders of YUJ Designs.

Samir has over 25 years of experience in the design of man machine systems, business process, user and customer experience design. He has successfully helped Fortune 500 companies realize business value through design. Prasaddis an expert in UX research and design. With 20+ years of industry practice delivering design solutions for numerous clients, he has also mentored hundreds of designers.

Design for Product Success
The experience economy is on the rise and organizations are competing for user/customer attention, engagement and retention. YUJ Designs understands this and approaches design as a scientific practice that yields user value. They ensure that design interaction with the end user is delightful, efficient and engaging. Their approach provides real long term value to end users/customers thus driving business success. As a result, most of the products they have designed have gen¬erated a return on investment between 5x-10x, helping their customers stand out from the competition.
YUJ believes in solving the right problems for their customers. Their designers work as design consultants, who dig deeper into customer’s problems and provide them with longterm solutions. Their UX design and development team of #DesignEconomists ensure ROI for businesses, memorable experiences for users and a seamless technology design fit. YUJ Designs has provided highquality, effective design solutions and helped the clients grow at an exponential rate. They have helped businesses transform at scale by creating systems of brand product and service that deliver a distinctly compelling experience. Through their pioneering work incorporating user centered methodologies they have catered to clients across the US, Europe India and APAC regions. Their clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Beyond Digital Experiences
More and more organizations are taking the leap in providing a connected physical and digital experiences to customers. YUJ Designs understands that customer experiences are no longer limited to the screen they expand in the physical world and these experiences must be ubiquitous. YUJ specializes in end to end experience design across multichannels and touch points. They have had some astounding success creating connected experiences in the automobile FMCG and supply chain domains.

Transforming Ideas
YUJ is passionate about transforming ideas into realities. They have successfully helped startups in this endeavor. Their success lies in the fact that they are still in the startup mindset nimble, driven and always hungry for more challenges. Their clients love that they do not over promise and under deliver. They don’t just design in a vacuum they truly solve user+business needs.

Future Proof
Prasaddsays “Design today is focused on solving yesterday’s problems, when in fact it should be focus on solving to¬morrows problems.” In preparation of business changes to come in the future, YUJ offers services beyond traditional UX design and research. Their design consulting services include design of business processes, service design and system design. More futuristic services such as Scenario Driven Futures Design help customers envision future products and services.

Impact by Design
YUJ Designs believes in creating value by design. Samir Chabukswar, Founder of YUJ Designs, says, “Design in India can make 10x impact at 1/10th the cost. The value of design is still understood in a limited way, and there is a need to apply design to large-scale problems.” YUJ Designs looks to bring humanness to new technological advancements. They believe that great UX must make business sense and boost ROI. The founders hope to take the company to the next level not just by increasing its revenue and size but through impact by design.