Zedblox Actipod: One-Stop Solution for Transporting Temperature Sensitive Health Products

 Rao Korupolu,   Co- Founder & CEO

Rao Korupolu

Co- Founder & CEO

The pandemic has accelerated the need for healthcare innovation and highlighted the importance of cold chain infrastructure that enables the new treatments to be delivered to patients safely. The advent of new temperature sensitive pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, test kits and expanding trade opportunities across the globe are providing a thrust to the market growth of temperature control transport devices. The founders of Zedblox share a common empathy to remove weather and climatic conditions as safety criteria, prevent wastage and ensure the safety of goods in transit to protect the health of ordinary citizen consumers and increase income for businesses. With the goal of transforming the cold chain for health and medical products, the company unveiled its invention under the name Zedblox ActiPodTM. The device uses innovative temperature control mechanisms and smart electronics to be easy to use, portable, reliable, self-learning, realtime data-driven, and energy efficient.

“A balanced team of the experienced and the energetic youth, with entrepreneurial acumen and cross-domain expertise is working on transforming healthcare's cold chain through a latest technology-driven solution. Our deep research, depth in embedded technologies, years of technical background in thermal management, and decades of experience in software products have resulted in a patented product that is intelligent, self-monitoring and very easy to use even by unskilled workers. This product ensures the delivery of health and medical supplies at optimal temperatures to be effective and safe from a care perspective” explained Rao Korupolu, Co-Founder & CEO, Zedblox.

A Handy Device for Pharmaceutical Industry
Zedblox Actipod is a battery powered, portable, temperature safe, smart active carrier to manage the cold chain for vaccines and other temperature sensitive health
products. As we know, India is a tropical country, and the weather varies from region to region. Different products have different temperature needs. Hence, ensuring a continuous cold chain with current passive solutions is a complex and error prone process. ActiPod, with its flexible temperature control of -10C to +25C without use of gel/ice packs and active temperature management ensures that the products are stored at the optimum temperature invariable to changes in climatic and weather conditions. The device is smart enough to automatically choose the cooling/heating required to regulate the temperature based on external weather conditions. The built-in high powered battery ensures a full day of operation even in harsh climates. Also, with ActiPod, one can always know where and how the products are, using realtime live monitoring of geo-location and temperature through mobile or browser.

ActiPod stores its products at the optimum temperature invariable to changes in climatic and weather conditions

Along with this, the AI-powered cloud system collects all the data from the field-based devices and automatically keeps a careful eye on them and issues alerts to your mobile if something is off. It has intelligence built in to notify Zedblox in case internal mechanisms require any service from company.

“The product is ISO 13485-certified device for medical purposes. ActiPod meets WHO and government-recommended guidelines for cold chain storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive health products. It has been validated for biological safety at CCMB a premier GOI research institute. With ActiPod your valuable, sensitive products stay safe from temperature damage and, in turn, ensure effective treatment of your customers. Due to elimination of wastage and a reusable, 5-year longevity device without any extra infrastructure, ActiPod protects your investment and provides a fast ROI in as little as 18 months” added Rao.

Zedblox's cold chain solutions incorporating active temperature management, and data logging have tremendous global potential for preserving the integrity of sensitive products, reducing waste, saving money, and improving health and safety. Hence, Zedblox is working on a second iteration of the product with an eye on international markets and will be released globally after receiving CE and FDA approval. Many countries like the Middle East, Asia, and more. have expressed their interest in the product. Zedblox also plans to introduce a rental model for customers with high-volume operations.