ZEST India: Cultivating Skills to Conserve the Quality

Souvik Biswas, Founder & Business Head

Souvik Biswas

Founder & Business Head

Cut-throat training and targets from the day-one of induction often engender nightmares for fresher. Even if they survive this immense pressure, most of the timefail in building a basement for their career prospects, comprehending the work culture and getting themselves aligned with the vision statements of the organization. Startups that abandon this underlying facet and seek resource-productivity from the day-one apparently never find their yellow brick road. Having benefits of being the fastest growing corporate training firm in India, ZEST India brings in a strategic training approach to its in-house, and thus carves expert professionals out of fresher who progressively align to the company’s vision and ensure real-time development for businesses.

With the entire workforce projected towards a common vision, and organizational structure giving no room for typical corporate hierarchies, every single person in ZEST India has that genuine ownership feel, and they take decisions together. “Being a fresher, I have always got the liberty to get my work done no matter how tough the situation is. Even if my plan is wrong, it just gets modified, but never goes to the dustbin. I have never seen a training organization working with such a dynamic mentality,” elucidates SanatSarkar, who recently became a ZESTIAN. It helps with increased dedication levels and inclination to take responsibilities. When this delicate work culture amalgamates with the personal growth equation which is about 20 percent a year, it becomes a win-win strategy for both company and the professionals.

Creating the Wall First

Came into existence in 2012, ZEST India is best known for its out-of-the-box training paradigms. It offers quality Corporate Training, OD Consulting and HR Consulting services PAN India, and additionally
caters to some of the clients in Bangladesh as well. Having more than 250 facilitators across the globe associated with the company, it breathes quality and delivers result oriented training. The consultants come from various fields and carries different fortes. Hencethe company is rigid in its perception of inducting candidates who eventually have to work with them, and in turn persistently hunts for the entrants who are sterile with their background, dedicated to what they are doing, and willing to take responsibilities.

When this delicate work culture amalgamates with the personal growth equation which is about 20 percent a year, it becomes a win-win strategy for both company and the professionals.

To start drawing, you must have a wall first. ZEST India never foists target or training pressure on candidates right away, instead it creates the ‘wall’ in them by taking through the culture of the company for first 25 days.It makes them adopt their own way to meet the objectives, though the company guides them in every step by providing all the skill development sessions and directions. Through a three month induction period, ZEST India recognizes candidate’s tastes and places them in the right field, and then starts specific training, which help in chiseling out their efficiencies with more focus. “This strategic training approach that makes candidates feel like home has been instrumental for us to lock the attrition at minimum,” avers SouvikBiswas, Founder & Business Head, ZEST India.

On the flip side, besides the matchless yearly growth, experienced professionals are hired by probing them to a 20 percent hike from their current salary, and as the company works with 500+ ISO certified clients including the government projects, the exposure has also been an alluring element. It also conducts vocational training for the students of semi-urban and rural areas of our country. Souvik says, “Our success accounts to a collaborative approach and thus we do not take the whole money back home, in fact distribute it among the
people. We incentivize the employees in business development division, which would be around 60-70 percent of their salary”.

Work Hard, Party Harder & Just Sprint Forward

Besides following all the new trends and regulations in its HR policy, ZEST India brings in its out-of-the-box service model to the work culture as well. Alongside taking employees along with their families to voyages on regular intervals and on special achievements, it is determined in maintaining a family like atmosphere inside the infrastructure. Lend your ears to ArpitaDutta, a Senior Partner Relations Officer with ZEST India, who echoes, “If someone just walks into our premises, he will never see a serious face inside our walls. I believe that the real motivation comes from the freedom that we are given, and we are extremely grateful to Souvik Sir for the unique leadership skill that he possesses”.

Based out of Kolkata and its trainers flying across the country, ZEST India is on the right track in terms of revenue generation even if it remains bootstrapped. Generated good revenues in the last financial year, it is going for a 15-18 percent upscale this year. And in the next five years, it anticipates a turnover nothing less than Rs.20-25 crores. “We want to have 30-40 centers across India so that we can train in semi-urban and rural-areas. In addition, we also plan an expansion to international markets such as Dubai and Australia,” concludes Souvik.


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SouvikBiswas, Founder & Business Head

Having over nine years of International corporate training experience, Souvik never adopts the traditional methodologies of corporate training. Through ZEST IndiaIndia, he has transformed himself into a facilitator to impart effective training programs for businesses.


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