• CtrlS Datacenters Ltd: Securing Mission Critical Applications
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    CtrlS Datacenters Ltd: Securing Mission Critical Applications

    What makes CtrlS rise above the crowd is their industry’s lowest Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) offering of approximately 1.5 which helps their customers bring down their cost anywhere between 20 and 30 percent. Promoted by the 18 year old Pioneer Group, which has been building the largest available infrastructure in the Datacenter world and is already into FMS and SI functions, CtrlS is the only one of its kind in India to provide 8-zone security, scalability for up to 10 years, guaranteeing the highest availability and least energy consumption. Armed with top-of-the-line features and the very best of infrastructure and technology, they offer clients an array of benefits which can drive a saving of up to 40 percent on total cost of ownership.



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