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    In the world of business, the fastest growing companies are graded in terms of its sales turnovers. Sales growth strategy is regarded as one of the most reliable and proven business strategy for any businesses. Though all the good companies increase their sales every year but there are some exceptional companies with competitive moat, do faster than the others. For these companies increase in sales turnover represents market domination. The other factors taken into consideration with sales are the unique strategy, market and product development plans. Identifying the growth prospects, these companies have diversified their business size, has made effective utilisation of manpower, material and machinery resources to bring the out the results and deliver best solutions to its users. On...

50 Fastest Growing Companies

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
42Gears Mobility Systems 42Gears Mobility Systems Onkar Singh, Founder & CEO Customer focused company that helps in achieving goal in an easy and cost effective manner by its mobile device lock-down and remote management products
Amplus Solar Amplus Solar Sanjeev Aggarwal, Founder Leaders in distributed Solar Energy Solutions catering to Industrial and Commercial clients across the different sectors
BlackPepper Technologies BlackPepper Technologies Hari Krishna Puravankara, Founder & CEO Trusted design partner for a dozen Tier-1 semiconductor companies
Datamato Technologies  Datamato Technologies Sachin Londhe, Founder Premier consultative solution enabler providing end to end solutions and consulting services in IT sector
KritiLabs KritiLabs ShriKrishna Varadharajan & Dr.LN Rajaram, Co-Founders IoT security platform that operates remote assest and provides custom solutions on real time basis
Kwench Global Technologies Kwench Global Technologies Prashant John, Co-Founder & CEO Provides robust and scalable platform that allows companies to safely deploy their products on cloud in a co-mingled data environment with logical separation of data
Msewa Software Msewa Software Pankaj Kumar, CEO Unique platform that is committed to create a unified solution for payments