• Women Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2018
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    Women Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2018

    The year 2018 has been cited as the ‘Year of the Woman’, but according to the top 25 entrepreneurs compiled by Ranker, it only features two women namely Oprah Winfrey and Vera Wang. However, globally things are improving but slowly and as stats suggest that number of women seeking angel investment prior to 2014 was at around 15 percent and there was a spike in 2014 rising to around 19 percent. Interestingly, reports from SCORE shows some positive facts like women are slightly more likely than men to start businesses, also women are more likely to start businesses in healthcare and education sectors. The signs are promising nowadays as women have this high level of confidence in the structural and transformational reforms, for example in India, more women are now creating Facebook...


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