• Women Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2018
  • Women Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2018

    The year 2018 has been cited as the ‘Year of the Woman’, but according to the top 25 entrepreneurs compiled by Ranker, it only features two women namely Oprah Winfrey and Vera Wang. However, globally things are improving but slowly and as stats suggest that number of women seeking angel investment prior to 2014 was at around 15 percent and there was a spike in 2014 rising to around 19 percent. Interestingly, reports from SCORE shows some positive facts like women are slightly more likely than men to start businesses, also women are more likely to start businesses in healthcare and education sectors. The signs are promising nowadays as women have this high level of confidence in the structural and transformational reforms, for example in India, more women are now...

Women Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Achal Patel Achal Patel Achal Patel, Co-Founder & CEO An experienced technocrat, Achal leverages her experience of working with varied clients to render high-quality solutions. Having gained exemplary operational skills, the young businesswoman is leading her team into different geographies, as well as verticals
Ami Shah Ami Shah Ami Shah (Parekh), Co-Founder & Director Known to be a people's leader, and armed with a dynamic aura, Ami is a staunch proponent of reduce, reuse and recycle, and shoulders the responsibility for domestic and overseas Business Development, Business Strategy and Production Management at ORAWT
Anita Nayyar Anita Nayyar Anita Nayyar, CEO Holding a B.Sc honors in Microbiology, Anita hold over 15 years of experience in the Media & Communications industry, working with MUDRA Communications and Starcom at senior leadership roles
Anjana Ghosh Anjana Ghosh Anjana Ghosh, Director - Marketing & Business Development With her rich experience, Anjana was the driving force behind the new image and was responsible for bringing innovation to the brand and strategizing Bisleri from Blue to Green
Balajanaki Srinivasan Balajanaki Srinivasan Balajanaki Srinivasan, Founder & CEO Marching to the beat of her own drum, Balajanaki leverages her expertise across all law sectors to render the perfect IPR solutions to global clients. Owing to her technical prowess and dynamic aura, the robust lawyer/entrepreneur has won a nod of appreciation from clients and industry peers alike
Charitha Kailas Charitha Kailas Charitha Kailas, Founder A creative interior designer with great eye for detail, who ensures the maximum utilization of available space via unique concept-based designs and innovative themed furniture
Damini Tandan Damini Tandan Damini Tandan, Co-Founder An established communications professional, Damini brings with her a vast experience of having worked with market leaders such as IBM, Microsoft and others, keeping a keen focus on upholding quality of services, she is leading Corner Office and Writer’s Anonymous into a second phase of growth
Debarati Sen Debarati Sen Debarati Sen, Managing Director A MBS - Marketing & Finance graduate from the XLRI College, Jamshedpur, she has held diverse leadership roles in her 25+ years career as a marketing professional
Dipali Goenka Dipali Goenka Dipali Goenka, Co-Founder & Director A passionate entrepreneur, Dipali has played a key role in transforming Welspun as one of the top global textile companies, and has even been listed as the 16th most powerful businesswomen in Asia by Forbes
Garima Choudhary Garima Choudhary Garima Choudhary, Co-Founder An earnest business woman, Garima leverages her deep industry insight to render cross-channel marketing solutions to mobile app brands. Counting performance marketing as one of her core strengths, she helps brands achieve business goals swiftly and in a cost effective manner
Gauri Barve Kale Gauri Barve Kale Gauri Barve Kale, Founder & Director The talented design enthusiast is not only an expert at crafting impeccable designs, but is also well versed with the nuances of executing a design from start to end. Leveraging her experience of having worked on critical projects for premier brands, Gauri is leading her company into becoming an industry leader
Gazal Kalra Gazal Kalra Gazal Kalra, Co-Founder A joint degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA) and Harvard Kennedy School of Government (MPA), Gazal has over a decade experience working with corporates such as McKinsey & Company, CGAP, and more
Kshyana Prava (Mita) Kshyana Prava (Mita) Kshyana Prava (Mita), Partner & Co-Founder Having built a strong foundation on sincere hard work, Mita is at the helm of affairs at SmartinfoLogiks. Leveraging her skill for building bleeding edge ICT solutions and products for clients, Mita is leading the company from front to gain a larger foothold in the global market
Manisha Raisinghani Manisha Raisinghani Manisha Raisinghani, Founder & CEO Holding a Master's degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor's degree from Mumbai University, Manisha's technical experience has helped her chalk-out efficient businesses strategies and bring-out great products for Loginext
Mansi Tripathy Mansi Tripathy Mansi Tripathy, Managing Director A seasoned industry veteran with 20+ years of experience working across diverse verticals, where she has worked on diverse product categories, multifunctional & multicultural teams, channels and business models
Padma Somireddy Padma Somireddy Padma Somireddy, Founder & Chief Designer A well-organized, hardworking & creative entrepreneur with gregarious nature & patience, delivering innovative projects with a consistent focus on quality & personalized services
Safaque Kagdi Afzal Safaque Kagdi Afzal Safaque Kagdi Afzal, Founder & Director A strong-willed PR professional, Safaque seamlessly integrates market dynamics with effective strategies to escalate Pressmate PR's growth graph. Her positive attitude motivates teamwork while creative master plans solidifies clientele trust
Shailja Awasthi Shailja Awasthi Shailja Awasthi, Founder Shailja is an Indian artist, visual storyteller and design enthusiast who believes-in creating spaces that speak tales about the people who dwell in there and inspire them in their everyday lives
Shweta Desale Shweta Desale Shweta Desale, Managing Director Armed with over 10 years of experience in the field of PR, Urmila excels at managing executive communications, product, tech and consumer PR outreach as well as crisis communications for various large format and early stage companies
Sneha Sahasrabuddhe Sneha Sahasrabuddhe Sneha Sahasrabuddhe, Co-Founder & Proprietor Having pursued Master's degree in Bioinformatics from University of Pune, Sneha worked as Senior Domain Analyst for four years before founding Kovid BioAnalytics
Swetha S Swetha S Swetha S, Founder Sanemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. See more information about Sanemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. Sanemi helps you transform a legacy data warehouse to open source Hadoop.
Tanya Dubash Tanya Dubash Tanya Dubash, Executive Director An AB cum laude, Economics & Political Science, Brown University, and a Harvard Business School alumni, Tanys played a key role in reinventing the Godrej Brand, and was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in 2007
Tina Mansukhani Garg Tina Mansukhani Garg Tina Mansukhani Garg, Founder & CEO Holding a Business Management degree from the Indian School of Business, Tina is passionate of brand building and has been in the Marketing & Branding industry for over a decade now
Urmila Biswas Urmila Biswas Urmila Biswas, Founder & Director Armed with over 10 years of experience in the field of PR, Urmila excels at managing executive communications, product, tech and consumer PR outreach as well as crisis communications for various large format and early stage companies
Vidhi Shah Vidhi Shah Vidhi Shah, Founder A marketer par excellence, Vidhi helps Flying Pencil add value to brands and drive business growth through insightful and strategy-led creativity. Having found the perfect balance between being a go-getter and planner, she is driving her company to deliver seamless brand and marketing solutions for more than half a decade