How To Generate & Check Your Credit Score By Pan Card For Free

Leading financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv allow customers to check their credit score for free on their website. Generating a free credit score or CIBIL score, and credit report is something that you may have heard a lot about. The reason for that is the crucial role your CIBIL score plays in determining your creditworthiness. Lenders check your credit score before making a lending decision. This three-digit number gives them an overview of how responsibly you handle credit. Trans Union CIBIL is among the top credit bureaus that lenders rely on. Therefore, your credit score is synonymous with your CIBIL score. If you are looking to borrow finances now or in the future, it is important to check your credit report to analyse your credit behaviour. With a high credit score and a good credit report, you can get your desired loan affordably. So, carrying out a CIBIL score free check and downloading your credit report helps you to not only find areas of improvement but also find and flag any inaccurate information.

For all these purposes, you can check CIBIL score by PAN card for free and generate your credit report. Read on to know how and where to do this.

Why Is A Pan Card Essential To Check Credit Score?
PAN card is one of India's major identity proofs and is linked to all your financial accounts and transactions. With your PAN details, it becomes easier for credit bureaus to access your financial profile. When you enter your PAN number for CIBIL score free check, it authenticates your details and sends an OTP to your registered number. Only after entering the OTP can, you access a free CIBIL score and credit report. Thus, the process ensures 100 percent privacy of your financial credentials.

When you enter your PAN number for CIBIL score free check, it authenticates your details and sends an OTP to your registered number

Where Can You Carry Out A Cibil Score Free Check?
There are two easy ways, and the first is to initiate a CIBIL score free check from the official CIBIL website. This free service is only available once a year. Alternatively, you can get unlimited access to your credit profile by subscribing for CIBILs monthly, quarterly or annual membership. Another way to check credit score for free is to use the service offered on Bajaj Finserv. Here, you can get your free CIBIL score online with ease.

How To Check Cibil Score By Pan Card For Free?
•On the CIBIL website
•Go on the CIBIL website and navigate to the ‘Self Service’ section
•Look for ‘To get your Free Annual CIBIL Score & Report’ and click the link
•Fill the online form and choose ID type as ‘Income Tax ID number’
•Create your account
•Check your score on the dashboard
•On the Bajaj Finserv website
•Go to the free CIBIL score webpage
•Scroll to the bottom and fill the form and enter your PAN card number
•Agree to the terms and conditions
•Click ‘SUBMIT’ to get your CIBIL score

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about CIBIL score and report:
How To Review My Credit Report And Dispute Errors?
Having a detailed look at your credit report to identify any errors is important. You can look for the following to raise disputes in your personal or financial credentials:
•Inaccuracy in name and address
•Errors related to credit limit or account balance
•Listed accounts that are not yours
•Closed debt listed as open

If you find any of the above, report it to CIBIL immediately. It may take around 30 days for them to rectify the error.

How To Improve My Cibil Score Immediately?
Seeing immediate improvements in your CIBIL score may not be possible. However, a few proven ways to boost your CIBIL score are as follows:
•Correct errors in your credit report
•Don’t apply for multiple loans
•Maintain a healthy credit mix by opting for different forms of credit
•Keep your credit utilization ratio below 40 percent

A PAN card is crucial for any legal or financial transaction, so keep it handy before applying for credit. With a better understanding of how to check free CIBIL score, you can utilize your credit in a better way. Bajaj Finserv offers you a service to check CIBIL score by pan card for free and you get a customized credit health report too! So, check your CIBIL score and plan your credit wisely to enjoy better financial independence and lead a stress-free life.