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    In today’s tech driven world, where new technologies are emerging each passing day and rendering the previous tech absolute, there is severe pressure on tech companies to stay at the edge of the invention curve. As a result, the workforce at these companies face the heat of extra work hours and unbalanced personal-professional lives, leading to cognitive issues such as depression, stress and anxiety. While work stress is one of the major causes  for the growing attrition rate across all industries, today’s millennial population are opting for ‘job hopping’ as a means to stay wary of routine work schedules & environs. Additionally, the changing mindset & requirements of youth today highlights one noteworthy point – monetary...

Best Tech Companies to Work For - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Blue Yonder Blue Yonder Umesh Gaur , Managing Director
Vinok Sequeira, Senior VP - Associate Success, APAC
Creating a positive, flexible and open environment with a strong commitment to work-life balance for associates to make them productive, reliable and valued for their contributions to the customer and company’s success.
BMC Software BMC Software Shashank Bhushan , India Head & Vice President – HR Augmented with a progressive work culture, the organization provides great environment with growth paths and ample opportunities for its employees
Epicor Software Epicor Software Suresh Prabhu , VP & MD Rich Murr, CIO Epicor India is one of the organizations core global sites, with more than 500 employees who believe s in working with the company’s ‘ focus.
JK Technosoft JK Technosoft Shyam Verma , CHRO, Satish Gupta, Managing Director A company that puts its people first and provides them every opportunity to own what they do and do it to the best of their abilities and beyond
MetaDesign Solutions MetaDesign Solutions Amit Gupta , Co-Founder & CTO Facilitating people to reach their full potential and grow professionally & personally by removing the hindrances in their way
Tudip Technologies Tudip Technologies Dipti Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO We prefer referral hiring over any other mode and incentivize referrals through our referral policy. Besides, we conduct a lot of campus hiring. So far, we have done 250+ campuses hires
Xmplar Xmplar Rajumohan R , CEO An IT & consulting firm that provides its employees with tremendous opportunities to learn newer things apart from the functional domain expertise.