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  • Best Tech Company To Work For - 2021

    Most of the Indians prefer to get graduated in STEM related fields, leading to the cutthroat competition in tech field. A major part of the Indian migrants in foreign countries comprises of workers engaged in tech jobs. Well talented and highly educated Indians prefer work in challenging environment, where they find pleasure in proving themselves by tackling hardcore problems. The Indian software industry sets a perfect example for how economic liberalization combined with an entrepreneurial spirit can lead to the growth of any industry to the present stage, where the industry contributes to eight percent of the GDP of the country, from nothing. Thousands of IT services were built over last three decades in our country by numerous Indian entrepreneurs. Once tech jobs meant only...

Best Tech Company To Work For - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Model N India Software Model N India Software Rajalakshmi Sivanand,Sr. Director - Human Resources Driving Business Success by Cultivating an Employee Experience where Every Employee is Connected, Empowered & Inspired to do their Best Work
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arete IT Services Arete IT Services Nagidi Vara Prasad, Founder & CEO Facilitating people to reach their full potential & grow with tremendous opportunities to learn newer things
Brill Mindz Technologies Brill Mindz Technologies Sri Shail, Founder & CEO An united team of strategists, designers, developers & testers of technology empowering people, businesses, society and the world
Cumulations Technologies Cumulations Technologies Madhu V Swamy, Co-Founder & Director A team of talented technical architects, developers and designers contributing to the mobile application technology development
DxMinds Technologies DxMinds Technologies Bhabani Sankar Jena, Founder & CEO One of the fastest growing digital transformation company specializing in Product Engineering & Development, Re-engineering, Maintenance/ Support/Sustenance, Integration/Data Management, QA & Automation and more areas
FlamencoTech India FlamencoTech India Bala Chitoor, CEO A Digital Infrastructure Solutions company with proven excellence in WiFi Presence, Beacons, Sensors, RFID, QR & BarCodes, Meters, Video & Surveillance, and Face Recognition areas
Hashtaag Hashtaag Vishveshwar Patil, CEO Offering technology solutions such IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and more by a team of enthusiastic, experienced and competitive software development professionals
Invaria Tech India Invaria Tech India Nitin Panchmal, CEO Assists early-stage software companies by offering operating models that are flexible, tailormade for each client and designed to ensure that it is strategically aligned to address the specific needs of each customers
ObjectWin Technology ObjectWin Technology Pramod Pakath, Vice President A HR solutions company specializing in the areas of Workforce Solutions, IT Consulting, SOW Services, Temporary Staffing, Contingent & Contract Labor, Permanent Staffing, Temp-To-Hire, Payrolling, and Independent Contractor Validation
Thingstel Tech Solutions Thingstel Tech Solutions Abhishek Narsipur, CEO Provider of IoT solutions integrated with latest technologies of Networking, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with the help of a highly experienced team of professionals