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    Yes! The mission 'Transform India' has worked. Today, India is the fastest growing economy in the world. An impressive position the country has held since it overtook China previous year - with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicting that India is likely to retain this status till 2020. All these years, world indexed our subcontinent as a country with unused potential, but now we are well on track with a visionary government in place and a plethora of opportunities opened for startups as well as for heritage organizations. The two strings heard loud in our country for past couple of years - 'Digital India' and 'Make in India', have worked behind this success big time, in additions to other government initiatives such as 'Skill India' and...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acess Meditech Acess Meditech Syed Aijazuddin, Founder & CEO In the age of robotic surgery, keeping bundles of health insurance papers may seem sardonic.
Acronis Acronis Steve Goh, Vice President, APAC&Emerging Markets There is an elementary question to ask yourself to pursue and determine whether your business needs a data backup and disaster recovery plan: 'Can my business continue to function without mission critical data, applications and operations?' A firm yes is the only answer that scraps the need for a viable disaster recovery plan.
Addrec Solutions Addrec Solutions Aditya Jain, Co-Founder&CEO AddRec stands for adding recruits; AddRec takes pride in providing Global Recruitment Solutions for its clients worldwide.
Aforeservecom Aforeservecom Rajeev Asija, CEO The story takes us back by a few years, precisely when U.P. Electronics Corporation Limited (UPLC) - an Uttar Pradesh Government undertaking announced their new initiative to distribute latops to 1.5 Million students across UP and establish service centres at every Tehsil across the state to provide training to students & teachers.
Assure Eservices Assure Eservices Babu Durairaj, Founder & CEO It is no secret that business intelligence has completely transformed the way we make business decisions to stay competitive.
Avalance Avalance Manan Shah, CEO Cyber security has become a board room concern today.
Avalara Avalara Sudhir Kumar Singh, Director&VP -Sales and Channels Post Y2K, internet just started penetrating into every business which five years back then seemed a crackpot hypothesis.
Blackpepper Technologies Blackpepper Technologies BlackPepper Technologies Team, Founder & CEO Though India is enriched with several mammoth software organizations, 98.8 percent of our electronic components are being imported from abroad, as most of India's hardware firms act simply as augmenting service warehouses, especially when complex semiconductor processes are involved.
Credforce Credforce Rajiv Gupta, President&Group CEO This is one of CredForce's most defining taglines.
Comparex Comparex Navin Kapur, Managing Director,India Operations 'Let's play with the technology first, and figure out what we're doing with it later' - these words echo the typical attitude of new-gen organizations enabling cloud for businesses.
Dr Satheesh Associates Healthcare Management Llp Dr Satheesh Associates Healthcare Management Llp Dr. Satheesh Ramankutty, Managing Partner Healthcare, the rudimentary human right, is perhaps the most neglected affair in India. With poor infrastructure and little to no avail from the government, the scenario is still worse in villages and underprivileged areas.
Dwise Dwise Joseph Alexander, CEO The days when doctors riffled through a folder bulging with papers to find crucial information about a patient's medical history are disappearing.
Fastlane Fastlane Vijay R Ranganathan, Director&CEO Digital revolution has radically changed the way societies operate and interact with each other.
Finsys Finsys Puneet Gupta , Director Imagine the in-house management paradigms existed in the closing decade of 20th century, where Windows OS and Smartphone were not born, and Laptop was an alien to India.
Instart Logic Instart Logic Manav Ratan Mital, CEO&Founder Web applications being on the menu, software is consuming a staggering amount of industries, making the world increasingly digital.
Inz Axis Inz Axis Sharan Y Madawal, Founder Chairman&MD One of the major faults of Indian school system is lack of a systematic progress measuring approach.
Inext Logistics Inext Logistics Amardeep Singh Khurana, Managing Director With the implementation of GST, India has now made the pathway hassle free for service providers with pan India presence and worldwide network.
Gajshield Gajshield Sonit Jain, Founder & CEO For a country like India that is transitioning to a digital era with millions of people accessing social media, mobility and cloud, there is an urgent need for stronger cyber laws and smart security systems.
Lekhisoft Lekhisoft Dr.Rajesh Lekhi, Founder&Director Hospitals are one of the most complex environments to manage and require a lot of decision making, documentation and data accumulation at every stage.
Mcarbon Mcarbon Rajesh Razdan, Founder & CEO The telecom industry in our country is about to witness a paradigm shift with the implementation of intelligent digitization products and innovative engagement processes.
Mobme Mobme Sathya Kalyanasundaram, CEO If an odd surveyor asks someone whether his/her smartphone is really influencing day-to-day life, the probable answer would be - "Not that much, but I just can't live without it".
Mindworx Mindworx Baba Bhapkar, Founder&CEO With the incessant technological evolvement, IT organizations worldwide are enforced to launch newer products just to stay in the competition.
Neosilica Neosilica Satyam Bheemarasetti, Founder&CEO From egg-boilers to iPhones, the ability of Internet of Things (IoT) to create easy human experiences by connecting physical objects is seamless.
Onetikk Consultants Onetikk Consultants Kavitha, Director The emergence of disruptive technologies and their influence on how customers are engaged is changing rapidly and it has become important for organisations to stay current, agile and stable to cope up with this change.
Pratian Technologies Pratian Technologies Subramanian Sivakumar, Founder & CEO Founded in 2006 by three software professionals, as an aggregator of high-end IT training and consulting services firm, Pratian Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. met with quick initial success, benefitting from the collective 30 years of experience of the co-founders and a clientele of around 20 top MNCs in the first year itself.
Quadratyx Quadratyx Dr.Sreerama K.Murthy, CEO&Chief Data Scientist Quadratyx offerings are focused on three pillars of organizational transformation - Reduction in Expenditure, Growth in Revenue, and Increase in Customer Satisfaction.
Rambus Rambus Dr.Ron Black, President&CEO Any data saved digital always has hackers as one of its biggest concerns.
Smartcirqls Smartcirqls Juthika Nagpal, Business Head 'In God we trust; all others bring data.', quoted W. Edward Deming, eminent statistician and professor, perhaps best known for his 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' management cycle.
Seclore Seclore Vishal Gupta, Founder & CEO With enterprise data security threats constantly expanding and collaboration of data beyond the corporate border being the 'new norm', protecting perimeters and devices is no longer proving effective.
Shoptimize Shoptimize Mangesh Panditrao, Founder & CEO A Bhujiya seller migrated to digital platform and in turn became one of India's largest packaged food brands with annual revenue of more than McDonald's & Domino's combined online revenue in India, everything within a year time! How did this sparkling growth occur? It's not a magic but 'Shoptimize', an end-to-end e-Commerce SaaS model solution provider well-recognized for setting up and growing e-Commerce for offline brands in India.
Sharp Software Development India Sharp Software Development India Praveen Kanipakam, Founder&President In today's world the consumers and market are demanding sophisticated products and applications in short span of time.
Sybrant Technologies Sybrant Technologies Raghu Ramachandran, President CRM industry is on a steep rise to touch $36.5 billion by 2017 with the boom of e-Commerce & IT organizations that vest keen importance on building long-term relationships with clients.
Trigent Software Trigent Software Bharat Khatau, Chairman&CEO The increasing needs of global companies for responsive designs, end-user satisfaction, and continuous build & release cycles, has brought about a paradigm shift to the way testing as a function is viewed.
Virtusapolaris Virtusapolaris Samir Dhir, President(BFSI) When Sandra Patrick entered her bank, she was greeted by a whole new experience.
Whitedigitalin Whitedigitalin Gunaseelan Nadar, Founder & CEO Equipped with the weapon 'Internet', the business world is forcing every serious company to be on it.
Winmagic Winmagic Rahul Kumar, Country Manager&Director If we lived in a world where cyber criminals did not exist, we would not think twice about protecting our online discussions, bank accounts, health records or any other personal information.
Wittyfeed Wittyfeed Vinay Singhal, CEO It's no surprise that the internet, particularly in mobile form, has radically reformed the way we consume content.
Xceedance Xceedance Arun Balakrishnan, CEO CXOs of insurance companies often partner with a host of business and technology service providers to expand their business.