•  Company of the Year - 2021
  • Company of the Year - 2021

    There was a time, perhaps you recall, when all that a company had to do to make an impact, was have more black than red in the ledger. Everyone wanted to make a difference at work from now and then through volunteerism, philanthropic programmes, and extremely rewarding missions. But wouldn't it be great to know that you were not only committed to the success of your company but to the success of the world as a whole? Every year, for example, SiliconIndia recognises businesses with all round stellar performances by including them on the prestigious list of India's most promising private firms in their respective domains. In the year 2021, the pandemic affected everyone, but one group in particular, i.e. the Indian small businesses was particularly hard hit. Unfortunately,...

Company of the Year - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
360 Degree Dairy 360 Degree Dairy Kalyan Bhadra, Founder Its commercial & technical consultancy, market intelligence & project planning, and implementation services have shaped the various dairy and food industries in India.
Ardent Ardent Chandu Devanpally, Founder & Managing Director, Ardent I can expect the huge growth of clinical research industry in coming years, this will hence increase the growth of the industry and ARDENT will be part of it.
Arogyam Medisoft Solution Arogyam Medisoft Solution Partha Chakraborty, Chief Scientific Officer & Board Member With Arogyam Health and HaemurEx, the district health team can now provide physicians' consultation to people at many remote locations within the district. The model can be adopted in other parts of the country for reaching healthcare to remote locations
Canberg Global Sourcing Canberg Global Sourcing Neetu Agarwal, MD, CEO, Founder, Canberg Global Sourcing We are committed to coordinating in the sourcing to provide our customers with a good mix of ethical sourcing, duty advantage, and delivery logistics
Cangra Talents Cangra Talents Ashu Pathak, Co-Founder As a result, the number of applicants for the same job post has also exponentially increased. Selecting the ideal resume or a CV represents just one side of the coin.
Computer Yug Computer Yug Nirav Raval, Founder Maintenance' an offer under which the entire maintenance of the society is borne by Computer Yug is the most appreciable and welcomed move by the NGOs and their connected society.
Creative Geometry Creative Geometry Akhilesh Baldota, Co-Founder & , Rahul Nikkam, Partner "Our USP is that we are complete design build firm, clients don't have to go different firms for design, products, and execution. To do so, we hand pick the finest materials available in the market to give our designs and your home the deserving expression.
Deltasys E Forming Deltasys E Forming Virendra Kadam, CO-Founder & CEO, Deltasys E-Forming, Murlidhar Sutar, Co-Founder & CTO, Deltasys E-Forming The first machine which we made was using the material we picked it from the scrapyard.
Edustems Edustems Sameer Tejuja, Co-Founder, Edustems We very often get asked how can we afford this and what's the catch. We can afford this because we have spent time, effort, and energy on the architecture of our platform, which is unique to us.
Excelon IP Excelon IP Mr. Sanjay Kumar Patel, Founder & Principal IP Attorney At Excelon IP we provide IP solutions which ensure efficient development and scope for future expansion
EzTruck Logistics EzTruck Logistics Kali Prasad Rath, Founder & CEO We create services and tailor-made solutions that are innovative and adaptable to the business supply chain needs as well customers. Our approach of providing ingenious and customized solutions in local logistics and packers and movers services has helped our clients save time and money",
Genesis Global School Genesis Global School David Brazeau, School Director Education is a responsible act, and successful educational leaders are those who encourage students & staff not dwell on the fear of failure, instead take risks and successfully pursue their passion. Finding the right balance between the grade score and learning is very necessary to build an accomplishing future.
Greenheck India Greenheck India Akash Agarwal , Managing Director, Greenheck India With this being our focus, we offer a wide range of reliable air movement and control equipment. Not just that, we also ensure that our products meet and exceed our customers' expectations such as on time delivery, easy installation and performance.
Hawkeye Parking Hawkeye Parking Ajay Masur, Co-Founder & CEO Getting real time access to data is a primary driver of innovation in the parking field. Being able to capture insights, process them, and derive data driven patterns from them is a major benefit that Hawkeye offers to its users,
Heinrich Heinrich Jitendra Singh, Managing Director, International Sales & Marketing HEINRICH is one of the leading manufacturers in IP based public address system, PA system, Professional Audio, LAN networking, Data networking, CCTV, Nurse Call system, Solar system.
IFABS   New Mhatre Fabrication And Engineering IFABS New Mhatre Fabrication And Engineering Prashant Bhatmule, Director, Ifabs The company also designs various parts by using various designers software thro the engineering team available, to support the customer demands, and help to get the part produced faster with usage of CNC laser cutting machine, and CNC press brake, making them the providers of a complete range of fabrication parts under one roof.
Industrial Inspection Services Industrial Inspection Services Rajesh Gandhi, Owner, Industrial Inspection Services Our excellence also extends in delivering heat treatment services where our team of 80 plus well experienced technicians carrying out local stress relieving of weld joints like pipe, pressure vessels, tanks, site joints and others at fabrication shops and various sites.
InnoMaint InnoMaint A.T. Srinivasan, CEO In a nutshell, it is a next generation trend in maintenance and it is a one stop Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM) Solution capable of handling the entire maintenance spectrum of a business.
Jayvin Jayvin V. Premkumar, Managing Director, Jayvin Management Systems and Solutions Strategical discussion is the most important aspect. For this we might advise our clients to go for some outsourcing process, or hire additional manpower. We don't just give a continuity solution, we give a permanent solution that can deal with the volatile market in a very effective manner
Kandar Diabetes Centre Kandar Diabetes Centre Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar, Founder Diabetes foot care clinic" recognized by WDF, IDF& DFSI. KDC is a registered practice centre and has a logo that symbolizes care for the complications of diabetes, provided and best managed.
L & Q Surveys L & Q Surveys Dr. S.N. Bansal, Government Approved Valuer, L & Q Surveys Estimating the value of real estate is necessary for a variety of endeavors, including financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation.
LeadGlint LeadGlint Nitin A Mahajan, Founder & Director LeadGlint has enabled businesses to move fast forward with their businesses at an affordable cost and minimal tools
Mediamix Mediamix Ajit Srivastava, Founder & Brand Strategist We might not be the most creative agency in India, but we are known for delivery. Delivery is our primary focus," says Ajit.
Muthoot Healthcare Muthoot Healthcare Dr. Georgie Kurien Muthoot, Medical and Managing Director Muthoot Healthcare has been working towards increasing access to healthcare by amalgamating internet technology into customer interaction. The team has embraced the digital trend and is pioneering in the usage of WhatsApp for Business and social media through the introduction of customer interaction, enquiries, and booking services enhancing the ease of communication.
Natureland Organics Natureland Organics Arvind & Ajeet Godara, Directors We are spreading awareness by using both traditional and social media platforms. Since we have a presence both offline and online, we use both platforms to distribute accurate information about organic food. Every day, our marketing team works on the ground and online to engage and educate people."
OMC Power OMC Power Rohit Chandra, CEO The company generates energy where it is consumed, stores it, and distributes it to the point of demand. OMC Power has introduced the prepaid package structure, predominantly used in mobile telephony, into the energy supply sector.
 Onest Onest Alok Singh, CMO & Associate Director One of the breakthrough product range, Brand Florona Naturals by Onest Limited, has made significant contribution to the beauty product needs of the Indian consumers.
OpsMx OpsMx Gopal Dommety, CEO, OPSMX OpsMx's approach is creating the central nervous system for software delivery. First, with Spinnaker, we have begun and will continue to extend our beachhead market. Second, across all Continuous Delivery platforms, we will speed product development and solutions for the larger, broader market of intelligence, for example, Jenkins, Argo, and others."
Orisenc Technologies Orisenc Technologies Uma Harish, Director It offers digital infrastructure management services that transform and automate organizational infrastructure making them compatible and smoother aligned with strategic business objectives.
Otrinee India Otrinee India Dr. Shailesh Mishra, Managing Director, Otrinee India We are manufacturing all the products which are earth centric and always protecting the environmental aspects. Now here we are manufacturing or sending products that are not linked with the environment, which is the very reason we call it earth centric products,"
Painfreeodisha Painfreeodisha Dr. Shovan Kumar Rath, Director Painfreeodisha created awareness into the minds of the people of Orissa about this treatment modality through newspapers and other channels of media and gradually expanded with time.
Physio Active Physio Active Dr. D M Manoj, Director As it was the need of the hour the company's skilled therapists were dedicated to providing a holistic approach to build a healthy community in and around.
Plethora Power Plethora Power Vaibhav Tyagi, CEO All our customers trust us for the quality of our products and we also make customised products that suit every need of our customers
Radiance Clinics Radiance Clinics Dr. Satyartha Prakash, MD Our highly qualified cosmetic surgeons are focused on helping you take care of your individual skin care and beauty needs with the aid of the world's most advanced technology available
Rakkshak Rakkshak Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder And CFO, Rakkshak, Vineet Jain, Co-Founder And CEO, Rakkshak Rakkshak is on a mission to bring a unified Emergency Rescue Solutions to our country and the company provides comprehensive, completely integrated turnkey solutions which can be implemented without any Capital Cost by state governments.
RamVel Business Solutions RamVel Business Solutions Ramasubramaniam Ramanathan , Founder We work directly with customers, during the process of building customised solutions, we primarily outline the client's requirements, and then analysing what approach can be implemented in the programming language.
Rootech Services Rootech Services Santosh Kumar Sinha, CEO To provide the perfect material to the client at cost-effective pricing, we make sure that our offered range goes through a stringent quality check process after it is manufactured.
Rucha Yantra Rucha Yantra Rohit Dashrathi, Founder and Director Our products are developed to reduce cost, increase productivity and efficiently solve material handling issues. Manufacturers benefit immensely through a host of Industry
Senseacre Labs Senseacre Labs Vinod Kuar S, Founder & CEO We are again the first to process 10 band multispectral aerial imagery of 100 acres each with 24 hours of capture time, analyze and publish outcomes
FinX FinX Abhishek Singh Rathore, Global Head Our core competency lies in diligent research, meticulous analysis of debt, equity and convertible markets which is gradually empowering us to be a leading advisory partner in the Investment Banking sector.
Superwaveinfra Superwaveinfra Piyuesh Sharma, Sales & ITs Head We transform your vision into creative results. Having experts in our team is helping us to cement our position in the industry, which also helps us forge ahead in becoming the market leaders.
Systems Aids Systems Aids Venkatasubramanian, CEO We are basically an electronics equipment development and manufacturing company. In most of the development activities the customer gives only the overall specifications with input/ output requirements.
Take A Break Consulting Take A Break Consulting Abhimanyu Khanna, CEO, Co-Founder At the end of the day, employee engagement is more than just a simple pat on the back, and in the past thirteen and a half years, Take a Break Consulting has broken through all the conventional barriers of teambuilding by hosting game shows
Tech9labs Tech9labs Amit Jain, MD & CEO They know what questions to ask to understand the client's storage requirements and business goals.
Tecqnio Global Solutions Tecqnio Global Solutions Hemanth Gowda N, The Owner We provide customized hardware solutions encompassing both sales and rental. The core of our business philosophy is to offer only the best and functionally robust systems to take care of all our clients' IT hardware necessities,
Veefin Solutions Veefin Solutions Raja Debnath, Co-Founder Veefin Solutions was founded with the objective to help Lenders of all sizes across the world get access to the best quality supply chain technology at an honest price.
VisionBot VisionBot Amit Chakraborty, Co-Founder Visionbot platform offers the solution of obtaining objective inference from visuals captured through numerous cameras connected in an Enterprise network.
Whitehats Cybertech Whitehats Cybertech Nitin Sharma , Director, Whitehats Cybertech Whitehats has become the Solution provider to most organizations and fast track GRC with the most advanced level of automation.
Yokogawa Yokogawa Sajiv Nath, Regional Chief Executive For The Middle East, Africa & India Operation We are a global leader in automation and control for process industries such as oil and gas, iron, mining, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, and food and beverages to name a few.
Zion Market Research Zion Market Research Nitin Sirsat, Founder & Managing Director We plan to spread our wings around the globe with the help of our steel like robust professionals who are determined to use unique standard and proprietary analytical methods or tools to offer timely research with action oriented conclusions
Zoapi Zoapi Prashanth NS, Co-Founder & CBO It offers great flexibility to the existing customers by converting huge capex into opex. What's even more remarkable is the fact that Zoapi users also have the flexibility to use their own hardware.