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  • Consultants Special - 2023

    Environmental consultants serve as advisors to businesses, governmental agencies, and organizations, helping them navigate the complex landscape of environmental regulations and best practices. Their primary goal is to assist clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with environmental laws while promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches. One key responsibility of environmental consultants is conducting environmental assessments. This involves evaluating the impact of human activities on the environment, identifying potential risks, and recommending measures to mitigate or eliminate these risks. This process is crucial for industries seeking to minimize their ecological footprint and adhere to legal requirements. These professionals also play a vital role in...

Consultants Special - 2023


Company Category Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Environment Consultants Air Aqua Labs Air Aqua Labs Magesh Kumar, Founder & CEO An environmental consultancy and pollution monitoring company, specializing in a comprehensive array of services, ranging from environmental clearances, TNPCB consents, and approvals, to meticulous air, water, noise, and soil monitoring, and soil testing
Company Category Company Logo Management Institution Description
Overseas Education Consultants Admissiongyan Education Consultancy Gouri Shankar Panda, Co-Founder Admissiongyan Education Consultancy An education consultancy offering tailored guidance considering each student's academic and financial needs, also with services extending beyond admissions, from university selection to visa processes
Hotels & Restaurants Consultants BSG Hospitality Bijoy Sengupta, Founder & CEO BSG Hospitality A hospitality consulting company with extensive knowledge and experience in hotel and restaurant management, revenue management, marketing and distribution
Hotels & Restaurants Consultants  Chef Ajay Chopra Ajay Chopra, Chefpreneur Chef Ajay Chopra A trusted consultant to hotels, restaurants & cafes, offering expert guidance that goes beyond the kitchen, also enhances their offerings, meticulously crafts menus & elevates the entire dining experience
Environment Consultants EHS Consultants Indira Jaykumar, General Manager EHS Consultants Spreading its wings in the fields of sustainability reporting and providing environment, occupational health & safety, social accountability and energy management systems solutions
Environment Consultants  Envipro Group M S Ashwath Narayana, Managing Director Envipro Group A consultancy and a laboratory entity, encompassing air quality and noise level monitoring, emissions analysis from industrial sources, light intensity assessment, and water quality evaluations
Overseas Education Consultants Infocus Overseas Education Consultants Nikhil Jhingon, Director Infocus Overseas Education Consultants An overseas education consultancy providing professional career counselling/consulting services to students in India who would like to pursue further education in abroad countries
Environment Consultants McD BERL Basavanna Mahesh, Director McD BERL A built environment research, design and consulting company, providing green certification, sustainability, net positive energy and water, and MEP design services for the built environment
Overseas Education Consultants Meridean Overseas Education Consultants Amar Bahada, Founder Meridean Overseas Education Consultants A team of experts offering comprehensive, genuine, ethical, and affordable education services, creating endless success stories for our students
Hotels & Restaurants Consultants Restrosol Chandra Jyoti, Founder Restrosol A hotel & restaurant consultancy company, providing them end-to-end consulting services including fine diners, thematic cafes, kitchens, staffing, vendor negotiations, menu setup, profit-boosting, and management techniques